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Ron awoke to the sound of someone coming down the stairs. He'd slept on the couch in the living room and felt very relaxed this morning.

"Good morning, Ron," he was greeted by the woman whose footsteps had woken him up.

"Good morning, Mrs. Dr. P," he replied after a huge yawn.

"Did I wake you up?" Kim's mother asked, already on her way to the kitchen. "I don't recall you being such a light sleeper."

"Nah," he said. "I guess I just got enough sleep in the hospital." The fact that Mrs. Dr. Possible had sent him to bed as early as ten o'clock last night might have been another factor. "Can I help you with making breakfast?"

"Why, that would be nice," came the reply from the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Dr. Possible and Ron were busy preparing a huge breakfast.

"It's been a while since last we made breakfast like this," she remarked.

Ron smiled. "Yeah, it must've been years." He remembered. When he and Kim had a sleepover at her place, he would often climb down the stairs in the morning and ask Mrs. Dr. Possible if he could help her in the kitchen; she would always say 'yes', and then they'd whip up an enormous breakfast for the entire family. It had become sort of a tradition, but when the regular sleepovers had stopped, so had the huge breakfast.

"Yes," she agreed. "So how are you feeling today?"

"Oh, I'm fine. I mean, sure, there's a few sore spots, but that pain med I got in the hospital's working really great."

She smiled. "That's good to hear. So what else is new? From what I gathered, you've had a few very interesting days."

"Ooooh yeah, Mrs. Dr. P! It's been beyond weird!"

And while they continued to prepare breakfast, Ron told Kim's mother about everything that had happened.


Tara awoke in a positively giddy mood minutes before her alarm clock would have woken her up. She jumped out of bed and hurried into the bathroom to get ready for school; not that she would have had to hurry: To make sure that she'd be there early (to see Ron as soon as possible), she had already decided what to wear before going to bed the previous night and laid everything out. She had chosen one of her prettiest ensembles, just for Ron: a black skirt and a sky blue top. After getting ready and having a quick breakfast, she checked herself in the large mirror one last time, and, nodding her approval, left for school.


Bonnie was woken up abruptly by the merciless beeping of her alarm clock. She had only had a few hours of sleep last night. After returning from hospital, her sisters had insisted that they have dinner together, and then she had had to plan for today. A feral grin appeared on her beautiful face. She had promised Ron she'd make it up to him, and she intended to keep that promise. The last time she'd tried that she'd been overwhelmed by the peer pressure from the so-called High School elite; this time, however, she was ready for that, having prepared an entire evening, and would strike back without mercy. She would show them who the Queen Bee of Middleton High truly was.


Kim only woke up when her mother almost threw her out of bed. Sleep hadn't come easily last night, and when she'd finally managed to fall asleep, her rest had been disturbed by many rather unpleasant dreams.

"Come on, Kimmie, Ron and I made breakfast!"

"I'm up, I'm up," Kim muttered, finally dragging herself out of bed and into the bathroom. It took a pretty long shower and quite a bit of stretching, but finally, she felt awake and ready to face the day. When she came down into the kitchen, the rest of her family and Ron were already sitting at the table and enjoying the enormous breakfast that her mother and her best friend had prepared. "Wow, this is just like…" She smiled as happy memories of many sleepovers flooded her mind.

Her mother smiled. "Yeah, it has been too long since we had the last huge family breakfast, hasn't it?"

Her question was followed by general agreement from everyone, while Kim took her seat. As she sat there beside Ron and helped herself to some scrambled egg, a heartfelt smile appeared on her lips. Yes, this was her family. Her content smile never wavered, even as she nudged Ron with her elbow when his table manners went from medieval to downright prehistoric.


In spite of taking their time with breakfast, Kim and Ron managed to arrive at school early. While Ron took that as a sign of the nearing apocalypse, Kim just grinned and told him that it would give him more time to talk to his girlfriend. When Ron looked at her with a confused expression, she pointed toward his locker, where Tara was waiting. After greeting the bubbly blonde, she quickly went over to her own locker, when she saw a few girls approaching Ron and Tara.

"Hey Tara, whatever happened?" Jennifer, one of Middleton High's social elite, asked with a sneer. "Have you lost every last bit of brain you had over the weekend?" she continued amidst the giggles of the posse that accompanied her.

Tara, however, didn't back off as the girls might have expected and was just about to say something, when Bonnie entered the conversation. "Hey Tara, hey Ron," she greeted. "You ready for first period?"

Jennifer looked at Bonnie as if she were an alien before regaining her composure. "Rockwaller, please don't tell me you're playing nice with the losers."

