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Stasis – chapter 14

Chase, Foreman and Cameron all gathered around the test results for Danny. They'd done almost every test they could, and all were negative so far. Now, they were waiting to her what the latest result was.

"The test is positive for listeriosis," Chase said, looking at the other too, "But that doesn't usually show up in healthy teens, it effects the elderly, or people with weakened immune systems, and he doesn't fit either category,"

"Isn't it amazing how something so well-known can be so fundamentally wrong" House said, standing in the doorway. House walked into the room and took the paper from chase, "It says right here that he has listeriosis. Think about it, he has no immune system to speak of in his ghost form, so naturally any disease would be able to fight its way in."

"The symptoms do fit, it usually just causes fever and muscle aches," Cameron said.

"Of course the symptoms fit, even if the disease is in his ghost form his human form detects it and reacts to it, hence the guillian barre. Now that we all agree I'm right, let's start treatment."

"Now the question is how do we cure him," Foreman said, "You said yourself he has no immune system as a ghost."

"The antibiotics we'll be giving him should be enough. If not, we try something stronger until he's cured." House said, "Order the prescription and he's out of our hands."

"I'll call the pharmacy," Foreman said, reaching for the nearest phone.

"I'll go check up on Danny and give him the good news," Cameron volunteered, leaving Chase and House in the room.

"Sounds like a plan," House said, heading toward the door, "Page me if anything comes up. I'm going to my office."

Danny's hospital room

"Hello," Cameron said, walking into Danny's hospital room. "We've found out what's making you sick" She announced.

"You sound happy, so I'm going to assume it's curable…whatever it is, right?" Danny asked, looking hopeful. Next to him Jazz, Sam and Tucker were waiting for her response.

"You have something called listeriosis. It's caused by a common bacteria found in food, but can be airborne. For most people their immune system in strong enough to fight it, but your ghost form has no immune system, so you got listeriosis. It is curable, and Foreman is getting some antibiotics right now, they should get you better in no time"

Jazz looked confused, "But I thought that his immune system was to strong, that's why he's got guillian barre,"

"Your human immune system is in overdrive right now, but your ghost immune system is virtually nonexistent. We found almost no antibodies, though that did help fond the disease quicker,"

"Oh, I think I get it" Danny said, looking like he didn't get it at all, but accepted that she was right. Jazz looked like she understood, though. Maybe she could explain it to him later in non-medical terms.

"So no more hospitals? That's great!" Tucker said, then turned to Cameron "No offense, but this place gives me the creeps. Any hospital does."

Cameron laughed, "Most of the time it's House that scares people away. Anyway, Foreman should be coming with you prescription any minute now."

"Thank," Danny said, then asked, "Is Vlad still trying to get House on his side?"

"Unfortunately, yes he is. Why?" Cameron asked.

"I think I have a solution. The next time you see him, give him this message – I won't hesitate to blab his secret to the world of he tries to mess with me or anyone in this hospital. He should stop attacking after you tell him that, if he's smart."

Cameron nodded, assuming that Danny knew what he was talking about when it came to his adversaries. "Thanks, I'll be sure to tell House to say that as well. Let's just hope that and the medicine work. I have clinic duty, so I have to leave. See you later" Cameron said, walking out the door.

As she left, Danny was deep in thought. He'd been pondering the parent issue for the past couple of days, and still hadn't made a decision. Now that he knew he'd be cured, he finally decided.

"Jazz," He said, "I think I'm going to tell mom and dad."

The reactions of the group were immediate. All three jumped up from their seats and started speaking.

"Are you insane!?" Same yelled, "Your not being overshadowed by Vlad or anything, are you?" She asked, shocked that Danny would make such a decision. He knew the possible outcome of telling them his secret.

"I'm proud of you, Danny," Jazz said, then turned to Sam, "Not all kids hate their parents, and sometimes you have to give them a chance. Danny, you made the right choice. Do you want me to go get them now?" She asked.

