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Chapter 10 The Love Fair

Posters up.

Gymnasium decorated.

Booths built.

Tickets sold.

And all without Tohru and Kyo noticing. This was no mean feat. But Tohru and Kyo had really never been ones to notice their surroundings; Tohru especially, she was so clueless she often ran into walls. And there was the added bonus of them being so wrapped up in each other that a force 10 hurricane would have passed by unnoticed.

Yuki did a final check around the gym and concluded that the only thing that was missing were the people. He started to walk toward the door to let people in, but then…

"YUUUUKIII!!!!!! It is I! AYAME! I have come with Mine to view the wonderful fair that is…. (drum roll please Mine. Yes sir!) THE LOVE FAIR!!!!! And of course I have crated a one of a kind outfit just for my younger brother!!!!" and he brought out a long and frilly pink/purple dress from behind his back.


"I'm not wearing that Nii-San!!!!" and the furious boy who had the misfortune to have such a stupid older brother was all set to pummel the laughing man into the ground when he heard a bunch of voices behind him.

"Oh! Yuki-San! You'd look so wonderful!"

"Oh! Sohma-Senpai! Please wear it in honor of my first year here at Kaibara High!"

and many more of the same type.

Yuki was practically pressed against the wall by his fan club and his brother and Mine's rabid – and teary, he could feel himself crumbling under the girls' watery looks – attacks. He was just about to break down and wear it when he heard a voice behind him, it was so welcome to hear that voice that it sounded 'like an angel's voice' he thought. Then he realized what he thought and was suddenly glad that he had been flushing from anger before, since he was now blushing furiously.

"What's going on? Are you ok Yuki-Kun?" and she forced herself into the midst of the wave of fan girls and some how managed to pull him out with him transforming. "We have to get started soon!" and then she turned to the fan girls with a murderous look, "and when I count to ten there better not be a single girl besides myself and Kuramae-San in here!" she started counting, but the crazed Yuki-obsessed girls just got angry that she was still holding THEIR Yuki's hand (she had grabbed it to pull him out of the mess of people).

1…. They were flabbergasted at the order from such a newbie

2…. They murmured angrily amongst themselves

3…. The started glaring at her hand

4…. They cast life-threatening looks upon her who was so close to the prince

5…. They started inching closer

6…. They were pretty close now

7…. Sakura suddenly realized how close they were

8…. Yuki suddenly realized why his hand felt so warm and comfortable and blushed even deeper

9…. The girls saw the blush and were about to leap on Sakura when…

10 "I would advise leaving my friends alone or I will be forced to BEEP you all with electro-poison waves (A/N I looked it up! In the first book she calls them that! Weird…) do you understand?"

The word "understand" echoed around a suddenly empty room. Sakura and Yuki sweat dropped as papers fluttered in the breeze caused by so many girls running at the same time.

They all turned to look at their savior and each of them was awed (not in all the same way though). Saki Hanajima was dressed in a floor length black dress with a black lacey train pooling on the ground. Her loose sleeves went past her hands and were decorated with more black lace. She had a black mesh veil covering her face and her long silky black hair was down and flowed past her waist in a beautiful waterfall. And around her shoulders was slung a black cape that reached her ankles and was gently blown back by the breeze, just enough for it to look dark and mysterious.

Yuki was, frankly, rather scared (and with good reason!), but Sakura was in the midst of telling Saki how beautiful and mysterious she looked. And of course his idiot brother was telling her she looked wonderful. But Mine was the one that really frightened him.

She had a maniac glint in her eye as she proclaimed "ah yes. This is such a beautiful outfit! And it suits your hair, skin, eyes and job perfectly! You do not need my help sad as it is to me" she sniffed for a moment and let Ayame murmur comforting words into her ear,

"But YOU!" and she pointed to Sakura "you like her outfit right?"

"Well… yes. But what's that got to do –"

"Why don't we find something nice for you to wear? Hmm?"

"Eh? What's wrong with what I'm wea –"

"IT'S SETTLED THEN! Lets go!" and she dragged a still very confused girl over to the changing rooms.

Yuki, with a horrible feeling of deja vu, ran after them, only to meet with the wood of the door as he reached them a second too late.


Yuki had kept watch over the door where Sakura had been dragged off to. No matter what Ayame said… Mine wasn't to be trusted when she got that look in her eye.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Yuki, the door opened. To his disappointment, only Mine came out.

Mine turned to her silver haired boss and proudly proclaimed,

"I put her in the special outfit that you made boss! You're absolutely right as usual! It looks simply wonderful! Beautiful and dark… but YOUR style of beautiful and dark! It's a simple masterpiece!"

"Ah, but of course," he answered her, "my works are touched by genius aren't they? My genius of course! But I'm sure you made her face very beautiful as his your style"

Yuki heard 'made her face' and immediately assumed the worst. He rushed to the door and started pounding on it, but all he heard was a muffled "go away!"

He started asking her if she was ok, but Ayame swept past him and pretty much dragged her out into the light.

His jaw dropped.

Her hair, which had been in a messy bun, now cascaded down her shoulders curling slightly at the ends and dipping oh so slightly over her right eye. And her face… Yuki blushed an even darker red, her eyelashes were thick and dark, heavy with mascara. And smoky gray eye shadow lay on top of her eyelids. Her lips were plump and glistening pink, and her cheeks were just a perfect rose (sakura) pink. It really suited her, she looked beautiful and mysterious. And then her clothes… he had to look away after one glance. It was a black wavy dress that started just before her chest and ended half way between her knee and her thighs. It also had a black velvet bow tied around her middle, accenting her tiny waist. And she was wearing fish net gloves and fish net stockings. And on her feet were tiny black slippers with tiny black sequins sewed on them so they sparkled as she moved her feet uncertainly.

For the first time in his life he truly appreciated his brother's profession.

"So umm… how do I look?" were the words that came from those perfect lips.

(mental slap)

"You… you… you look beautiful Lee-San"


"WAH! It's all so, so, so BEAUTIFUL!" Tohru exclaimed happily as she waited in line with every one else (Yuki, Saki and Sakura met them at the door cause Arisa had brought them there). Finally, they reached the front of the line.

Kimi stood there with a big packet with red hearts decorating it. A big Uh-Oh went through them and they gulped nervously.

"You must have a partner to get in! So Kimi will tie your red strings of destiny! Kimi has had so many red strings! But Yun-Yun and Yun-Yun's friends only get one each."

While she distracted them with her giggling and odd words, she tied red cords to their pinky fingers. When the group looked down. They saw that they were divided into interesting pairs.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" Kyo screamed, lifting up his hand, who's pinky just so happened to be attached to Tohru's pink finger! 'Well… at least I got attached to Tohru's hand… NO! She deserves better…'

"Ah! UM! Ky-K-KYO-KUN! AH! I'm sorry!" Tohru stammered, her face a traditional red. 'you really don't want to be tied to be by fate that much? No… it's selfish of me to want him to…'

Yuki grinned at Sakura, and received a huge smile back, at their faces. That is… until Arisa pointed out that their hands were tied together to.

"Oh… well… I should probably stick with you… just to show that as president I'm joining in the affairs of course." '(mental smile)'

"As long as you don't mind, I mean." 'YES! (does mental dance)'


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