Bonnie smirked. "I don't, or do you see me saying something nice to you?"

Again, it took Jennifer a moment to find an answer. "What? Are you labelling me a loser?" she asked, outraged.

The brunette showed her full-fledged barracuda grin and went in for the kill. "Wow, look at you! You actually understood it! At long last, all that tutoring seems to be paying off!"

Jennifer paled; the fact that she had tutors was an embarrassing secret she'd hoped would never be revealed, but Bonnie wasn't finished.

"And while we're talking about loser stuff, shouldn't you finally remove that hideous Oh-Boyz-poster from your locker? I mean, seriously… But wait! I know what you could do with it! Send it to your brother Warren! Isn't he still in jail? I bet he could use something to decorate the wall of his cell with!"

Jennifer had lost all colour during Bonnie's little speech. She stifled a sob and turned on her heel, making a dash for the restrooms.

Bonnie turned to the other girls that had come with Jennifer and looked at them with an eerily friendly smile. "Now, do any of you have anything to say to Tara or Ron?"

The girls quickly shook their heads and rushed off.

The brunette crossed her arms in front of her chest and nodded. "Yep, I still got it."

Tara was the first to find her voice again. "Thanks, Bonnie. I mean, wow! How did you know all that embarrassing stuff about Jennifer?"

Bonnie turned toward the two blondes. "Oh please! I'm in the inner circle of almost everything around here… Of course I know these things..."

Ron had to grin. "You mean you could totally destroy the reputation of anyone like that?"

She looked at him seriously. "Well, apart from Kim and you, yes. Why? You have someone specific in mind?"

He quickly shook his head, laughing. "No no, Bonnie, I was just curious. Come on, Tara, I'll walk you to your class, okay?"

Tara smiled. "Thanks Ron, that's sweet. See you later, Bonnie!"

When the two blondes had left, Kim, who had stayed in the background during the encounter, approached Bonnie.

"So, I take it that Tara and Ron won't have to worry about what others might say?"

"You've heard everything?" Bonnie asked.

"Yes, and I have to admit I was surprised."

Bonnie's shoulders sagged a bit, and her voice grew very quiet. "I promised things would be different, and I intend to keep that promise."

Kim looked at her for a moment, trying to figure out if she could believe her long-time rival. "You really mean it, don't you?"

The brunette looked Kim straight in the eye. "Yes, I do. It's the least I can do for him after… you know…"

Kim nodded. "I see."

"And there's one other thing, Kim…" Bonnie hesitated for a moment before continuing. "We've never been friends or anything, but you helped a lot… and I really want to become friends with Ron, and I know you two are a package deal, so…" She sighed. "I'd like to call a truce."

After a few seconds, the redhead smiled. "I'd like that, Bonnie."

Both girls smiled briefly and nodded.

"Okay, I'll see you later then," Kim finally said.

On her way to her locker, she smiled again and shook her head. Leave it to Ron to change Bonnie Rockwaller of all people. Granted, it had taken an extreme situation and quite a bit of pain on his part, but Kim was actually positive that she wouldn't revert to her old ways this time. After all, it even seemed as if Bonnie and her sisters were working things out, something Kim would have thought nearly impossible ever since meeting Connie and Lonnie. And with the two bad guys in prison, Kim didn't expect Ron's next date with Tara to be in danger of being cancelled or interrupted again. And if there was a guy who deserved a bit of happiness, it certainly was Ron. True, she still needed to work out what her own feelings about all this were, but she was sure she'd be able to deal. After all, she could do anything, so continuing to be Ron's bestest friend, just as she'd been ever since Pre-K, should be no big. With this self-assurance in mind, Kim entered the classroom for another day of High School education.


It only took the morning classes for the new rumours to spread: The first one was that Ron was dating Tara, and the second one was that Bonnie was ripping apart anyone who made fun of Ron.

Understandably, quite a few people were rather surprised and doubted the truth of these rumours, but during lunch-time, it quickly became apparent that there had to be a certain amount of truth to them: Tara, Ron, Kim, Bonnie, Monique and Felix were found sitting at a table and having lunch together (even though Monique and Felix seemed slightly bemused by that), and Bonnie fixed anyone who came near with a look, daring them to say something about it.

Vice-principal Steve Barkin just stood in the cafeteria and watched the whole thing. "So oil and water are mixing now," he muttered in a tone of disbelief as the entire table erupted in laughter because of something Ron had said. 'But then again, why am I surprised?' he thought. 'It's Possible and Stoppable, after all.' With that thought and a small smile, he left the cafeteria, just in time to miss a PDA between one bubbly cheerleader and one freckled mascot.



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