A Ranma ½ fanfiction

Notes: NO I don't own anyone or anything remotely connected to Ranma ½. However this fic is mine. I worship Rumiko for Ryoga and all other Ranma ½ characters...(except maybe Akane _). Kistune is now continued through this chapter. I hope you all like and enjoy this fic!!!

Ryoga Hibiki awoke to the normal chatter of the restruant. He quickly got on his waiter's uniform and scrambled out into the dining area. Female heads turned to greet him. He groaned inwardly, he had to be nice to Ukyo's customers though. WHY did they take attraction to him? Grrr. Ukyo looked up and smiled brightly, throwing him a platter for table #7. He was kept busy the rest of the day, by the time he was done his white shirt was soaked to transperency. The last female customer noticed this, and whistled loudly. She pulled Ryoga down to sit beside her. "Do you want something miss?" The girl smiled, brushing her pink hair out of her eyes. "What I want is right next to me!!" She said in a high pitched voice, not unlike Akari's. Ukyo watched this with a glare, the older women and men stared, the boys of Furinkin thought this was normal and payed no attention. Ukyo watched, her face getting redder and redder as she watched. Ryoga tried to pull away, only to have the girl grab his arm and slip her hand into his pocket. That was enough for Ukyo, she strode briskly over. "May I help you Miss?" She asked in a sharp tone, pulling Ryoga out of the seat by his arm. The girl stared up, annoyed. "No Miss Kounjii I believe that will be all." Ukyo growled. "Then have a pleasant day." She said in an equally sharp tone.


Ryoga sat at a stool, pulling off his soaked shirt. His chest glistened in the light. Ukyo stared for a moment, then tore her eyes away. "Ryoga sugar want something before I close up?" Ryoga nodded, setting himself in front of the grill. "May I have a plain Okinamiyaki? Hold the-" She grinned at him. "Pork. Yeah yeah I know sugar." He grinned sheepishly. She whipped it up for him, slapping the finished product down on the plate before him. He finished it in 3 gulps. "Arigato Ukyo!!" Ukyo crimsoned. "Your welcome sugar!" He stood on his hands between the tables in the isle. Ukyo watched curiously as he did the katas. He felt her gaze, and blushed a bit. He stopped, her gaze was to uncomfortable. He sat at the counter and emptied the contents of his pockets instead. He looked at the money. There was a slip of paper in between all the yen. He pulled it out. The note read:

Call me cutie,

UKyo looked at it, her face fuming. Ryoga however only studied it for a moment. "Your not going to call her right?" Ukyo said, almost strained. "Gods no Ukyo!! I don't even know her!" Ryoga said, taken aback by his friends anger. 'She's cute when she's angry though.' 'Shut up brain' 'why?' 'I work for the woman for gods' sakes!' 'So? Its not me, it's YOU, I just tell you what your thinking.' 'Very funny.' 'Glad you thought so' Ukyo watched him dump the paper into the garbage and sighed contentedly. 'Few, that was close.' 'You were worried he was gonna call her..' 'No shit sherlock.' 'Hey! Is that anyway to talk to your BRAIN Ukyo Kounjii?' 'I guess not, but shut up.' Ukyo, exhasperated, waited until Ryoga had gone to bed, and shut down the restraunt.


Ukyo looked at her ceiling, it was dark, much like the night she had tried her stupid suicide attempt. She didn't want to think of that right now though. Instead she thought about Ryoga Hibiki...with all his cute ways and failures. She admit it, she was falling fast and hard for that Jackass. "I didn't mean to fall in love with you..." She said quietly. WHY did she have to think about that? Oh well. She fell asleep after a long time, after cooling her sizzling nerves. As she slept, she tossed and turned, it was a troubled sleep.


