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Ron looked around, again wondering why he'd even bothered to come here. He sighed. It was a Friday night, so when he'd received the invitation for "the greatest party of the year", he'd naturally accepted. The problem was that almost none of his few friends were here: Felix was in Chicago with his mother to demonstrate his cyber-robotic wheelchair on some convention, and Kim was visiting her cousin Joss over the weekend. Monique was there alright, but he didn't want to stick with her all evening, especially since she had quickly found a hottie that she was now talking to. The girls of the cheer squad were mostly dancing on the improvised dance floor to the rather loud music, and the jocks were sitting on the living room sofas, drinking a beer. Ron wandered over to the table with the snacks and grabbed a sandwich.

He almost smiled at the irony: He had been so excited to actually receive an invitation to a party, and now it was pretty boring. At least he hadn't got into trouble… Some people had even greeted him, like Tara (who was always pretty friendly) and – surprisingly – Brick (but then again he wasn't with Bonnie at the moment). He sighed again. There was no use in staying, so he decided to go home early. He could always stop at Bueno Nacho and get some snackage to take home. After all, he owed his little buddy Rufus for leaving him back in his room tonight.

Ron finished his sandwich, got his jacket and left the house.

He was just about to start his scooter when he thought he heard a muffled scream. He crossed the street to find out if someone was in trouble. There was a small park right opposite the house, and Ron gulped when he approached it. He didn't like parks at night, and he didn't feel like getting in a fight or something, but if there really was someone who needed help…

He tip-toed into the park, surprising himself by making very little noise.

There! He heard that muffled scream again! "Shut it, bitch!" Ron tensed at the aggressive whisper. The voice sounded pretty drunk, and after a few steps in the direction of that voice, he could finally see what was going on: There were two guys and a girl; one of the guys was holding her, while the other tried to get off her dress.

Ron's eyes narrowed. He couldn't go for help; it would take too long. There was only one thing he could do: try to help the girl.

The guys seemed older than he was and pretty athletic, but if they were as drunk as they seemed to be (judging from their movements and behaviour), perhaps he could use that to his advantage.

Ron jumped at the first guy, the one trying to undress the girl, delivering a jump-kick that knocked the guy down. The other one let go of the girl in his surprise. "Yo, man, what's up?" He sounded even more drunk than the first one.

Ron kept his eyes on both guys (the other one was just getting up again), when he answered. "I don't think the lady's enjoying your company, so why don't you just go, and no one gets hurt?"

The guy he had kicked sniggered. "Get lost; that's none of your business." He took a step towards Ron. "But if it's a beating you want…"

Ron nodded. "Bring it, dude."

The guy stormed forward, but Ron could easily dodge the clumsy attack and tripped the guy. The other one tried to sneak up on Ron from behind, but Ron rammed his elbow into the guy's stomach and his fist in his face. The guy's nose gave an audible 'crack' when it broke. The first one got up yet again, but before he could try for another attack, Ron delivered a kick to his face that had him on the ground again. "Agh! Come on, Marv, the slut isn't worth the trouble!"

Ron didn't follow them when they retreated, moaning and holding their injured body parts, but turned to the girl who was still sitting on the ground in a heap. He gasped when he realised who it was.

Bonnie Rockwaller.

"Bonnie? Uh… are you ok? Did they hurt you?" Ron kneeled beside her, but was quite unsure what to do.

Bonnie raised her head. She was crying, embracing herself, and obviously hadn't noticed Ron kneeling beside her. "S… Stoppable?"

He nodded. "Yeah, it's me, Bonnie. Those jerks are gone; you're safe."

Her eyes widened for a moment, and then she flung herself into his arms, sobbing into his chest.

Ron awkwardly patted her back. "It's okay, Bonnie, they won't hurt you. Nothing can happen to you," he kept muttering, trying to calm her down.

It seemed to work at least a little, as she stopped sobbing after a while. She didn't let go, however.

"Listen, Bonnie, why don't I take you home? You had a rough night and…"

"NO!" She practically screamed and clutched him even tighter. "No, I can't go home! Don't make me go there!"

Ron was confused. "Why, Bonnie?"

But he didn't get an answer. Bonnie just started crying again and repeated over and over that she couldn't go home.

He patted her back again. "Shhh, don't worry, you don't have to go there if you don't want to." While he tried to calm her down again, he kept thinking. Where else could he take her? He couldn't just go back to the party with her; there would be too many questions and curious stares. He knew how important status and appearance were to Bonnie, so she couldn't be seen in the state she was in. Normally, he would have called Kim, but she wasn't anywhere near, and he didn't think that Wade would be able to help him with this. Suddenly, he had an idea. "Bonnie, do you have your cell phone on you?"

The brunette had calmed down enough to raise her head and look at him. "Yes, why?"

"I'll call Tara. She's just inside at the party. She's your friend; she'll help."

Bonnie nodded and handed Ron her mobile, still sniffing and shivering and holding onto Ron's arm.

Ron took off his jacket and wrapped it around Bonnie, then called Tara. Fortunately, she answered the call pretty quickly.

"Hello Bonnie?"

"Hi Tara, this is Ron!"

"Ron? Why do you have Bonnie's cell?"

"I'm just outside in the little park opposite the house. Could you come out here? I need your help." He tried to sound as calm as possible, so that he wouldn't alert Tara or worry Bonnie too much. If there was one thing he had learned on different rescue missions with Kim, it was that he had to appear calm and in control if he wanted to help in such a situation. It seemed to work.

"Ok, I'll be right there. Should I bring the others?"

"No, that won't be necessary. Thanks, Tara." He ended the call and returned the mobile. Bonnie quickly put it in her handbag before wrapping her arms around Ron again.

He kept patting and stroking her back in order to keep her calm, but she didn't stop shivering.

Within a few minutes, the platinum blonde hair of Tara appeared outside the house, and the cheerleader quickly walked over to the park.

Ron rose with Bonnie still clinging to him and waved Tara over.

"Ron, Bonnie, what… what happened?" She sounded pretty worried now, seeing how upset Bonnie obviously was.

Ron answered as calmly as he could. "Bonnie had trouble with two guys…"

Tara understood immediately, and her eyes widened in horror. "Oh my god! Bonnie! Did they hurt you? Are you alright?"

Bonnie turned to her with red eyes, never releasing Ron from her grip. "They couldn't… do it. They were trying to get my dress off when Ron came. He…" She paused and turned her head, as if she was only now realising what she was about to say. "He saved me. He kicked their butts when they wouldn't leave me alone."

"Really?" Tara asked in an awed voice.

Ron blushed slightly. "I didn't do all that much. They were too drunk to fight, so they quickly left."

Bonnie shook her head almost furiously. "He wiped the floor with them, Tara."

Ron blushed even more and turned to the blonde. "Anyway, I called you here because Bonnie doesn't want to go home."

Tara looked confused now. "What? Why wouldn't you want to go home, Bonnie?"

Bonnie slowly shook her head, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. "I can't. I can't go there."

Tara placed her hands softly on Bonnie's shoulders. "But why not?"

"They'll be there…" Her voice was no more than a whisper, and it sounded very scared.

"Those guys?" Ron asked, surprised. When Bonnie nodded, he added: "Why would they be there?"

Bonnie buried her face in Ron's chest. "Because… because they're…"

"They're what?" Tara prompted in a soothing voice.

"They're my sisters' boyfriends."