The Runaway Ninja

Hinata is in love with Naruto and confesses to him but he rejects her. She escapes the village and comes back some years later. Her changes will shock all and make a certain someone hate her at first sight, but will it stay that way? Will this someone not fall in love with her later on? Read to find out!

Chapter Thirteen


Sasuke was annoyed beyond belief. After he watched Hinata fall to the ground unconscious and her clone disappear he used a Bunshin no Jutsu after the dart had hit him and with his speed he hid away before he fell to the ground unconscious.

Now he was awake and ready to pounce on whoever came close enough to him. He was annoyed by the fact that he didn't know for how long he had been out and even more annoyed that he didn't know where Hinata or the old man were. "I can't just go back to the village like this and get help. No, I'll just go find them myself and bring them back, I don't need anyone's help," Sasuke thought out loud before he started to make his way toward where he last saw Hinata and the old man.

'How in the world did I not feel the guy's presence?' Sasuke thought a little annoyed. He hated the fact that something like this happened while he was in the mission. Nothing ever went wrong whenever he was in a mission, the mission always went perfectly well without any mistakes. Even though he badly wanted to blame Hinata for what happened he knew that he couldn't. It was nobody's mistake which irritated Sasuke even more he wanted to blame someone for what happened.

The atmosphere around Sasuke started to change suddenly making him tense immediately. Everything around him went blurry making him growl out in anger thinking that he had been hit by the dart again. But instead of everything going black he noticed that he was standing behind Hinata!

Sasuke immediately recognized the technique as a genjutsu and was about to dispel it but stopped when he noticed Hinata fall down to the ground. 'What the hell?!' Sasuke thought in confusion. He was about to dispel the genjutsu again but was stopped when his body started moving at an amazing speed on its own! 'What the hell is going on? Why can't I move my body?!' Sasuke thought as he tried to move his hands to make the seal to dispel the genjutsu.

His thoughts were shattered when his vision changed completely and he was seeing through things and seeing much further than he usually would normally. Soon his vision by itself focused on a man with a throwing dart that was aiming at something. Again his vision by itself focused on something else, and it was on himself! Sasuke saw in amazement how his body was sprawled on the ground with the old man looking down at him with a grin on his face. His vision once again by itself focused on something else and he noticed nine ninjas running toward where the guy with the throwing dart was at. Alarmed his first instinct was to go in the clearing and pick Hinata and himself up but his body wouldn't move! Suddenly he heard Hinata's voice in his head. 'Shit, those must be his friends. I have to get away from here and watch them from far. There'll be no use for me if I get caught too.'

Sasuke's body started moving by itself again and he was running away from where the others were. Sasuke was a little more alarmed at the fact that while he was sure his head was not facing the others he could still see them. Soon his body stopped moving and he turned around to face the others. He knew that he was very far from the others and couldn't help but wonder how the hell he could still see them!

He noticed the nine ninjas along with the man with the throwing dart surrounding the old man. Suddenly he heard Hinata's voice again. 'Dammit, this is all bad. I can't risk going back to Konoha and getting help. I'll have to leave a trail and hope they're smart enough to follow it.' There was a pause and his hands started doing hand seals by themselves. Soon he whispered, "I need to hurry up. Hikage Eizou no Jutsu." He felt a cold wind escape from his hands.

The genjutsu was suddenly released and Sasuke was standing where he was before he fell into the genjutsu. Alarmed and confused Sasuke's senses sky rocketed as he looked around looking for the person who had cast the genjutsu. There was no one around!

'What the hell was that?' Sasuke thought before a thought hit him full force. "If that was Hinata's voice I heard in the genjutsu it was probably her clone that cast it. And if it was her clone it means I have to try to find other places where she left something similar to this," Sasuke thought out loud. "Hikage Eizou no Jutsu. Ne, thanks for teaching it to me Hinata," Sasuke said with a smirk before he started to follow the trail he had intended to follow hoping to find the trail Hinata mentioned.

-Reinforcement Team

"Naruto slow down!" Sakura ordered angrily. Naruto's childish attitude was starting to annoy her.

"Shut up Sakura, you four need to speed up. You don't know if Hinata and Sasuke are already in trouble," Naruto said coldly. Sakura narrowed her eyes at Naruto and was about to snap back at him but was stopped by Ino who put a hand on her shoulder and shook her head. Sakura growled in anger and glared at Naruto's back while speeding up.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes and ran faster catching up with Naruto. "Women sure can be troublesome. I don't know how you're going to deal with Sakura when you two are married," Shikamaru whispered to Naruto trying to cheer him up.

"I don't even know if I want to anymore," Naruto said coldly. Shikamaru shook his head with a sigh, he knew Naruto was just mad right now and was going to forget he even said that later.

-Hinata's Clone

Hinata's clone was now sitting on a comfortable bed at an inn in a city in Rice country. She had left two more genjutsu for whoever found the first one and was now watching the Cloud ninjas. Five of them, including Hayato, were in the room directly below hers discussing something with each other. Two were disguised as bums in front of the inn and four more were in the room across Hayato's guarding over Hinata and Sasuke. Hinata was obviously awake and inspecting the guards, while Sasuke who Hinata now knew was actually a Bunshin clone was still "unconscious".

