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My Favorite Memory

My favorite memory, huh?

Let's see, I'm sixteen, a junior in high school, and I've done a lot in my life that was probably memorable.

So, what's something someone normal would say? "My favorite memory is the time we won the national finals…it rocked so fuckin' hard man!" or maybe "My favorite memory is the time I had sex for the first time…it was kinda disappointing."

Yeah, I don't think so.

My favorite memory would stem all the way back to preschool (or maybe it was kindergarten…hell if I remember). It's weird, but I don't think I'll ever forget the events for as long as I live right now.

So, there was this guy. I think. Maybe he was a girl. I don't exactly remember.

Wait, wait, hold up! I'm totally sucking at the whole remembering part, so hold on.

All right, now I think I've got all of my thoughts in order.

There was a, uh, person who looked like a guy but could pass as a girl really easily.

I'll call him a guy for the time being.

All right, and we were in kinderschool (see? That's adaptability to confusion at its best!). He had a snake, and I had a frog.

My frog was the most awesome amphibian there ever was. His name? Gamakichi.

The fucker's snake ate my fucking frog.

Believe me when I say I don't think I'll ever get over that.

But anyway, he apologized profusely, over and over again. I…kind of forgave him. Like a reverend in a Catholic church that works the confessional, I almost forgave his sin, but not quite.

He was a weird guy. Not much weirder than me, with my very white hair and my very apparent red lines underneath my eyes. But he was weirder, with his long black hair and really feminine figure. I chose guy again why?

That wasn't the weirdest part though, and definitely not the reason why this is my favorite memory.

The guy's hair was long, like I said. Long bangs though, always hung in front of his face and covered his eyes rather cleverly. While he was apologizing, I had ruffled his hair in a way of saying "Dude, it's okay, seriously, shut the hell up", and he ran his hands back over it, accidentally brushing his bangs out the way.

This guy, this weird, female-looking guy, had bright golden eyes… that slit as pupils.

I pretended to not be freaked out. I think I did a damn good job, too.

But, problem is, after that one day in kinderschool, he never came back.

I really wish I could see him again, if only to see if I weren't shitting myself when I saw those eyes of his.

Guess I'll never get that wish.


Like I said, JiraOro is the SHIZNIT DAWG.

Now, may I please bring up a valid argument? Why is OroJira one of the least appreciated pairings? OroTsu as well. If you read your SasuNaru's and your SasuSaku's, and then compare them to OroJira and OroTsu, what do you think you'll get?

The same thing. OroJira is the same exact thing as SasuNaru, and it pains me to know that no one appreciates it that much. In fact, OroJira has more plot than SasuNaru. I'm not just saying this because OroJira is one of my all-time favorite pairings (SasuNaru is in fact at the top of my list in that), but because what I'm using is an over-used plot in most SasuNaru's, but hasn't even been done once for an OroJira.

Thank you.