The Council of Shadows

Author: HayNet aka Kayleigh M Charman

Summery: Criminal Psychologist Chloe Blanc is thrown into the world of Opus Dei, but something in her past has made her cynical of the church and everything it stands for. Only Silas can help her now, his existence hidden from the public to avoid a crisis within the Council of Shadows. Chloe must know use Silas to discover who supported Teabing's mad plot to rid all trace of the bloodline.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Da Vinci Code, both movie and book. Nor do I own any of the characters except Chloe Blanc and Bishop Horus.

Any reference to Opus Dei, Catholism and any other religious subjects are purely fictional for the purposes of this fan fiction. Although I did strive to make sure all information I included about Opus Dei was correct, but if any errors are made, I do apologise.

!!WARNING!! Scenes involving rape.


Language: Frequent/Strong

Sex/Nudity: Some/Strong

Violence: Frequent/Strong

Other: Fantasy/Religious