Twenty one year old Jessica Moore sat in the empty apartment. She was going through her boyfriends things, before they went to his brother. Her boyfriend, Sam Winchester had been killed three days ago, and he was being buried the next day. Jessica had gone through Sam's phone and called his brother, who was now on his way to stanford. She was sitting on the bed with his things surrounding her. She kept touching her stomach, and crying. They had been going out for over a year now. She opened a box in front of her and found it full of journals. She pulled one out and looked at the cover.

It was in a black leather binding and in gold lettering the year 1996. She opened it was flipped through the pages until she stopped in the middle of the book and read the entry Sam had writen.

May 2, 1996

Today is my 12th birthday. But, again, Dad forgot. He left for a hunt two days ago, so Dean and I are stuck inside again. All I know about the hunt is that he was going to Peru, Indiana. About three hundred miles from this motel Dean and I are at. He never told me what he was hunting, he rarely does. He rarely ever talks to me now. He and I never get along. Never have since I was about eight. Dean wont tell me anything either. I know he knows what Dad is hunting. I heard them talking the night Dad had left. I've tried to get it out of him, but he's too smart. He thinks I'd tell people at school. But, I'm not going to school right now, so how could I? I'm missing school, whatI'm I suppose to tell my teachers? Dean doesn't have to worry. He had gotten suspended for the week, for fighting. Whatever.

Jessica flipped through the journal to one of the later entrys and stopped on one that was super long. It took about two pages to write.

December 24, 1996

It's Chritmas Eve Morning! But, I'm going to a stinking grave tonight to help Dad on a hunt. I have to help Dean watch for the spirit while Dad digs the grave up. I don't want to go. When I found out I was, Dad and I have a huge fight. I was yelling so loud, the neighbor next door showed up at the door thinking something else was happening. I've been in my room since. At least we're staying in a house this time. I hate winter, it's too cold. Expecially in Michigan. Why couldn't this grave dig be in California where it's nice and warm?

It is now ten minutes to midnight. We just got back from the cemetery. It wasn't that bad. If you wanna call getting thrown into a tree, getting my arm broken and cut all over me, not bad. It was more then a spirit in that cemetery. Something else was there, and decided on trying to eat me. But, of coarse, Dean saved me. Again. He was yelling but I couldn't hear much when I was being thrown into the tree, which seemed to come alive. Weird? As for Dean and Dad. Both are fine. Dean got one scratch from whatever attacked me. I couldn't see it, cause I had my back turned when it attacked. seven minutes to go until Christmas. I found out, on the car ride back from the cemetery. Dean and I are going to stay with Pastor Jim for the rest of the month. Dad has a big hunt about to start, and he doesn't want us staying by ourselves, so we're stuck staying at a church with Pastor Jim. It'll be better, but I am never going into the cemetery behind the church. Ever. Even if Dean throws something of mine over the iron gates, it can stay in there. Three minutes until Christmas. We're leaving about five in the morning, so we can get to Pastor Jim's by the afternoon. I don't wanna go, but it beats staying in a car for days. Maybe it'll be fun. I might actually be able to make friends. Yeah right. Every new school I go to, sucks. I get good grades, but I never really have anyone to talk to. It's been like that since second grade. So far, this school year, I have been to about four or five different school already. Well, it's midnight. Merry Christmas to me!

Jessica closed the journal and started crying softly. She placed the journal back into the box. She was confused about that last one she read, and was going to ask Sam's brother about it. She pulled out another, which had the year 2005. She flipped through it and found the last entry, which was the day before Sam was killed.

November 1, 2005

These visions or what every they are, are getting scaryier. I just had one last night about my own death. Jess was out with some friends, so she didn't see me fall to my knees and scream. I had a spliting headache afterwards. I couldn't tell when I was going to died, but now I know how I'm going to die. Fire. Like my mom. It's the same as when I was a baby and my nursery caught fire, killing me mom. I don't know how or if I even should tell Jess about it. Maybe I should call Dean. Or Dad. Yeah right. I could never call Dad. He probably wouldn't answer when he saw that I was the one calling. After three years of not speaking to him? He should be mad at me. I left the family business. I chose college instead. At least Jess wont be alone. She'll have Becky and Zack to talk to. And soon, the baby, which I hope is a girl.

Jessica closed the journal, after soaking most of the page with her tears. She looked down at the stomach, which was getting a little bigger.

"Well. I hope you're a girl too," she whispered

Then there was a loud knock on the door. She looked at the clock, which said 1:37 am. In seven and a half hours, she would be burying her boyfriend. She got up and walked into the living room. She answered the door, and looked up at the tall, short spiky brown hair guy.

"Jessica?" he asked

"Dean," she said, moving out of the way.

He walked inside, and she closed the door. She looked back at him, into his hazel green eyes, which were watery. They just stood there for a few minutes.