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Memory Lane: Chapter one

The bright sun steadily hung in the sky and the pure white clouds floated gracefully over the small little playground of Konoha Village. A little girl with short indigo hair and pearly white eyes happily ran to the swing, the swing that she always played on.

As she neared the playground, she saw a little boy with bright maroon red hair plopped up on the swing. He looked very lonely and sad. Unsure how to approach him, the little girl cautiously stepped closer and closer to him and saw the poor kid crying.

"um… e-excuse m-mee…" the redheaded boy looked up with a tear strolling down his cheek and stared at the girl with the unusually unique eyes who just made a conversation with him.

"w-why are you crying?' she asked. The boy simply sniffled trying to stop the tears from flowing.

'because I'm a monster' he thought, 'and everyone is scared to even come near me.'

The girl, on the other hand, studied the boy; he had teary (and beautiful) sea blue eyes circled with thick black rings, above on the left side of his head was the word 'love', and his hair was super red and messy.

"I..e-everyone (sniff) is scared of me and (sniff) no one wants to be my friend" he replied sadly and slowly. The girl felt dismay. 'poor kid…' how can anyone live without any friends? A small smile crept onto her face. "Would you like to be MY FRIEND?"

He blankly stared back at her, surprised by her offer. 'w-why does she want to be friends with a hideous beast like me?'

"come on!" she insisted, "hold on tight!" The girl ran behind the swing and pushed it as hard as her delicate little arms could. The boy, unaware of what happened, fell off the swing, landing on his face. The girl giggled. Realizing his humiliation, the boy softly pushed her and she landed on her bottom.

"hey!" she got up and they started chasing each other around the playground the whole day.

'hmm..' the boy though, 'maybe… just maybe I might make a friend'

They played together day after day, increasing their little friendship. One day the two playful little children made things out of the sand.

"This is a cake!" the girl proudly stated, "and it's chocolate too, my favorite! I always ate a chocolate cake for my birthday… how about you?"

The boy fell silent and gloomily looked down "i..i've never celebrated my birthday before." "o…ooh.. s-sorry." The girl looked over at the small boy, "When is your birthday?" "I… I don't know… the date of my birth is…unknown." He choked out. "uh… I…I gotta go now…" The boy stood up and left the girl who just sat there, feeling bad for bringing up the subject. 'This kid must have lived a harsh life' she thought when an idea struck in her little head.

The girl ran back home, her short black hair flapping against the wind. She rummaged through the kitchen and found some cupcakes from her cousin's birthday yesterday. Making sure no one was looking, she snuck one and ran back to her room.

In her small neat blue room, she searched through a couple of her belongings and found a necklace with a little bottle hanging on it. The bottle was filled with tiny colorful sand. It was perfect. She placed the necklace in a small box and placed it on her desk with the cupcake, eagerly waiting for the next day to arrive.

The morning sun rose and the birds chirped, welcoming the cool morning breeze and waking the girl up from her slumber.

Later that day, at the playground, the pearl eyed girl waited for a certain blue eyed boy. In her hand was the red icing cupcake and the small box.

After learning that the boy did not have a birthday, she decided to give him one, and smiled wondering how he would react. The girl waited and waited but the boy just didn't come. Wondering what happened, she went on a search to find the redhead.

She wandered into the streets and being the small delicate girl she is, got shoved around by rushing people and tripped over a rock.

Losing her balance, she dropped to her knees and the cupcake fell to the floor. Not knowing what to do, the girl helplessly cried. Everything was all a disaster

"Why are you crying in the middle of the streets?" asked an awfully familiar voice. She turned around to see the boy she was looking for. Wiping her tears, she scrambled up to her feet.

"Happy Birthday!" she exclaimed as she handed him the box. He looked at her, curious and confused.

"It's not my birthday…" The girl simply nodded her head and replied, "Well, now it is… between you and me anyway… September fifth! Your birthday" She grinned, "I…I hope you like it… oh and… oopsies… the cupcake fell! –sigh- sorry…" She leaned forward and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Happy birthday" she said as she blushed into a bright red and ran off down the streets. The boy just stared at the box and a tear rolled down his cheek. Today was his first birthday. Slowly he walked away, knowing that this was a bittersweet moment.

Hinata did not know that it was the last day she would see the redheaded boy.