A Son Chi-chi Production.
By Arcadia Silver

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Note: If things like magic and Wicca bother you don't read. I will delete any flames from fanatics saying I'm going to hell. I don't judge you, you don't judge me. K?

...It's your destiny...

.............Why do you fight it Aerin?........

............Do you deny the blood of our people that's runs in your veins?

..........Do you deny your magic? Your powers?

..............Do you deny me?

A woman and a small girl stand in a small, wooded glen. The dark, but warm summer night conceals them from any wandering eyes. Above the moon is ripe and full, it's brilliant form dominating the heavens. Sitting about it, like ladies-in-waiting are the stars, twinkling with their own unique beauty. Indeed, the moon is the queen of the night.

The woman, clad in a loose, white dress, stands in the middle of the clearing, arms raised, chanting:

Ten thousand years we've struck the fire,
Creation's music freely sung.

With magick joined we've praised the stars,
Since first the world begun.

Our spirit lives in timeless dance,
The Tarot and the Rune.

And nights united in the power,
Of drawing down the Moon!!

She repeats the mantra over and over. Each time her voice becomes louder, stronger, more forceful as her mind and body are over come by passion. The gentle south wind picks up power, each second growing faster, matching moods with the woman and her call. The small girl sits at the edge of the glen, she has seen her mother perform this rite many times before from this very spot, but tonight, she would join her mother in the ritual.

Her mother finally pauses, and motions the girl to come to her side. Shyly, she approaches and holds her mother's hand. "Great Mother, Divine Father, we come to you tonight, in the presence of the Full Moon, to welcome another to our fold." She looks down at her daughter, a spitting image of herself, gilded eyes and hair the color of the secret heart of the moon. "I, Edainya, daughter of Selene, High Priestess of the Clan of the High Heavens, do here by welcome my daughter Aerin to the Craft of the Wise."
She stoops down, dipping her fingers in the bowl of oil on the ground. Index finger pointed, she makes a mark on her daughter's forehead. "May you always be wise in your decisions, strong in your faith, successful in your ventures. May the blessings of the Lord and the Lady shower upon you for eternity. So mote it be." She looks in her daughter's eyes, deep pools of liquid gold, and whispers, "I'm proud of you Little Moon." She stands up, taking notice of the position of the moon in the sky. "It's getting late, we need to get home, it's time you were in bed." She whisks her daughter into her arms, and walks out of the clearing.
"Little Moon?"

"Yes momma?"

"You must never tell your step-father a thing about this."


"Ox-King is very, er, sensitive about our magic."


"He believes that we are doing evil."


"He doesn't understand what we do. He doesn't want to understand."

"But why momma? Doesn't he love us?'

"Yes he does, but adults are funny sometimes. They fear what they don't understand."

"Okay." She sighed, sinking further into her mother's embrace. Slowly the passing forest becomes dark, as she closes her eyes, and falls asleep.

...................The time is fast approaching, Aerin. The Crisis Hours have past. The Black Ones have returned. The time for secrets has past. The Magick is needed if Earth will ever survive this last test.

............The time will come when you will step from the shadows and unveil the mysteries of our people to all of Earth. Then the darkness shall fall.'s your destiny Aerin. Never forget the magick of your blood. Never forget your faith in yourself, or what I taught you. Never forget the magick Little Moon, for it will be Earth's last defense..........

Her body snapped forward, clasping the sheets with clenched hands. Her body ran cold with the chilled sweat the dotted it. Her eyes were wide, her form shaking.
"Was that real?" she asks herself. It had to be, why would a memory, long buried, all of a sudden spring back alive in her dreams? Was this what she thought? Was this the sign she had been waiting for all her life, suddenly here? Why would a conversation she had with her mother when she was three years old be that vivid?
Have the Crisis Hours really past? Is the prophecy coming true? Can I finally show my powers? The only answer she had was to wait, at least till the next full moon.

The next morning she awoke in her empty house. How isolated she felt with her sons and husband gone. Oh, sure. Gohan and Videl would sing by one in a while with Pan in tow. Goten called from college every so often, but it wasn't enough. She was only 31 years old, and already leading the life of an old maid.
Shaking it off, she decided to make breakfast, cold cereal. She sat in her kitchen, still in her robe when a door knock took her attention away from her Frosted Flakes. Probably another Avon lady... she thought. Shuffling up to the door, she opened it, and dropped her bowl of cereal.