'Are you healed enough yet?' Hinata asked her clone through their telepathic connection.

'I've been for a long while,' Hinata's clone replied. 'Okay than here's the plan. Use Unrecognizable Illusionary Technique and get to their floor. From what I've gather from watching these pathetic guards I doubt they'd be able to see through the jutsu. All you have to do is kill them and get me the hell out of here.'

'Okay, got it I'll be there soon. I need to get rid of the guards outside the inn.'

'What for?' Hinata asked with curiosity. 'So that we have less obstacles to get through once I get you out of that room. Though we're efficient enough to get rid of them we don't know what kind of poison you have and I don't want to stay in that room for more time than we need to. I'm sure Hayato isn't going to be keeping you out of his sight for too long.'

Hinata didn't reply to her clone, but her clone didn't need a reply. She knew Hinata would agree with her anyways since they both essentially think the same way.

Hinata's clone stood up from her Indian style sitting position and started to walk toward the door while doing some hand seals. "Unrecognizable Illisionary Technique," she whispered before she walked out of the door and started to make her way to the floor below her.


Sasuke had gone through two more of Hinata's genjutsu. The last one instructed him to get out of the river's path and walk northeast until he found a city. If he was correct he was right now in Rice country which was making him a little uneasy. This was where the Sound village was located and he was sure he was in their bingo book.

Soon he found himself in front of the entrance to a city. The city was lively and was full of people everywhere this made his mission simpler since they could blend in with everyone else. 'It's been a long day and I'm ready to get back to Konoha,' Sasuke thought as he watched the sun getting ready to est.

Sasuke used Henge no Jutsu changing his hair to white, his eyes purple. He now wore a red shirt with black knee length shorts and then walked into the village. The first thing that he noticed when he walked in where the interested looks of the females in the village. Sasuke sustained from rolling his eyes and walk away from the village and kept on walking.

He would release his kage bunshin soon and take in all the information it was able to gather as well as the location it's at making it more easier for him to find Hinata and go back to Konoha. He had a good plan but he couldn't help the nagging thought in the back of his mind that kept telling him over and over to sit down and wait for something to happen.

-Reinforcement Team

The sun was starting to set so the team of five decided to stop for now. They weren't in much of hurry all having the thought that nothing was wrong, with Hinata and Sasuke, because Sasuke was there, in their minds. Well all but Naruto who was still annoyed at the fact that everyone thought Sasuke was perfect in every single way. But what was really bothering him was the fact that he couldn't help but think that Sakura had accepted him as a last resort because Sasuke didn't pay attention to her.

Shikamaru was laying on the ground looking up at the clouds with a bored look. Ino was sitting down with Chouji giving him a lecture on why he shouldn't eat as much as he does. Naruto was sitting by himself on a tree branch with his eyes closed deep in thought. And Sakura was sitting at the base of the tree wondering why Naruto was so mad at her.

Everything was very quiet except for Ino's life long lecture with Chouji that is. Sakura having enough of Naruto's behavior decided to go ask him what was wrong with him. She stood up and easily jumped on the tree branch Naruto was sitting on.

"What do you want Sakura?" Naruto asked before Sakura could even say anything. His attitude was making him worry about him, he would always get upset whenever people started praising Sasuke a little too much but he would never get as upset as he is now.

"Naruto what's wrong with you? You're being very quiet," Sakura asked with concern. Naruto opened his eyes revealing their ocean blue color that seemed to be frozen over with coldness. Sakura was taken aback with the look he was giving her, she was too used to the warmth they would always get whenever they landed on her.

"Sakura are you really in love with me or are you just with me because Sasuke won't pay you any attention?" Naruto asked in a tone of voice Sakura barely ever use. He was being serous, no forget serious he was being dead serious with her right now.

Sakura was taken aback by the question and she stared at Naruto with shock. Was this why he had been so mad at her this whole time? She couldn't help but start laughing at the question making Naruto raise an eyebrow in annoyance.

"Sakura I'm being serious right now," Naruto said through gritted teeth. Sakura's laughter immediately stopped and she gave Naruto a look full of warmth and love. "Naruto I can't help but laugh at how stupid that question was. Of course I agree with you in the fact that I used to love Sasuke but my love for him has long since been gone. I love you now even though it took me a long time to realize how much you truly loved me," Sakura said with a smile.

Naruto smiled back at her and pulled her into a tight hug. It felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders and he was glad for that.

-Hinata's Clone

Hinata walked over to the door to the room where she knew Hinata was being held captive at. The guards weren't paying attention to Hinata at all instead they were playing cards with what seemed to be open bottles of sake on the table. Hinata's clone rolled her eyes at the stupidness of the ninjas.

She had already taken care of the two ninjas that were outside the hotel. To everyone else they seemed asleep but they didn't know that the 'bums' where never going to wake up again.

Without wasting much time Hinata turned the doorknob and ran into the room. Startled the guards looked up at her and quickly stood up. "Who are you?!" one of them asked as he took a kunai out of his pouch.


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