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Tony DiNozzo walk in to his apartment after a long day at work. It had been a bit of a tough case that day, but it had been solved quicker then they originally thought. There had been a lot of luck involved, but the case was none the less solved.

He had barely got settled on the couch, before the doorbell rang. He sighed and pulled himself up. He opened the door and felt like he was going to pass out.

Outside the door stood the horror of his life. The man was a little shorter than himself, but what he lacked in height he gained in muscle. The anger filled eyes were almost the same colour as the hair that was starting to get grey.

"Dad. What are you doing here?"

"Are you not going to ask me in?" His fathers voice was sharp and it made Tony want to run and hide. Which he had plenty of practice in from his childhood.

"Sure." He steped a side and let the man walk in. He closed the door after him and followed his father in to the living room. "So what are you doing here?" The slap came from nowhere and surprised Tony more than it hurt.

"Do not take that tone with me, Anthony." Tony swallowed and tried not to let his feelings show. Growing up he usually never hit him, but only because he was to drunk. Drinking didn't appear to be that much of a problem anymore.

"Your grandfather has something important to tell you and wants you to come home within the next week. Got it?"

"Couldn't you just have called?" He couldn't stop himself from saying the words and got another slap in return.

"Hold your tongue. You are nothing but trouble and why he wants you even in the city is beyond me. But you will be there even if I have to drag you there."

"Yes, sir." Without another word his father turned and left.

Tony didn't move for several minutes. He thought he was just gonna go to bed when he saw that there was a message on his answering machine. "Hi Tony. I didn't want to bother you at work, but must give you a heads up. Dad is in DC, so he will be coming by. Grandpa wants us to visit him soon. He seems worried about something. So please come. You can stay at my place, so you don't have to stay with dad. Well, talk to you later bro."

Tony touched his face were his father had slapt him. "Thanks for the heads up, Bobby."

Tony walk into the office 10 minutes late the next morning. His cheek was throbing a bit, but the blow hadn't made a mark. He had a small hope that Gibbs hadn't come in yet, which was killed by his first look on Kate and McGee's expressions. And the way they didn't dare to look away from their computer screens, could only meen that Gibbs had a really bad day.

"DiNozzo." Tony wanted nothing more than to sink down a hole in the floor at that moment.

"Yeah, boss."

"Sit your ass down at your desk and do what you are paid to do." Tony saw that Gibbs didn't appear to have any coffee. He would be lucky if he got through the day alive. "Do that again and don't bother coming in ever again."

"Sorry, boss. Made a mistake." He sat down and tried to get started working as fast as the computer would let him.

"So did I." By this remark Tony looked at him in surprise. He didn't know he could make mistakes, and definitely would not admit it. "I hired you!" With this he turned on his heels and left. Tony was truelly hurt by this. Kate and McGee looked at him with pity. Gibbs had gone to far with this one. Kate wanted to asure him that it wasn't so, but her coworker wouldn't look either her or McGee in the eyes. They looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Kate had to say something, but she just started to do that when Gibbs came back and she didn't dare to cross his path. And neither did McGee.

The entire day went by in silence. Gibbs knew he had gone to far, but he just couldn't get himself to admit it. At the end of the day every one left without a word. Tony left as soon as he dared to and he had to keep himself from running out. How was he going to get away from Gibbs to go 'home'. He couldn't bring himself to ask for a couple of days off after today. He didn't know how he was going to get through this. He had no doubt that his father wouldn't hesitate to come and drag him home by his hair if he had to. Again his hand went up to his cheek.

What was so important that his grandfather wanted him home so badly? He knew Tony hated it. His grandfather had always showed that he loved him and his brother ecually, but he also knew what his own son had done to make Tony flinch at almost everything and everyone. So it had to be important and that made him worry even more.