Everything Changes

Rating: K+, just to make sure

Pairings: Yuki x OC; Kyo x Tohru; Hiro x Kisa (maybe); Haru x Rin (maybe)

Genre: Romance/General

Disclaimer: What do you think?

Comments: First fic! Be gentle please! I haven't really thought about this fic much! I have NO idea how this is going to end or what smaller romances are going to be in it! Please give constructive criticisms! Flames make me cry!

Third Person:

The teacher said coolly, "We have a new student today"

Yuki's POV

Yuki looked at the new girl smiling out at the class. She seemed sweet, and she was very pretty with her long black hair and long, thick lashes. Wait, he thought mentally shaking his head. Where did that thought come from?

Tohru's POV

Tohru smiled happily at the new girl. She looked nice; maybe they could be great friends! Ooh! She thought excitedly, and I bet Yuki and Kyo will like her too. Well maybe not Kyo, she said to herself.

Kyo's POV

Kyo barely spared a glance at the new girl. No doubt Tohru would want them to become friends. Pfff, when would she learn he didn't want friends? Well, a small voice said in the back off his head, you want Tohru as a friend. Shut up he growled to himself. Anyway, he thought a little sadly, she's probably head over heels for that damn rat, like all the other stupid girls.

Third Person:

"Well", the teacher said, "Why don't you tell us something about yourself?"

" 'Kay!" the girl said cheerfully, "Well, my name's Sakura Lee. I'm half Chinese, half Japanese. I love to eat and read. I used to live in sunny California, LA all the way! And I love myths and legends. Especially the legend of the zodiac."

Yuki, Kyo and Tohru started at this. She couldn't know too much, they all assured themselves.

"I know a different myth than you all probably do, though." The newly christened "Sakura" said. "Ah," she said, slightly less sure of herself. "Um, where should I sit?"

"There's a seat right behind Yuki-San. He can be your guide today, as well. Please raise your hand Yuki-San, so Sakura-San here can know who you are." The teacher, said, looking a little bored.

Yuki raised his hand and smiled at Sakura. She blushed a little and said, "That's great! Thanks Yuki-San!" She made her way over to him and shook his hand, smiling brightly all the time. Then, she sat down behind him, looked around at all the girls in the Yuki fan club (though she didn't know they were in that yet) and leaned forward towards Yuki and whispered, to him, a little scared, "But, uh, will those girls kill me, if I talk to you?"

"Don't worry," he whispered back, smiling a little at her bashful bluntness. "I'll introduce you to some of my friends and we'll protect you" and he turned back toward the board.

Even though he couldn't see it, she blushed about twelve (very cool number) shades of red. But the Prince Yuki fan club could, and they didn't like it one bit.

Later at Lunch

The whole gang was sitting and eating lunch, when Sakura walked over to them. "I'm really sorry, but, um, I don't know anyone really, and, uh, could I um, sit with you guys, please?" she said very quickly.

"Of course!" said Tohru, "Sit next to me, Lee-San!" and she patted the grass beside her.

"Thanks!" said Sakura gratefully, plopping down next to her, "I'm Sakura Lee, but, you guys know that already. Who are you?"

"I'm Arisa Uotani."

"Saki Hanajima."

"I'm Yuki Sohma, it's a pleasure to meet you, Lee-San."

"My name's Tohru Honda! It's great to be able to talk to you, Lee-San! I hope we can be friends!"

"Yeah! Let's be good friends Honda-san! And, um, you are…?", Sakura trailed off looking at Kyo. When he made no move to introduce himself or even acknowledge that she had said something, Tohru piped up.

"He's Kyo Sohma! And he's very nice once you get to know him!"

"Cool!" said Sakura smiling a huge smile. In fact, Yuki mused, it sort of reminded him of Tohru's smile, but, if it was possible, even wider. You could see almost all of her white teeth and her beautiful brown eyes crinkled in pleasure. Yuki shook himself slightly, he liked Tohru, not this newcomer. Besides, he thought saddened, though he didn't know why, she would never accept the real me. The he forced himself to listen to what Sakura was asking. "Is it all right if I call you by you guys by your first name?" Sakura said starting to look panicked, "Ah! It was stupid for me to ask! I know we've only just met, but in LA we didn't have ­­–"

"Of course you can!" Came the sunny voice of Tohru, "May I call you


"Of course, Tohru-Chan it would be my honor!" Came her immediate answer

The two of them smiled at each other for a moment then,

"Please call me Hana-Chan."

"EEEHHH?!?" Came the startled cries of 4 people, then a joyful cry of "Really!".

"Yes," Hana-Chan continued in her classic monotone, "Tohru-Kun and Uo-Chan call me Hana-Chan, so you may too. But, tell me, your waves are good, but they are…odd. The Sohma's have…unique waves as well, but you have different ones than them."

Everyone looked at Sakura, who smiled a slightly more withdrawn and mysterious smile and said warmly, "Thank you. You are very kind. And I will answer your question when everyone answered my original question, may I call you by your first names?"

"Call me Uo-Chan."

"It would be an honor if you would call me Yuki-Kun." (At this Sakura blushed deeply, something Tohru noticed, but didn't quite understand, and something Hana-Chan saw and understood immediately, 'you didn't need powers to understand' she thought)

"What ever, I guess you can call me Kyo-Kun."

"Hmmm, your names all mean something lovely. Yuki means snow, Kyo means today, Hana means flower, and Uo means fish. I'm so, so sorry Tohru, but I don't know what your name means. My name means cherry blossom."

"Oh, it's all right!" said Tohru, "Your name is so beautiful Sakura-Chan!"

"Thanks!" said the girl.

"The answer to my question please." Came a soft monotone

"You said my "waves" were odd. Do you see yours?" came the unexpected reply, "You have powers, yes?"

"Yes, and I have not seen my own waves. I suppose I do not look for my own, like I do for others." Said Hana-Chan with a tiny twitch of emotion you might call surprise. "Why?"

"Well, you cannot have always been in control of you're powers. Especially when you were a child. You said that you "looked" for waves. But when you were a child, I am sure you could see them whether you wanted to or not. The voices and waves must have overwhelmed you, frightened you. You must have felt like a freak. A freak with powers you could not control. Your family, I'm sure tried to make you comfortable with it. But they did not understand. No one did, not even you. You must have questioned everything, but especially your own existence. Why were you even born, all you did was cause trouble for those you cared about, you must have thought everyday. And school, that was torture wasn't it? Filled with the waves that entered your head. You must have tried to block them out, resulting in you being quiet and alone, and horribly teased and taunted."

They all stared at her in a stunned silence, while she looked at them through suddenly wise eyes.

"I-Is that true, Hana-Chan? I-Is that how you really f-felt?" Tohru's worried voice broke the silence.

"Y-Yes, I did feel that way." Hana-Chan said, with a slight catch in her voice that startled them even more if it were possible. Her black eyes stared into set just like her own, and she asked, "How did you know?"

Sakura looked at her with brown eyes that seemed black with swirling (emotions was it? Thought Hana-Chan) colors behind them, she suddenly seemed older and much more mature that the young stuttering, smiling girl they had seen before. There was a long pause. Finally the enigma answered, "Because I felt the same way, when I was a child."