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The Runaway Ninja

Hinata is in love with Naruto and confesses to him but he rejects her. She escapes the village and comes back some years later. Her changes will shock all and make a certain someone hate her at first sight, but will it stay that way? Will this someone not fall in love with her later on? Read to find out!

Chapter One

It was a normal morning like any other, but everything was going wrong for a certain Hyuuga. Kids were playing outside and the young ninjas were probably at the ninja academy, except for her. Her father was telling her how much of a loser she was because she was going to be late for the academy, like he always did whenever she did something wrong. He wants her to be perfect, but he never notices his own flaws.

"Hinata pay attention!" He yelled at her again. She flinched and looked up at him nervously, crushing her fingers in an unnatural way that was hurting. She couldn't help but feel nervous whenever he did this to her. It made her feet like every person in the house was pointing an accusing finger at her.

"It's that boy that has you like this isn't it? I should have known, you're not even strong enough to keep focus!"

She felt her face turn completely red and she looked down at her feet. How she hated it when he did this, when he humiliated her like this. She knew he was loud enough to be heard by everyone that was nearby.

"Well, are you just going to stand there like the idiot you are? Get going!" he yelled.

She bowed down quickly and hurriedly left the house, grateful to escape her father's harshness. Once outside she started running toward the academy tears in her eyes. 'Oh why did it have to be me? Why always me to suffer like this? I wish I could go to some place and hide there forever where no one would ever look for me or hurt me again,' Hinata thought in defeat and surrow. She couldn't stand this anymore she wanted more than anything to leave him and everyone behind.

'Wait no not everyone. I don't want to leave everyone behind. Everyone but Naruto, I want to stay with him,' she thought. That thought brought her out of her depressing thought. He always had that effect on her. Yes, he was the only one she cared for. 'No, I'm not being fair, Shino and Kiba are good to me, they are good friends.vNeji too. He's probably the only person that truly cares about me at all. But if I had the choice Naruto would be the one person I would never leave behind'.

Naruto has always been the love of her life. For a long time she has loved him from afar, loved him and only him. The thought of telling him how she felt frightened ehr, made her want to hide and never be seen by him or anyone. It would just be another one of her failures and he would reject her, he was infatuated with Sakura anyway so why waste her breath over something like that. She stopped running and leaned against the wall of the academy taking a deep breath and rubbing away the tears off her eyes. 'I need to stop these depressing thoughts or they'll consume me. And I'll be too weak to fight back.'

"Hinata?" she heard her name being called and looked up to the wall to see Neji looking down at her. Upon seeing his face my eyes watered with tears again and I collapsed down on the floor. 'Dammit I hate this, I hate myself! Why am I even crying now?' Hinata thought sinking back into the depression she had never really left.

In a second Neji was beside her and holding her against him. It always hurt him to see her like this, so full of self loathing. It angered him to see how her life was not full of happiness like mostly everyone else's. "Hinata, what is it?" He asked gently as he stroked her head softly; trying to comfort her in her time of need. She buried her face against his chest and just cried.

"Shh. It's okay, tell me what happened?" Neji probed gently as he soothed his cousin. He already had an idea of what happened but he wanted to be assured by her.

"It . . . was . . . sniffs . . . father he . . . sniffs . . . he did it again. I can't stand it anymore Neji," she said between sobs.

"Just ignore him Hinata, he just says that to hurt you, to break you." Neji said softly. How he hated his uncle for the way he treated Hinata but that was not the only reason.

"I know but it hurts Neji. I wish he was like other fathers, that he was loving, he seems to like Hinabi more then he likes me."

At that Neji grabbed her arms and pulled her away from him looking at her straight in the eye. She in the other hand wasn't that intent in looking at his angry face and just looked down at her hands instead.

"Hinata look at me." She didn't move; she kept looking at her hands not wanting to see the anger in his eyes the exact same eyes of her father. He shook her gently and once again said , "look at me." Slowly she looked up into his eyes, and just as she expected they reflected the same anger her father's eyes had. Everyone seemed to get angry at her so easily. Tears started rolling down her cheeks again and she couldn't keep looking at him, instead she looked beyond him.

"Hinata," he said roughly trying to get her to look at him again. She looked at him again, the sobs and the tears never seeming to stop. Why was she so weak? Why couldn't she be stronger like her father wanted her to be? Why did anything that happened to her make her cry? Why was it hard to look at anyone in the face? She hated herself, she wanted to be different, but deep down she knew she would never have the courage to actually change.

"Hanabi is not better than you. She's not better than anyone, she' just like your father. A bully who doesn't have a heart. Don't ever think she's better than you . . . Ever," he told her. She just nodded her head hoping he'd ignore the topic and let go of her. She couldn't deal with him right now, couldn't deal with anyone. That's just how weak she was.

"Now I want you to clean your face and report to Kur-"

"Seems I'm not the only one that's late. Phew!" A very loud Naruto was running toward them with a huge grin on his face. Quickly rubbed away her tears and stood up, Neji did so too.

Neji mumbled something that she didn't hear and started toward the academy. Nervousness went through her like a shock wave when Naruto stopped in front of her. She blushed furiously and looked away.

"Hiya! There Hinata. Want to come in with me since Neji already left?" he asked as he scratched the back of his head. She couldn't find courage to speak so she just stayed quiet and nodded; not once looking up at him.

"Well, okay lets go before we get in more trouble."

She nodded again and walked by him as they made their way to the academy. She couldn't believe it! He had actually asked her to go with him! 'Did this mean he was warming up to me?' A small smile crept on her lips as we walked in the academy. 'It felt right having him by me, as if we were meant together'. She blushed at that thought but couldn't help but smile at it.

