"Then who does it have something to do with?" Gibbs was staring at an elderly man that was glaring at him with cold eyes. There was something very familiar about him. It took a few seconds before it hit him. "Mr. DiNozzo."

"That obvious, agent Gibbs?" The man looked him straight into his eyes. "or all you know I could have been Tonys grandfather on his mother's side."

Gibbs could here the gasp from his other agents when they too could see the remarkable resemblance. "But you're not."

"No, I'm not." The mans eyes softened a bit from their earlier cold glare. "I am Anthony's grandfather Raul DiNozzo." He put out his hand which Gibbs took and shook.

"You know who took your grandson and why?" Gibbs then said.

"I don't know who it is and I don't know why." He then smiled a humourless smile. "But I do know that it has something to do with me."

"You?" Kate looked confused for a second, then there was a spark in her eyes that told Gobbs that she had figured something out. "Those letters were to you."

"Yes, and apperiantly the first real step after the threats of making me suffer was to attack my grandson. You might have noticed that there is some resemblance between our apperiance."

"We have noticed." Gibbs stated with a small nod. "We need to see those letters, Mr DiNozzo."

"Call me Raul, please." He flashed a smile that was indeed a copy of the one they all knew so well. "And I don't have them. I gave them all to my grandson."

"Kate. McGee." Gibbs barked. "Go to DiNozzo's place and find those letters!"

"On it, Boss." McGee scrambled to get his gear together, while Kate was already on her way to the elevator.

Gibbs turned back to face the only one that could help him get his senior agent back. He gestured him to take a seat. "Tell me everything you know."

Tony couldn't get a word out. Not anything at all really. He wasn't sure if he was even breathing by this point. He could only watch as the two men came down the stairs towards him. He couldn't for the life of him understand why he was there. When they reached the floor it was like a lightbulb was turned on in his head. "You're the one that has been sending my grandfather all those letters."

"Indeed. You know," his tormentor said thoughtfully. "You look just like he did when I first met him." He smiled an evil smile. "Kinda feel like I hit the jackpot. I get to torment the man I see everytime I remember that beautiful life I once had and the man that actually caused me to loose that beautiful life. Killing two birds with one stone."

Tony looked at him in horror. The way he had said killing had sent shivers down his spine. "Then why bring him into this?"

The man laughed a bone chilling laugh in response, before turning coldly serious again. "Because I'll take you all out painfully before I take care of him." He practically spit out the word him.

"You stay the hell away from my son." That was the first time the other man had said anything, and Tony felt a familiarity of the force behind those word, as he had had it directed towards him several times.

"Oh, I can't do that. You see..." Tony couldn't help but think about how unpredictable the man's mood was. He went from laughing to cold to thoughtful with in mere seconds. "I want you all dead. No more DiNozzo's to ruin somebodies lives." He paused again and smirked. "Besides... It's fun." Now it was Phil DiNozzo's turn to look horrified. "I must say that I have doubts that you and Bobby will be able to stand up to Tony's standards here, but he is still a live... I can have some more fun with him." He shuckled. Phil DiNozzo finally took a good look at his youngest son and saw the state that he was in.

"You will not get away with this." He said with menace.

"We'll find out soon enough." The man said before grabbing him and then slam his head into the wall. Tony could only watch as his father sank down to the floor in a heap.

"Got the letters, Boss," McGee said as he and Kate came storming into the bullpen.

"I looked over the letters on the way over," Kate said as she pulled out the labled evidence bags, each showing a letter. "Who ever the writer is attacking the ones who are the closest to you to hurt you even more. He wants to ruin your life like he accuses you of doing." Kate practically studied the man before him that was her partner's grandfather.

"I kinda already got that from reading the letters," he replied sarcasticly.

Another thing that seemed familiar. "He is angry and very unstable. We are runing out of time. He will make it as painful and long as he can. Who knows what kind of shape Tony is in now."

"Anything that will help us find him, agent Todd." Gibbs resisted the urge to drag his fingers through his hair.

