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Chapter 1: The Power-That-Be...

It was a black night on the slient streets of Paris, which is in France for all you non-geological people. the cooper hideout was quiet too. sly cooper was sitting on the couch playing Dead Rising® on his brand new Xbox 360®. that he stole. "Fucking asshole!" Sly said."The Goddam zombie killed me again! FUCK!"

"Try using the cheat code I got from IGN®." Bentley the turtle suggested.

"I did, it just make my character die more!" Sly said. He was pissed off."I am SO pissed off right now!" "you should go on walk to blow off some of that steam." murry the hippo suggested.

"you should go BLOW yourself." Sly said back. murry started to cry. sly got up and put on some running shoes.he put on a windbreaker.he put on some skin tight spandex tights."I don't feel too comforable wearing these." he thought. he opened the door and jogged out. it was foggy outside.

"it sure is foggy outside." sly noticed. Sly jogged up and down the block. he came up to city hall and jogged up the steps like Rocky®. he jogged back down and ran through some alleys.he had been running for hours. it was about 10 o'clock. it was getting dark.

"it sure is getting dark." sly said. he looked over his shoulder and saw something utterly disturbing.it was a wolf. NOt only that, but a WEREwolf. It looked pissed off. Sly had been a dipshit and had forgotten his cane back at the safehouse.

"GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" the wolf growled as its foam drenched the cobblestone pavement. Tears started to form in Sly's eyes.

"P-p-p-p-p-p-please don't hurt me, please." he begged,

"GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" the wolf responded. It ran up and bit Sly on the wrist.

"OOOOWWWWWWWWW!" Sly screamed. he kicked the wolf in its testicels and it ran back to the shadows from which it had emerged. Sly looked at his arm and suprisingly it was not bleeding.

"What the fuck?" he said to himself. he ran back to the safehouse. he was only a block away.

"Guys, you wouldn't belive it. I got bit by a dog and it left a weird symbol on my wrist.' sly said to murry and bentlley.

"let me inspect your wrist." bentley said. he looked at sly's wrist.

"good gawd!"

"What?" "That wolf left a..a...

"Spit it out, shitface"

"a..a..pentogram. the root of all evil and sinful stuff." bentley explained as murry gasped and choked on his jelly donut.

"what does that mean?" sly asked. he was freaked out.

"i think it means that you are evil now, an Anti-Cooper."

"Oh sweet god. I am so fucked." Sly said as he put his head in his arms and started to softly cry.

"Indeed you are. But let's go play some more video games and forget about it." Bentley said to cheer sly up.

"Ok." Sly turned to Xbox 360 on and popped in Ninja Gaiden®.

"I might as well actually try this time." sly said. the second after he finished the sentence, his video game character died,

"WHAT! NOOO!" Sly yelled."NOOO! NOOO!" Nooo!" Sly's fur started to grow out. His teeth grew out. His once brown eyes were now blood red. The tranformation. was complete. Sly hopped up on the couch and howled to the moon as Murry choked on another donut. Sly ran outside and ran away.

"murry...we are screwed." bentley said.

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