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I can't believe this is happening. I thought as they all stood there staring. This wasn't supposed to happen they weren't supposed to find out.

"Um guys," I spoke calmly, "STOP STARRING YOU STUPID PERVERTS. YOUR AS BAD AS ERO SANIN!" I yelled as loud as I could.

That seemed to snap them out of the trances they were in. It even woke up the ones with nose bleeds.

"What the hell are you doing your Sexy No Jutsu on us. All we did was through you in the pound because you refused to take a bath." Kiba shouted at me.

"I told you I would take one later." I shouted right back at him.

"Well how are we supposed to know if you took one are not if you didn't take one with all us boys. You would probably end up stinking up the entire campsite because of your smell."

That's something, coming out of you mouth you stupid hypocrite. If you weren't dating Hinata you would probably still stink to high hell and back with that smell of wet dog that is always occupying you wherever you go."

"Stop fighting. Its to troublesome to here you bickering like this at the time of the day." Shikamaru drawled lazily. "Just change out of your Sexy No Justo already and we can finally take our baths."

"Narutos not in a Jutsu." Sasuke suddenly spoke up.