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Two days had past since the Halloween party. It was now seven in the morning, on November the second. Dean had stayed up most of the night, thinking. Tonight would be the night that the demon would attack if the twins were "special". But, Dean didn't want that to happen, so he had to think of a way to keep Jessica from going into the nursery in the night.

He was thinking he'd just have them all drive to Bobby's, and use the excuse that his dad needed support since Jim and Caleb were killed. But then Bbby had called, saying he really did need to get there, before his dad did something stupid. Now, Dean just needed to tell Jessica about it. Dean watched Sammy and Lizzie crawl around on the living room floor. He had already feed them, so Jessica didn't have to. He was letting her sleep in.

Just then, Jessica walked down the stairs, and sat next to him.

"Morning," he said, as she kissed him.

"Morning," she replied

"Look, I was thinking," he started, "Maybe we should take the twins to Bobby's to see my dad."


"Well, for one, he hasn't seen them yet. And two, he just lost two very close friends,"

"For how long?" Jessica asked

"Maybe like a week," Dean replied

"Okay," Jessica said, picking Sammy up.


"Yeah, I mean you're right. You dad hasn't seen his grandkids yet, and I haven't even met him,"

"Okay then,"

"So, when are we leaving?" Jessica asked, standing up.

"I was hoping we'd leave this afternoon," Dean replied, picking Lizzie up and following her into the kitchen.

"Okay, so after lunch then?"


Later that day, Dean was packing their bags into the trunk of the Impala, while Jessica was making them lunch. Becky walked up.

"Hey, where are you going now?" she asked

"We're all going to see my dad for the week,"

"Jessica and the twins going with you?"

"Yeah," Dean replied

"When are you leaving?" Becky asked, following him back into the house.

"In about an hour,"

After Lunch, they said goodbye to Becky and Zack, got the wins into their car-seats, and left. They drive was going to take long, since Dean was going to take the long way there. Dean had his music playing, but it wasn't very loud, because the twins were asleep in the back. Jessica was reading a book, while Dean drove.

It was around eight at night when Jessica finally started up a conversation.

"So, what is your dad like anyway?"

"Well," Dean said, "Lets just say he's not the kind of guy you'd wanna be careful around and not get on his bad side. Since hunting is his life now."

"Was he kind before?"

"Yeah, that I can remember. I was only four when my mom died,"

"I heard you talking about him being a marine before he married your mom,"

"Yeah," Dean replied, "They had gotten engaged before he left, and a month after he returned, they got married."

"How long had they known each other?"

"Well, I had to ask his friend Mike these kind of question. According to Mike, my parents grew up together in Indiana, got engaged and moved to Kansas. When my dad wasn't a marine, he co-owned a garage with Mike. And then they started a family,"

"Do you know what your mom did while they were married?" Jessica asked

"Um, I think Mike said she was a fashion designer," he replied

An hour later, Jessica was sleeping. Dean was now driving in peace. A few minutes later, he pulled into a twenty-four hour gas station in a town. He went in and got some coffee and peanut M&Ms. He was walking down an isle when he saw Jessica walk in with the twins. She walked up to him.

"I'm going to change them," she said, before he asked

"Do ou want anything?" he asked her.

"Coffee," she replied

He got a few more things for them to eat and drink on the way there. He payed for it all and gas. He then waited for Jessica to come out. Five minutes later, she did. Dean took Sammy. They all got back in and left.

"Did you have a nice nap?" Dean teased

"Yes I did," Jessica replied, laughing.

"Who much longer?" she asked, opening a bag of chips.

"A couple more hours," Dean replied, taking a drink of his coffee.

"Do you want to me drive? You look tired,"

"That's why I bought the coffee," he smiled at her.

It was around seven in the morning, when they got to Bobby's. They got out of the car, and Jessica was getting Lizzie when Bobby came out of the house and walked up to them. His dog, Sadie followed.

"Hey, Bobby," Dean said, holding Sammy, "Thanks for calling. Where's Dad?"

"Yeah about that kid. Your daddy left at five. He was suppose to call you,"

"What?!" Dean said, "You let him leave."

"I didn't let him. I was working down my the pond on the boat, when I heard his truck start up. I called him and he told me that he'd call you,"

"And you believed him?" Dean asked, as Jessica stood next to him holding Lizzie.

"Well, no," Bobby replied

"Did he tell you where he was going?"

"He wrote it down," Boby replied, handing him a slip of paper.

Dean read it.

"Okay, I know where this is. Jessica take Sammy. Bobby take her things into the house. She's staying with you,"

"Wait, no Dean. Let me come with you,"

"No Jess," Dean said, taking the bags from the trunk.

"Please, I can be a backup,"

"And leave Sammy and Lizzie with Bobby?" Dean laughed, "Besides, a battle is starting and I don't want you in the middle of it,"

Jessica was about to say something, but Dean looked up at her.

"I promised Sam,"


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