Chapter: 1

She ran as fast as she could, her heart beating wildly from within her chest. She pondered to herself how on earth it was possible. 'It can't be! They captured him! After all these years, we will finally have our revenge for what he has done to us all!'

Mitarashi Anko was currently running to the Hokage's office, to be more specific, the torture department. She had just received word that her ex-sensei, Orochimaru, one of the legendary Sennin, had been finally captured. He was to be executed in a week, the date had been set, and the executioner had been notified. He was finally going to pay for all his sins.

Hokage's P.O.V.

Something was wrong, very wrong. It was true that they had finally captured her ex-teammate but…he had come willingly! To her, the Gondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, Tusunde, it just seemed all wrong. She knew the Orochimaru that had killed the 3rd Hokage and her sensei, along with experimenting on countless innocents, would never come willingly to be executed.

"IBIKI! GET IN HERE NOW!" Her scream echoed throughout the complex. Many chunnin and, even the more experienced jounin, shook with fear and felt sorry for the interrogator. Despite having the Hokage scream to get him in the room, Morino Ibiki could easily mask any doubt, fear or any emotion he was feeling. He easily sauntered into the room, a calm and vacant expression plastered on his scarred face, much to the displeasure of Tusunde herself. "Report! What have you gathered from the traitor?" Tusunde barked.

Ibiki grimaced, but the grimace was gone in less than a second. "He's not lying Hokage-sama. He is practically begging on his knees that you accept him back. From what I have gathered, all his actions have been a result of a long-term jutsu gone wrong. He keeps asking if 'Sarutobi-sensei' will see him. He has no recollection of ever harming the Third." The man cast his head downward. "He's completely oblivious that Sarutobi-sama has passed by his own hand." Tusunde simply stared in shock at the interrogator. "b-but if he is telling the truth, who killed Sarutobi-sensei? And why doesn't Orochimaru remember the past 13 years?" The jounin simply glanced up and sighed. "That is one of the few things I don't know…"

Now back to Anko.

Pushing some new chunnin out of the way, she burst through the door of the Hokage's office. "Where is he! I demand to know!" Standing there, breathing heavily, she took note of Morino Ibiki, a fellow jounin and interrogator was also in the room, possibly reporting to the now infuriated Hokage.

Tusunde sprung from her seat, glaring hard at the new arrival. "You! Have absolutely no right! No right at all to demand anything!" She screamed, all the stress of having to deal with her village, ex-teammate, and a certain hyperactive blond, was truly affecting her. Anko, knew that when the Hokage got mad, all hell was about to break lose. She stepped back, but then stood her ground, not caring what might happen. "I do too have a right! He is my sensei! I have a right to know what is going to happen to him and why he gave himself up! He may have abandoned me and nearly severed the village's trust from me completely but I have a right to know!"

Tusunde, to the surprise of the two jounin in the room, collapsed into her chair, sobbing loudly. As the two rushed to her side, genuine concern covered their faces. "I-I know! I know that you want to help! It's me who can't figure out what to do!" As Tusunde cried out those words, her other teammate, not the one to be executed, entered the room. Jiraiya stood in shock at the sight before him. The strongest medical kunochi to have ever walked the earth, was an emotional mess!

Filled with concern for her, he rushed to her side. Gently but sternly pushing Anko out of the way he gathered Tusunde in his arms. Soothingly stroking the sobbing woman's back (not pervertedly!), he focused a glare at the two special jounin. "What happened?" The question was simple but the force behind it demanded answers. Ibiki answered before Anko could. "Orochimaru has returned by his own will."

Well that's it for now. Don't you just love cliffhangers?

Why did Orochimaru return? Why is Jiraiya not being perverted? What will happen to the gang now?

All secrets will be revealed in time!