Naruto No Jutsu

"So Naruto" Tenten began when every one was settled down in the spring. "Is Naruto your real name or is it something different?"

"No Naruto is not my real name." I answered.

"Then what is it Naruto Chan?" Hinata asked.

"It's Myuki."

"What kind of name is Myuki?" Ino asked in a snooty tone of voice.

"What type of name is Ino?" I snapped back at her.

"So Myuki Chan, why did you pretend to be a boy?" Tenten asked.

"Well you've seen how the villagers treat me right?" I asked

They all nodded.

"I, I, I always wondered a about that." Hinata said out loud.

"Well it's bad enough that they beat me and ruined my apartment all the time." I started.

"Gasp. I didn't know about that." Sakura gasped.

"How can you not notice that; your Myuki's team mate." Hinata asked in an angry forceful tone without even stuttering.

"Even I noticed that." Tenten said "And I'm not even in your year group. How can I not when Myuki was in my year group after she failed the first time."

"Sakura I also noticed." Ino put her two cents in. "Just because Sasuke Kun is on your team doesn't mean that you should have ignored your other team mate. And Myuki I think I understand now why you disguised yourself. If I am correct about it then I would have done the same thing instead of risking myself getting raped."

"Thanks Ino for understanding. And you are correct in your assumption. Your deduction skills have been getting better. Is Shikamaru rubbing off on you being his team mate and all?

With the Boys

Lee's POV

'I can't believe Naruto found out about both of my secrets without my realizing it. Well fairs fair I guess. I realized that Naruto was a girl a long time ago. After all, I have an extremely good nose, all those times Naruto went into heat nearly drove my senses wild. In Shikamaru's words it was troublesome.'

'But did Naruto have to start me up a fan club? Maybe it was revenge from all of the torcher me and my brother did to her?'

While I was contemplating about Naruto I was listening with half an ear to the conversation going on around me.

Sasuke's POV

"So why do you think Naruto was pretending to be a boy?" Kiba asked

I of course was thinking the same thing, as well as everybody else, except Shikamaru who probably already figured it out.

So Shikamaru," Choji began while munching on some chips, "why do you think Naruto was disguised?"

"You guys are all troublesome. I would have thought that it was obvious." Shikamaru said in a bored tone of voice.

"I wouldn't have asked if it was. So what is your theory?" Choji asked again.

Everyone was waiting for his answer. It was more obvious in some wore than others.

"Well here is what I think. Naruto is being constantly being ostracized and hurt physically as well as mentally by the villagers. So if people knew that she was a girl she would be in danger of being raped as well." Shikamaru said in a tone of voice of one stating the obvious.

"You know now that you said that it is pretty obvious." Kiba said.

Of course if Kiba was thinking that then so was everybody else. Including me.

'Well it is pretty obvious now that I think of it. What I can't believe is that I never realized that Naruto was a girl. I mean all those times we spared. Wait, all those times we spared. Now that I know Naruto is a girl all those positions Naruto mentioned that we ended up, in, together.' Suddenly I could feel my cheeks heating up while my thoughts were on those positions mixed with she looked with her clothes plastered to her skin it really reminded me of how she really is two years older than me. "Just thinking about it is making me blush even harder. Wait, I'M BLUSHING! WHAT THE HELL! UCHIAS DON'T BLUSH! I hope no one notices.'

Lee's POV

'Oh my gosh! Sasuke is blushing. Oh this is a perfect opportunity to really embarrass him.

"My good friend Sasuke," I bellowed in my most annoying voice, "Your flames of youth have finally ignited your manly yet youthful hormones."

This declaration caused all the boys, and girls who were just returning from their bath, to turn in Sasuke's direction.

"You must have finally started to fantasize about girls for you have done nothing to embarrass your self nor has anyone said anything to embarrass you to cause that blush on your face!"

I knew that I couldn't keep the sadistic gleam out of my eyes. I never could.

"Yeah Sasuke," Naruto began, "You were blushing even before Lee said all that crap that is making you face put the red roses that girls give you on Valentines day to shame. So, who were you thinking about? Was it Sakura? Naruto finished her question in a wicked tone in her voice.

'You know if Naruto didn't have a boyfriend already I think I would have asked her out.