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Chapter seven: She's got a date

Hinata slowly rose from her slumber. Stretching, she looked at the two girls snoring next to her, and smiled. Yesterday was pretty weird…considering the game they played and all. Instantly, