Chapter 10

I never thought I would say this but potions suck. It's just far to cold to be in the dungeons, the common room has about 7 on going fires and each dorm room has 2. The grounds outside also are freezing the lake has frozen over already, so that means herbology is also another chance to get a frostbite and when you then add astronomy to the lessons you have pneumonia. What a wonderful thing to have on Christmas.

Weasel was once again spouting a load of rubbish, "I do feel sorry for all those people who have to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas because they're not wanted at home"

Personally I thought this Christmas would be the best Christmas ever, well it would be better then one at the Dursley's and that's a given fact. This year Draco and I were staying at Hogwarts for Christmas and Draco's parents would also be coming and be staying in Severus private rooms.

I couldn't wait till the holidays started and neither could the others. Both Neville and Aquila were staying this year. It really would be the best Christmas ever and we only had to wait 1 more day until the holidays began.

"Merry Christmas Harry! Now hurry up so we can get down to the great hall and open our presents with everyone" Draco exclaimed jumping on my bed. I groaned burying myself under the blankets when his words finally hit me,

"Its Christmas" I cheered

Draco laughed at me, "That's what I've been trying to tell you the last 15 minutes, now come on!"

Together we raced down into the hall trying to beat one and other when I finally skidded into the great hall, which surprisingly had quite a number of people in it. You had all the professors, Lucius, Narcissa, the Hufflepuff boy- Tom, Neville and Aquila all sitting around the one fireplace at the top of the hall.

"About time you two got here" Aquila said smiling at us

"It wasn't my fault, Harry here just refused to get up"

"HEY! Don't blame me!"

"Oh, who am I going to blame then? Myself?" Draco responded rolling his eyes, I just pouted and mumbled in agreement, of course he was supposed to blame himself.

"Come on you two, I've been waiting since 7 this morning to open up my presents" Severus said with a smile, the clock showed that it was now 07:08.

"Awfully sorry for making you wait 8 minutes Sev" I said sarcastically moving to sit in front of him on the rug, which I was happy to notice in front of a very large fire. Curling up in a ball I watched as Draco began to separate the presents into piles in front of all the people gathered in the great hall. Draco had the largest pile of presents followed quickly by Tom, Aquila and Neville, everyone else having smaller 

piles. I felt my eyes begin to close shut when I felt piles of objects fall on me from a height jumping up and whipping out my wand, wild eyed pointing it at Draco who simply sat there laughing along with the other 3 students. I turned around to look at the things that awoke me from my nap to see a pile of brightly wrapped parcels, I blinked… I blinked again and for the second time in 10 minutes jumped, this time because Sev had come up behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder "You've got quiet a few presents this year; the Dursley's, Draco's, Aquila's, Tom's, Neville's, Neville's Grandmother - "

I shot Neville a very confused look and got a sheepish smile and shrug in return

"- Lucius and Narcissa's gifts which I do believe is a number of them and of course you have 1 or 2 of me also" his dark eyes looked into my own which I did NOT feel tearing up, he smiled and mumbled "I would advise that you begin to start opening them otherwise Draco may make a move on start to open them for you"

"Hey!" Draco cried looking up a piece of sliver ribbon hanging from his hair; I started to laugh and pointed at it whilst he pouted at me. His sliver eyes went cross eyed as he spotted the ribbon and tried to blow it out of his face making the others laugh along with me. I sat back down shaking my head with amusement and began to open my presents. Aquila gave me two new books on Astronomy and Myths with a grin and said I would find the meaning of her names in them (I had been pestering her on what her name Aquila Amun meant), Tom gave me some new Quidditch proof glasses – Waterproof, Glare proof, Waterproof and Bludger proof, Neville gave me a book on herbs and their uses in magical and muggle potions and medicines, Neville's grandmother gave me a knitted jumper and some home made fudge. All the professors gave an assorted sweet box and who I am sure is the Headmaster slipped in some pranking materials. The Dursley's gave me a 50p coin, Lucius and Narcissa gave me an entire new wardrobe from shoes and coats to socks and t-shirts, Draco also joined in with his parents and got me a new Slytherin scarf and gloves as my old ones were died a horrible shade of red and gold which was coincidentally the same colours as Gryffindor house, he also got me some new muggle books by the other Darren Shan. Severus pleasantly surprised me by getting me an entire new potions kit, one which is far more advanced than the ones currently used in the class and also brought me some new books and wizarding candies.

The rest of the day past in a haze of snowballs, laughter and food, and as the night fell and we all lay in our beds content I couldn't help but smile to myself finally content and at peace.

I bolted up; sweat poring down my face, panting as if I just ran a marathon. Draco sat next to me pushing me gently into the bed a wet cloth wiping my forehead whispering soothing words to me, I couldn't remember what he said or even what I had dreamt all I knew was that I wanted someone to hold me and stay with me. I slowly fell back into the darkness with Draco's arms wrapped around me pulling me close.

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