"Well, see you later Hinata!" he said happily and then took off to his classroom. She sighed and stared after him, as she watched him she made the decision to change her life. She could feel it then; that rare happiness that came to her whenever she thought of something that had to do with Naruto. She was going to tell Naruto she loved him

She started to walk toward her classroom where Kurenai sensei, Shino, and Kiba were most likely waiting for her. She looked down as she walked planning how she was going to tell Naruto what she felt for him. She was so nervous as she thought about it and she wasn't even telling him yet! 'I hope that I find my voice when I tell him, I don't want to make a fool of myself' she thought with a giggle.

She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice someone walking in the opposite direction of her; who was equally lost in his own thoughts.


She felt their bodies hit with an amazing force, something that was weird since they were both walking so slowly. Losing her balance she fell hard on the floo, meanwhile the other person just grunted and regained his balance easily.

Looking up shyly about to apologize, and found myself gazing at none other than the cold emotionless eyes of Uchiha Sasuke.

"Watch where you're going brat," he said angrily and then stormed off. She stared after him a while longer and felt a sharp pain in her chest. He reminded her of her father for she knew he would have scolded her just the same. She could feelt he dislike fo rhim even though she didn't know him well. 'How could anyone be that cold?' She wondered.

She stood up and hurried to her classroom; she was already late and didn't want to be any later. When she walked in the classroom, she found Kurenai sensei talking to Shino and Kiba. Obviously about something important because both were really quiet while listening.

"Hinata! Glad you showed up. Come here take a seat I was just informing Shino and Kiba about our new mission," Kurenai sensei said with a smile. she blushed and quickly sat near her teammates ready to listen.

"I was just telling Shino and Kiba that we have a new mission, we have to go and escort a sick elder to a nearby village. She is not in a very good condition and we have to protect her from any harm," she informed her; her serious facade was back in place.Inwardly she felt relieved this was no dangerous mission she would probably be back that same day to tell Naruto how she felt.

Two Days Later

She went home, tired and hurt and badly in need of a bath. That 'simple mission' she thought they were going on ended up being harder than she thought. It seems that the 'nearby village' was not nearby at all and the old lady was so ungrateful that even though she knew the team was tired and hungry she sent them home after she reached her village complaining about how useless they had been to her.

She blushed lightly as she walked in her room. 'That was mean, she was probably right, we didn't really do anything for her, specially me'. She felt awful now, thinking about how aweful it was to speak like that about that poor lady.

It felt oddly quiet at the house. Weird that her father had not come to tell her how unlucky he was for having her as a daughter. She felt grateful; she was too tired and wanted to rest. Kurenai sensei had given them tomorrow off because she felt they needed a little time to recover. Kiba had disagreed but didn't argue after a while.

She didn't know how they could go through all the things she went through and she was always the one that was tired. It was always like that. But she didn't want to think about that right now. She undressed and went in the bathroom to bath.

One Day Later

It was late afternoon. It has been a day since she came back from the long mission. She was ready to tell Naruto her feelings for him. Currently she was waiting for him in front of the academy, he always left by himself.

Her hands were damp and clasped in front of her as she waited for him. She was being ignored by everyone that was walking by, which was good she was afraid to miss this opportunity to tell him how she felt. She still wasn't sure she'd have enough courage to do it any other day, she was having second thoughts of telling him already. Part of her wanted very badly to just run away home and stay in her room, while another part was telling her to stay and tell him. The second part was obviously winning because she haven't made any moves to go home yet.

"See you later Sakura!" she heard Naruto's voice over the crowd of young ninjas. Her heart started racing; doubts going through her mind. 'I can't do this,' she though with fear. She didn't want to do this anymore. Just as she was about to turn around and keep walking Naruto saw her and called her name. She felt like disappearing, how could she be so stupid. She was starting to regret this. 'I should have gone home, how I wished to be dragged away by my father right now'.

"What are you still doing here?" he asked as he stopped in front of her.

"I... I... um . . . I . . . I um wanted to t-tell y-you s-something," she said nervously wanting to die right there.

"Well sure okay what is it?" he asked. She looked around them and noticed that there were still a few students there. Not wanting to humiliate herself in front of them she said shyly, "Um . . . m-maybe s-somewhere else?" If there was a time when she wanted so badly to take her words back, this was it. How embarrassed she felt. Apparently confused Naruto nodded and took her hand leading her to a more private part. His hand felt good against hers, she wanted it to stay there forever.

"Well what is it? Is something wrong?" he asked me examining her for any traces of bruises.

"n-no th-there's nothing w-wrong," she looked away from him and down at her fingers, she had unconsciously been pressing her fingers together. She knew he was looking at her expectantly and she knew she had no choice but to tell him. She had made her decision and it was time to do it.

"N-N-Naruto I-I-I . . . I l-love y-you," she told him dumbly. She didn't know what else to do now but look up at him hopefully. There, she had done it. She told Naruto she loved him. Why was he so quiet? She noticed him look at her with wide eyes and looking like he didn't believe what she just said.

"I-I Hinata," he looked like he was having trouble with what he was saying. "I'm sorry but I . . . I love Sakura."

She just stared at him for a moment, everything seemed to be going in slow motion. This wasn't what she had been expecting, she thought that he would at least like her . . .

She felt the tears in her eyes and couldn't help but cry right there. This was too much; her world had been turned upside down. Everyone hated her, her father, her sister, even Naruto! Except for one person, he was the only one she could believe in now.