"Yeah, I guess you should before I change my mind, or have the chance to chicken out," Danny joked, trying to lighten the conversation.

"Stay right there, I'll be back soon!" She said, bolting out into the hallway.

"I'm temporarily paralyzed, where does she think I'm going?" Danny asked out loud, causing Sam and Tucker to laugh despite the situation. A second later, all three of his direct family members were at the door.

Maddie looked like she had been sleeping and Jazz woke her up, while Jack

looked as energetic as always. "Jazz said you wanted to tell us something?" Maddie asked.

Danny looked at the three other teens in the room for support. They nodded, though Sam's was a bit reluctant.

"Here, read this," Danny said, handing them the letter Cameron had suggested he wrote. "It'll be easier for everyone than me trying to tell you."

Jack took the letter from Danny's hand and began to unfold it.

"You can read it out loud if you want," Danny said, trying to mentally prepare himself for their reactions, whatever they may be. He felt it would be easier on his nerves if he knew how far they had read.

Jack began to read the letter out loud,

'Dear Mom and Dad,

I've pictured every possible scenario where I give you this letter, or tell you everything in person. You're both brilliant scientists, and will probably figure it out on you own anyway. That's actually what got me into this mess in the first place, one of your many inventions. Last march, as you know, I was shocked pretty badly by the Fenton Ghost Portal you invented. What you didn't know is that I got more than a shock and a week off of school from the incident. I know you don't think that people having ghost powers is even possible, but it is. I've his it from you for nearly a year, but I got ghost powers that day'

At that point, Jack looked up from the letter, jaw dropped, "You got ghost powers and you didn't tell us? We could have been able to help you figure them out, or done something to help!" He said. Maddie looked too shocked to speak.

Danny looked at the floor, "Just read the rest of it, that's only half of the story,"

"Alright," Jack said, then continued to read.

'I don't know how you'll react to that, but you'll probably take the following news even worse. When I got ghost powers, I also gained the ability to look like a ghost. And yes, you've tried to capture me on numerous occasions. You actually did once, in the Fenton weasel. I'll give you a hint as to who my am as a ghost – the names are very similar. I guess I've stalled enough, so I'd better get to the point. I'm-' Jack stopped, frozen by the next two words.

"This can't be written right, it's impossible!" He said, re-reading it over and over.

"What does it say, dear?" Maddie asked.

"Danny Phantom," Jack finished, and they both looked toward Danny.

"Is this true?" Maddie asked.

"Yeah, it is," Danny said, "If you want to leave me here and go home, I'll understand. What ghost hunter in their right mind would accept that their son is half-ghost" He finished, prepared for the worst.

Maddie looked shocked by his comment, then she sat down beside him and gave him a hug, "Of course we accept you, you're out son after all."

"Yeah," Jack said, "Who ever said we were in our right minds? All I know is that we care about you, no matter who you are or what you've done."

"Speaking of that," Maddie said, looking at the group of teens, "We'd like some explanations. Like why in the world did you attack the mayor?" Maddie asked.

"That I can explain, you see…" Danny started.

Over the next several hours and well into the night they heard tale after tale from Danny, Sam, Tucker and occasionally Jazz. To the two older Fentons it was incredible what they had been through. After finishing telling about Freakshow and the Reality Gauntlet, they were all ready to go to sleep.

Next Morning

The next morning they all, except for Danny, woke up with stiff necks and sore backs, as they had all slept in the hospital chairs.

"Nice to see you're all up," Chase said as he, Cameron and Foreman walked into the room and saw them there. "Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, if you don't mind we need to talk to Danny" He said.

"It's okay," Danny stopped them, "I told them yesterday about me being Phantom. They know everything, so they can stay," He said, shocking the Doctors.

"Is that why we could hear what was making you sick earlier? Does it have

something to do with you being Phantom?" Maddie asked.

"Yes, it is" Cameron explained, "He got listeriosis while in his ghost form. As you know, he doesn't have an immune system as a ghost, so it stayed there with no resistance. His human immune system went into overdrive, causing the Guillian Barre. And Danny, I think you made the right decision by telling them."

