"FullMetal, I need to see you in my office, immediately." Roy snapped. He then turned on his heel and marched into his office. Ed scowled at his back for a minute before following him.

As soon as the door was shut lips were attacking his and gloved hands were pulling at his coat. A groan escaped his throat and Roy kissed him harder to muffle the sound. Those talented hands had him naked from the waist up in seconds and were soon moving to his belt. Ed offered no resistance when his pants were slipped to the floor and Roy drew his already hard cock from his underwear. Then he was on his knees, dark head bending to take him in his mouth.

Ed's head fell back against the door with a thump, but he didn't care. Both flesh and metal hands fisted him Roy's dark hair and pushed. He couldn't stop himself for thrusting into the silky heat of Roy's throat. Ed growled when he pulled back, sucking gently on the head. His hands tightened and he thrusted violently, forcing Roy to take him in. The older man chuckled around his mouthful, making it obvious to the frustrated blonde that his actions had been expected.

Ed forgot his annoyance as Roy swallowed around him, pulling him further and further down. He lost control of his limbs—his hands falling slack them clenching at random intervals. Only Roy's hands on his hips held him up and only Roy's mouth kept him alive. His nerves tingled and his heart raced and he knew it had to end soon or his veins would burst from the pressure. Then he was coming, exploding violently into Roy's waiting lips. Roy milked him until there was nothing left in him and then let him fall into a boneless heap on the floor in front of him.

Ed looked up at him, golden eyes glimmering in the dim light, and Roy scooped him into his arms. Fingers pushed into Ed's golden mane and searching lips met. They stayed that way for a while, both reluctant to let go.

"Happy Valentines Day, Edward." Roy murmured into his ear.

Ed's heart skipped a beat. He hadn't even thought for Valentines Day since before his mother died. Warm tears blurred his vision but his voice stayed steady.

"Love you, Roy."