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Jane Eyre

"I have to leave Thornfield"

Jane collapsed as the words she had spoken to her beloved Edward only hours before her, hit her like a storm. How could she leave him when she loved him so? But she already had. Now, as the pale dawn awakened, she was already miles from Thornfield Hall on foot. Miles from Him.

What choice do I have, she thought. He is married to another woman! How can I live a life of sin? Her grey day dress, buttoned high, was already soaked at the hem as she walked the sodden past, her bonnet doing little to protect her from the dismal weather. Her lithe figure seemed nothing more than a ghost lost in the fog.


She felt like she was going mad. Mere hours from him heading no-where and she could already hear his voice in her mind. Could she really do this? I must, she resolved.

Hoof beats sounded, breaking out of her reverie. Who would be riding at this time in the morn? She stepped carefully off the path to allow the rider past and turned only to see a great black stallion rear at her and faulter, tossing the rider to the ground before snorting, leaving tendrils of condensation from his nose.

"Are you alright Sir?" she asked picking up her wet skirts, and dashing toward the fallen man.

"Always spelling my horse" came a deep voice, smooth as velvet "Did I not say you are indeed a witch, my dear Jane"

"Mr Rochester?" she gasped and everything went black.