"Yes, he did. So what about curing him?" Jack asked, for once paying attention to something other than fudge.

"Here are your antibiotics. They should work, and we'll check every couple of days to see when the listeriosis clears up," Foreman said, handing Danny several pills. He transformed into Danny Phantom and took them.

"I have to take the medicine while in ghost form," Danny explained, looking at his parents.

"This is going to take some getting used to," Jack said, sitting down, "I guess I'll have to make a Phantom action figure."

House's office

Vlad had learned quickly that House had found out the cure to Danny's disease, and he wasn't happy. He flew over to the hospital to give House a piece of his mind. He knew he couldn't just overshadow the doctor, but Daniel would soon be well. After that happened, there would be no opportunity to give him the mind-control pills. He couldn't just overshadow the sarcastic doctor, since Daniel would sense him in the room immediately.

"Well, looks like you sealed you fate," Vlad said as he flew into House's office. The Doctor didn't look the least bit surprised that he was there.

"Did you honestly expect anyone to take that deal? I only break the rules for a reason, when I can get something out of it or it helps save a life. That's it." House responded. "And by the way, my patient says that if you don't stop messing with my team, we have permission to tell the world your secret" House smirked. He had no idea what the secret was Danny had been talking about, but he could see that the blue-skinned ghost was afraid of it being known.

"Does he now?" Vlad sneered, putting up his usual emotionless mask, "I guess he wins this round. But be warned, when he gets back to Amity Park he'll have to deal with the consequences."

Three months later

Danny was well on his way to recovery. He could now walk on his own, though very slowly. The doctors soon decided that he was well enough to be released.

"Cameron's filling out your discharge summary," Foreman explained to Danny, "I can honestly say it's been a pleasure being one of your doctors," He said, shaking Danny's hand.

"Thanks, though I'm glad to finally be going home after all this time. I'll finally be getting real food and a real bed," Danny laughed.

"Just be thankful that you got sick near summer vacation, your grades were bad

enough as it is," Maddie joked. About two weeks after he had been admitted, it was time for final exams back in Casper high. Mr. Lancer had been kind enough to fly out and give Danny the tests. With him watching to make sure he didn't cheat, of course. According to lancer, he'd done pretty well. Danny attributed it to getting a forced vacation from ghost fighting. The rest of the time he was there, it was summer break for everyone else.

Danny groaned as he heard her comment, "Yeah, my entire summer was spent in the hospital. I don't see that as a very good thing" He said.

"Well, your free to go," Cameron said, walking into the room, "Just make sure to take it easy over the next few weeks. Make sure you continue exercising to build back your strength.

"Alright, I will," Danny nodded, and the Fentons, Tucker and Sam walked out of the Hospital room for what they hoped was the last time. The three doctors followed them to the lobby.

"Where's House?" Jazz asked Cameron, looking around. She'd wanted to be able to thank him before leaving.

"No idea, probably sleeping," Chase shrugged.

When they entered the lobby, they saw Dr. House standing at the counter, checking out for the day despite that fact that it was only 1:00.

"Dr. House," Jazz said, walking up to him, "I Just wanted to thank you for all you've done to help my brother."

"I wanted to thank you, too," Danny said, standing beside her.

House frowned. "It's my job. There's no reason to be so dramatic about it."

"I also wanted to say that, as a future psychologist, I think you're a self-destructive egoist who needs some serious therapy for that and you drug addiction," Jazz continued.

"And I'm doing just fine," House retorted.

"I've wanted to say that to him for years," Chase laughed.

"Hopefully we won't be seeing you in the hospital for a long time, take care of yourself." Cameron said to the six.

"Hopefully," Danny said as they all walked out the door.

After the flight home, Danny looked at Amity Park for the first time in three months. Despite all odds, it was still standing. They would later find out that ghosts hadn't been attacking the city in those three months because there was no real threat there. But for now, they were all just glad to be home.


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