"They are all signed with a number." She picked up one of the letters. "031278. A case file?"

"Or a date." He turned towards Raul DiNozzo. "Had a case then?"

"Yes, but we won that and the counter party was an elderly man that past away a decade later. You didn't think we had thought of that already?"

"Tell me about it anyway. Do you know what happend on that date?"

"My client was being sued by an elderly gentleman that ment that he had nearly run him over when he was out walking his dog and by doing so causing him to break his hip and arm.

"What was his name?"

"Jude Letterman."

"Check him up, McGee." He snapped to the youngest member on the team before returning his attention to older man. "Would he have an reason to be angry with you?"

"In the settlement case I did get him 800 000 dollars for the trouble the case caused."

"That wouldn't be a motive no." Gibbs' mind was in high gear trying to find something to help find his senior agent.

"I think I might have found it, Boss." Everone turned towards the typing McGee.

"What, McGee?"

"Not long after the supposed date in the letter Letterman's wife filed for a divorce. She also got custody of their son, Matthew. She also got 75 of the money in the other lawsuit you won for him,Mr DiNozzo." He looked up from the sceen. "Maybe he blames the case for the loss of his family."

Gibbs nodded and gave the younger agent a pat on the shoulder.

"Well, it wouldn't be the firs..." Raul DiNozzo was interpted by his phone ringing. "Hello?" The others was looking at a man that was steadily becoming paler. "Bobby, stay where you are. Do not go anywhere alone. Do you hear me?! Good. I'll make sure that we find them, don't you worry." He hung up then looked at Gibbs with the most defeated eyes. "My son has gone missing as well. He and my other grandson was in DC on business. Please find them, agent Gibbs."

Gibbs gave a sharp nod. "Find me an adress, McGee."

"On it, Boss."

The man steped over to the older DiNozzo and grabed a hold of his colar. His father was limb in the other man's hands. He then droped him back to the ground and yet again could hear a thud as his father head hit the hard surface.

"Well, he is out of it." He turned away from his father and turned back to him. "I guess we'll be having some more fun first then."

Yet again the man disapeard behind his back and returned with a huge hunting knife. Tony was sure the man was ready to end him then and there. But was shocked to find him cutting the ropes. When all of is bonds were off he could only sit there and stare.

"Oh, common. You can't just sit there all day. You got to attack me if you want to save your father."

Tony got to his feet, but he had to bend over and take some slow delibriate breaths when the room started spining. It felt like every inch of him was protesting. His vision was greying at the edge and the pain was almost unbearable, but he still managed to straighten himself up.

"Now, you see. I knew there was some fighting power in you."

Before Tony had much time to react the man jumped forward with the knife. In an attempt to protect himself, he brought his arm up infront of him. When he felt the knife slice into his armed he pulled it protectively into his side.

The other man was lauging and jumped him agan. This time Tony managed to get a hold of his wrist, but as he was so tired the other man had the upper hand and sent them tumbling to the floor. He gasped when he felt the knife slice into his stomach. The pain was excrusiating. He shuddered when he felt the hot breath on his ear.

"I was hoping you would last a bit longer, but you did give one hell of a fight. I'll give you that."

The man was about to get off the ground when they heard some noice on the first floor. Tony felt like laughing when he heard a voice call out 4 wonderful letter, NCIS.

The other man got quickly to his feet with a growl and turned towards his father. He had to help him. He couldn't let him be hurt anymore.

With his last bit of strength and a huge adrenalin rush he kicked out. The other man gave a yell as he fell to the ground.

After that everything seemed to go so fast. He so several figures move around him. They got a hold of the man and cuffed him.

He saw that Kate was beside him, talking to him. Probably telling him to hold on or something. He couldn't really her her. His head was buzzing an his vision was bluring.

Tony looked over to where his father had been before. He saw McGee standing there supporting him.

His dad was alright. His team would make sure he was. He could finally let go, and then the world faded to black.

The end is here...