Ukyo worked at her grill early this day, because today was saturday and she got to go to the pool later!! [Note:I don't know if there are thigns such as pools in Nerima, but most likely, speaking on logical terms, there would be.] She grinned. Better yet, she got to go with Ryoga!! She was snapped out of her dream world when someone walked in, her greenish-brown hair swinging. "I would like one plain Okinamiyaki please...and hold the pork." She giggled at the word for some reason.
"Ukyo-san I wanted to know about later on at the pool tod-" Ryoga stopped in midsentence, and looked at the girl sitting at the grill. He tried to move, but it was too late, she had spotted him. "RYOGA-SAMA!!!!" She yelled, grasping his waist. Ukyo looked shocked,then furious. She pried the girl away from Ryoga with her spatula, ultimatly brusing her stomach. "Ryoga-sama!! Get off me!!" Ryoga crimsoned. "Erm, Akari? Ukyo's a girl.." "She is?-I mean..oh..." Ukyo fumed, She stepped between Ryoga and "Akari". "I don't EVER want to see you harassing my workers again!!!!!! Is that UNDERSTOOD?!?" "Ryoga-sama Heeeelllppp meee!!" Ryoga gently placed a hand on Ukyo's shoulder. "Don't Ukyo..she's..a friend.." Ukyo didn't like that tone of voice. Akari grinned her annoyingly happy grin now. "Ryoga-sama no need to be shy around your boss!! I'm Ryoga's girlfriend!!" "Akari!!" Ryoga quickly looked away from Ukyo, sure that he would get a 'twhack' in the head for not telling her. Truth was, he beated Akari's pig, thats that. He didn't Excatly ASK to be nearly bowled over by Katsunshiki. But Akari had attatched herself to him. Ryoga sighed softly. He risked a glance at Ukyo, only to find her back turned to him. He looked at Akari, then led her to his room to talk to her.


Ukyo ran upstairs, not wanting to hear what they were going to do in his room. She curled her knees up to her chest and sobbed into them. "Damn you Hibiki!! WHY did YOU have to be the one who stumbled under me? Who saved me!? WHY!?! Of course, so you could break my heart, when its already been broken once!! Damnit all to hell!! Why me!?!" She sobbed harder. She knew it wasn't really his fault. It was her bad luck. She still cried into her knees. "Damnit...damnit damnit damnit!!" She repeated harshly. What was going to happen to her now?


Ryoga looked at Akari, he once loved her, for being all cute and bubbly. Now those were the reasons he couldn't be with her anymore. He had grown to like the quiet,serious,friendly,mature women. Someone like...Ukyo. He shook the thought from his head quickly. "Akari..." "Yes Ryoga-sama??" She grinned that unknowing grin. " here now.." "So Ryoga-kun? We'll get you a job at my Grandfather's farm!!" "Akari, I like it here though!!" "You'll like it back at my grandfather's farm too!! There you can be a piggy all day!!" "AKARI!! Thats my problem!!" "What Ryoga-sama??" He took a deep breath. "I HATE PIGS AKARI!! DAMNIT ALL I HATE PIGS!!" He immediatly regretted his sharp tone, but he felt glad he got it all out. Her face crumpled. "I'll give them up for you Ryoga-sama!!" She clung to him in one last desperate attempt. Ryoga shook his head sadly, prying her off him, and holding her at arms length. "I'm so sorry Akari...I just can't." She slapped him then, and ran out his door. He ran to the doorway in time to see her leave the restraunt. He knew somehow he would never see her again.


Ryoga walked up the stairs, trying to find the bathroom to get a bath. What he found instead was Ukyo's door. He knocked slowly. Once. Twice. No answer, her suicide attempt still fresh in his mind, he flung open the door-only to find her curled up on the floor, sleeping a troubled sleep. He walked over to her futon, grabbed a blanket, and covered her shivering form. He also shut her window, firmly. He eventually found the bathroom. He turned on the faucet, it turned on hot quickly. After it was full, he peeled off his clothes and hopped in until the water lapped at his chest. He set back and sighed contentedly. He heard a knock on the door, "Ryoga?" It was Ukyo! "Y-yeah Ukyo?" "May I come in? Are you decent?" "Well I'm in the bath up to my chest..does that count as decent?" "Did you put bubbles in the bath?" "Yeah..." "Then yes its decent!" She walked in, carefully avoiding him, and brushed her hair. After she was done getting ready for bed she looked him straight in the eye. "Thanks Ryoga." Ryoga sat there, puzzled, he KNEW the thanks wasn't for letting her come in.


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