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Hurts ... it always hurts ...

He's disappointed ... again. It always hurts when he's disappointed ... shoulda just listened to him ... shoulda done what he told me to do. Always did it in the past ... never got hurt ... not so disappointed then. Always so disappointed now ... nothing I can do after this. Not I can say is going to erase his anger or his disappointment.

It aways hurts when he's disappointed in me. Sometimes I wish ... I wish he'd just bring his hand across my face and be done with it. It always ... helped when he did that. Then I had an excuse to turn my head away from him. Then I had an excuse to look away from his accusing gaze.

Coming down the steps, I can hear his heavy footsteps even as I walk away. Walk away? I'm really walking away?

Disappointed. Because I lost, because I betrayed him ... twice no less. He won't hit me this time ... he can't. It's too public. I don't even know what he can do. Can't hit me ... just ... stare me down. Make me feel about three inches tall.

As if Spencer hadn't already done that. I don't mind that ... not much. Heard the big oaf. Heard him tell Boris how he defeated me. Heard him sound so ... pathetically happy. He's just like me. He didn't wanna disappoint Boris.

Guess he did though. He just didn't know it. Boris was disappointed that I managed to walk away smiling this time.

Guess he's just about to be prouder of Spencer then that oaf could ever dream. Boris knows it. I can feel his sadistic smile from across the room.

Footsteps. Heavy, and delibratly slow. So angry. So disappointed.

So stop walking away and turn around and face him. You've defied him once privatly ... now do it right. Defy him in front of everyone important.

Try to at least. Stop being a pathetic coward.

Angry little eyes, set in that old craggy face. The face of the man I once fooled myself into loving. He's glaring at me. Glaring like he always did when I didn't reach his expectations.

Hold his gaze and pray he's the one who yields first. Never worked out like that before. He never broke eye contact ... just always looked more and more disappointed that I would play such a childish game with him. Staring contests were childish in his eyes ... unless he was the one staring.

I'm the one who breaks. I'm the one to look away first. But his hand darts out and cups my chin before eye contact is completely severed. Like he's telling me that he can play games as well.

Tyson, Rey, Max, hell even Kenny move at this. But just as they reach me he lets go.

"Pathetic, Kai."

And then he tries to walk away. He tries to leave me standing there like a complete idiot.

"Pathetic, huh? Look over at your team and see who's pathetic. Look at them, and then tell me if they were worth it? Pathetic?" The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. I do believe that I've just called him pathetic ... In a round about way.

He spins around, his hand raised and his eyes ablaze. But the backhand slap never comes. Instead he hisses angrily and says softly:

"I don't know about them Kai, but I can tell you that you were never worth any of my time!"

Frozen. Stunned. Still hurts. Still hurts like hell that he's disappointed in me. Guess that's always gonna hurt. But I don't back down. Tyson, Max, Rey and Kenny crowd around me and smirk.

I smile at him and turn away. Turn away? I'm the one turning away?

Disappointed, grandfather? You'd better be!

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