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"All packed!" Bella called out from her now empty room.

"Great." Nikel replied walking into said room, "Are you sure we should just leave?"

It's been a week since the battle against the Weres. They were waiting for Zach to return but they couldn't wait any longer. Loretta hasn't seen anything dealing with Zach and people were getting suspicious of the lack of parents around the house.

"We can't wait forever, Nikel." Bella explained, "Zach will figure it out."

"I suppose…" Nikel wasn't as convinced, "It's just we lost so many. I just want the rest of the family with us. Assuming he'll follow us to Canada."

"So you do care about all of us together." Gabriel smiled, coming into the room.

"Except you. We're throwing you out of the car at the Cullen's house." Nikel growled.

"Can I be the one to push him out?" Loretta asked, an evil smirk on her face.

"Just because Sam isn't around doesn't mean you can move on to torturing me." Gabriel commented, glaring at Loretta.

"Of course it does!" Loretta sang childishly. She quickly left the room before Gabriel could reply.

"Little bitch." Gabriel snarled, following her out.

"Might as well go." Bella shrugged, as Nikel and she walked out to his Mustang.

Only clothes were brought. Everything else was moved earlier in the week. Nikel, however, left their wedding picture so he could have it in the car causing Bella to roll her eyes.

"Ok, as agreed, we're only taking one car…mine." Nikel cheered.

"There's only room for three." Gabriel noticed with a grimace. This would not end well.

"Yeah…you're sitting there." Nikel pointed behind the Mustang. A rope tied to the Mustang went a few feet before being tied to…a little red wagon.

"You're shitting me."

"Not in the slightest."

Nikel turned to get in the drivers seat when Loretta called for him to wait from the back seat.


"We have to watch the explosion." She stated simply.

"What explosion?" Bella questioned.

Loretta didn't answer, she didn't need to. They all heard 'Cyclone' by Baby Bash and T-Pain playing from the other side of the house.

"Zach's back." Bella laughed.

"With his bionic Lumina." Loretta finished.

They heard a crash, a roar of an engine then another crash as he drove through the house to stop in front of them.

"How's it going?" Zach questioned, casually as the house collapsed behind him.

The other four members stood shocked at the rubble before them. Zach, cringed, waiting to be scowled when Bella smiled.

"I've got a great idea!" Bella smirked before Loretta broke out laughing, seeing it herself, "We won't be the only ones leaving town. Zach come here."

After a few minutes Zach cheered, "Hell yeah!"

"I saw that!" The Bendig family turned to see Mr. Ager standing by the fence, glaring.

"Yeah I got nothing to cover that one up." Nikel admitted, shrugging.

"I knew you weren't normal, now I have proof!" Mr. Ager seemed a little to excited over that.

Zach disappeared only to appear before him, "Ok this is what were going to do-Damn it!" Apparently appearing like that scared Mr. Ager into fainting.

"I think he had a heart attack…" Nikel muttered.

Zach, whistling, walked back over to his family, "So how about we leave now."

"Sounds good." Bella agreed, quickly.

Twenty minutes later Nikel, Bella, Loretta, and Gabriel were pulling up to the Cullen's house. The Cullens, themselves, stood in the yard ready to meet them.

"We're leaving," Bella stated, getting out of the car. The Cullens, who were staring at Gabriel, turned their eyes to her.

"I don't want to know, do I?" Emmett mumbled, as Gabriel sulked in the wagon.

"It's a long story." She replied.

"It's good to know you lived." Edward sounded relieved, smiling at Bella.

"Yes, no thanks to you. We also lost half of our coven. Because of that we decided to leave."

"Stay with us, Bella. We all care for you. I still love you." Edward confessed.

Bella leveled him with a glare, "But I don't love you. Twice you left me, twice you broke my heart, all Nikel has ever done was be an idiot."

"I resent that!" Nikel called from the car.

"No you don't." Bella called back. She turned back to the Cullens, "It's time for us to go."

"Please, Bella." Edward pleaded.

"You mean nothing to me anymore, Edward. You are my past. You are a part of my human life. But I'm not human anymore, Edward and Nikel is my vampire life. He's my future."

"Do you love him?" Alice stepped forward to stand next to Edward.

"Of course." She replied, knowing where this was heading.

"Then say it." Alice taunted, believing she had Bella cornered.

"I don't have to, Nikel already knows."

"But we don't."

Bella glared at Alice, obviously annoyed, "You're right Alice." Alice beamed at the praise, "I never did tell you. Fifty years ago, I met Nikel. We became friends and soon enough I fell completely and hopelessly in love with him. To this day I love him and tomorrow, guess what, I'll still love him. Forever and ever."

Using her mind, she opened the Mustang's door and stepped in.

"Good bye Cullens. Too bad we couldn't leave on a happier note…for you anyways. Zach's having his fun right about now."

They started to drive away. Angered, Edward stalked towards the house. A voice stopped them.

"I wouldn't go in there!" Nikel called out.

"Why not?" Rosalie sneered.

They all heard a roar of an engine before Zach came crashing through the front doors playing 'Into the Night' by Santana ft. Kroeger.

"That's why." Nikel laughed taking off with Zach behind him. The Cullen's house collapsed.

"Not so fast you retard!" Gabriel hollered as they zigzagged around. They ignored him until they had to stop for gas. If the clerk thought it was weird that a Mustang was tied to a wagon with someone riding in it, he didn't let on.

"So what's going on?" Nikel asked as they gathered around.

"I've decided to head to Italy." Zach explained, "You have your pathetic happy ever after with your bitch, I want mine."

"Bree and Kat might not even be around anymore," Gabriel murmured.

"I have to try."

"Wow Zach's being serious. It's an imposter. Kill it, kill it!" Nikel teased, pointing at him.

"Whatever Nikel." Bella shook her head, "We're heading to Canada. Road trip. Find us when you're done searching."

"Sure Jelly-Belly." Zach laughed heading towards his car.

"Call me that again and I'll send Loretta after you. No wait I'll destroy your car!"

"My car is bionic nothing will destroy it!" Zach declared with a serious face.

"Someday, Zach, someday." The rest got in the Mustang and took off once again.

Zach started off following them. Gabriel started yelling when they hit 120 mph. Soon his screamed turned more frantic when the two back wheels fell off, sparks flying everywhere. Gabriel looked horrified when the front wheels went as well. Groaning, he made a leap from the wagon to the hood of the Mustang.

"You dent it, you die!" Nikel threatened.

"Oh shut up."

Behind them Zach was hysterical. Tormenting Gabriel was his second favorite past time and the wagon idea was brilliant.

Since he was too busy laughing he didn't notice the curve on the bridge and drove down the back to land in the creek. Or at least the front was in the water.

Zach jumped out of his Lumina to look at the front of his car. The whole front was bashed in. The car was totaled.

"Oh sure, two houses no problem but water blah!" He stuck his tongue out angrily, "Fuck it I'm getting a Lamborghini."

"We lost Zach," Bella announced, watching from the rearview mirror.

"We missed the crash." Loretta sounded regretful.

"Do you think he finally destroyed that car?" Nikel asked.

"He did." Loretta stated, knowingly.

Nikel shook his head.

"Is there any reason you're swerving like you are?" Bella wondered.

"I'm trying to shake Gabe off the roof."

"And you're failing." Loretta noted.

"Bite me." Nikel's voice grew more serious, "Did you really mean what you told the Cullens?"

"Yes Nikel…I love you with all my being."

"WhooHoo! I win, I rule, I'm awesome!"

"Look out Canada the world's biggest idiot is coming." Loretta muttered.

"here, here!" Nikel yelled.

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