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"Hell, Doreen, did you really need that new dress?" Johnny's father yelled once again at his mother, staring at a dress laid out on the table. "What in God's name is wrong with the one's you've already got!"

"Aw, hell Chester, now that the kids around no one wants to look at me anymore, makes me feel ugly. When I was pregnant I was the most important thing to everyone, everyone wanted to look at me, but now that he's here-" she nudged Johnny with her toe, giving him a disdainful look "- no one wants to look at me anymore, it's always about Johnny. Look at Johnny this, see Johnny do that, Johnny Johnny Johnny! It's not Doreen, let me make the tea! Doreen, go sit down and I'll bring some biscuits! It's JOHNNY!"

Johnny's father gave 6 year old Johnny a look of disgust.

"Hear that boy?" he yelled. "Your making your mother sad. When your mothers sad, she spends money. Money we don't have. So you can get the hell out! OUT!"

Johnny didn't know what to do. He'd never been away from his parents, what was he supposed to do if he went 'out'?

"Awrite," Johnny said, giving his father a sad look, thinking that he'd go to the park or somewhere else that his parents would be able to find them if they went looking for him.

"GO!" his father yelled, grabbing the back of Johnny's shirt and dragging him to the door, opening it, and literally throwing him through the door.

"When can I-" Johnny started to ask, but the door was slammed in his face before he could get the words out. Tears started to well up in his eyes as he started to walk out the dirt path they called a laneway, kicking up dust as he walked, but before he even reached the sidewalk tears were pouring down his face. Johnny had always been treated rough, but never rough like that.

"Ponyboy, you can't come!" Johnny heard someone call from down the street, and he could hear snippets of the conversation.

"Why not?" said a second voice, that of a young child.

"You'll get in the way!" said the first voice again.

"Soderrr!" said the second voice again.

"You ain't big enough to play football!"

"But I wanna be with yoou!" said the young voice again. Johnny continued walking, wishing someone would ask him to play football, or even take the time to tell him why he couldn't, but he thought it would never happen. Johnny wasn't a sociable type, he never seemed to be able to make many friends… Maybe because he never talked to him, or maybe because of the negative energy he gave off that he got because of his home life.

"… If we let you play, we'd have to find some other small kid to play on the other team so it would be fair. But no other kid around here's going to want to play football…" It was a new voice, but Johnny it trail off, out of his mind, all the while wishing that they would ask him. He didn't know how to play, but he'd be willing to learn. He kept walking, kicking pebbles down the road as he went.

"Hey kid!" someone called from behind him, but he didn't listen. There were kids all over this side of Tulsa.

"Hey, kid! You! Black haired kid walking up there! Hey! Hey! Kid! Hey you kid up there!" said a very happy voice, which seemed to get more energy the more it spoke. At the mention of black hair, Johnny stopped. He was walking ahead of them, and he did have black hair…

"Geez kid, never thought I'd catch up to you, you walk real fast for someone so small," said someone who was now beside him with a big smile on his face, talking in a very happy tone. "I was wondering, my brother wants to play, but he's only 4, and you can't be much older, and you're about the same size, so if you wanted so he'd leave me alone, you could come play football with us so that he can play so that he'll stop asking and we can go play finally…" The kid said more, but Johnny wasn't listening. He couldn't make too much sense out of what the guy was saying he was talking so fast, but that wasn't why he stopped listening. He'd just been invited to play football! Sure, it was only so this guys brother would leave him alone, but he'd never been asked to play football before.

"Yoo-hoo!" said the guy again. "I just said my name is Sodapop, who are yooou?" he asked, almost in a sing-song voice.

"I'm… Johnny Cade," Johnny said in the quiet voice that became notorious for him.

"Hi then, Johnny, nice to meet you… Now do you want to come so we can play? They're probably at the lot by now!" said Soda, running in a different direction, presumably to play football. What else could Johnny do? He followed.