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Chapter One


Knock, knock

Vernon looked up to me, his beady eyes bore into my own.

He was telling to answer the door, as if it was some bid honour.

I just smirked at him enjoying the shade of purple he became.

Still smirking I made my way up to the door, I would have fought, argued even that he or his son should get the door (They could use the exercise anyway), but I had a feeling that I should just answer the door.

My feelings had never let me down before so why should hey now. Right?

I opened the door and found myself facing a stranger.

He wore black trousers with a shirt which was neatly tucked in.

He was extremely pale with shoulder length hair and piercing black eyes.

You didn't want to cross him that was for sure.

"Mr. and Mrs. Dursley live here. Do they not?" the man said.

His voice was smooth and silky.

"Yes sir" I said quietly I don't understand why I always go shy in the presence of other, older adults but I do.

Probably because I know the Dursley's would never hit me; if they did they know I wouldn't hesitate to phone a child help line, and who knows what trouble that would course.

But with strangers what could I do?

It would be best to stay quiet and shy.

The man's slender eyebrow rose, he looked as if that response was not what he expected.

Well what did he expect; I fought an inner battle desperately trying not to roll my eyes.

Instead I stood back and opened the door wider and invited the stranger in.

I took him into the lounge offered him a mug of tea and went into the kitchen to inform my guardians of the strange man that was currently in their front room.

Petunia and Vernon exchanged a worried look and quickly left the kitchen to speak to the dark haired man.

Dudley glared at me, I knew what he wanted but I didn't want to do it.

So we played the best out of three – rock, paper, scissors.

He won two out of three the lucky git! I lent towards to key hole pressing my ear against it.

"He… right… past"

"No… freak show"

"Albus Dumbledore… magic"

I stumbled back in shock.


Surely not, Vernon had always told me it wasn't true.

I desperately tried to make sense of the conversation but I couldn't.

On wobbly legs I made my way past Dudley into the kitchen.

I quickly sat on a chair before I fell. I was barely aware of Dudley pestering me about what I had heard.

I heard nothing except the steadily raising voices in the room next to us.

The door banged open and Vernon came towards me his face a purple colour that one would associate with a blue berry.

I don't understand how purple coloured berries are called blue berries but I knew that now wasn't the best time for me to ask the adults in the room that question.

I took the time to study their faces.

Vernon was angry: furious even.

Petunia looked pale and ill.

The stranger he looks as clam and unfazed as always yet there in his eyes was a sense of pleasure and victory.

I had a sudden thought; I could get on with this man.

Deciding that he wasn't after my blood.

Funny thought that, he does look like a vampire.

He could be one and with the little of the conversation I heard about magic he could very well be a creature of the night.

Slowly the man turned to face me.

"Mr. Potter, I am Professor Snape. Potions Master and head of Slytherin House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry"

I took a deep breath, smiled at my new professor and said, "Nice to meet you Professor, but if it is not to rude of me to ask, could you explain to me what is going on?"


I stared in the fire thoughts spinning around in my head.

My parents hadn't died in a car crash they had been killed by an evil wizard called Voldemort, aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka You-Know-Who aka The Dark Lord.

He had tried to kill me but failed.

But none of that truly shocked me no it was the fact that I was famous that I was going to a world where everybody who was anyone knew me.

I was Harry Potter; The Boy Who Lived.

I cast a quick glance at Professor Snape.

He was a sarcastic man and had double meanings to a lot of his sentences.

He was cold to me at first probably because of my parents; they didn't get along at school.

However it could have been that he thought the fame would go to my head.

Though I told him I was terrified about going to this new school.

I told him about my past, how I have lived the past ten years.

He got a cold look after that and told me he would sort something better out for me.

Professor Snape had warmed up a lot after that.

I lay down facing the ceiling thinking about what tomorrow would bring; knowing that tomorrow I would be going shopping and going to see Hogwarts for the first time ever.

Who knew what the future would bring but I did know that Professor Snape would help me through it.

I don't know how I knew that but I did and for the first time in my life I felt god and I fell asleep knowing I was safe.


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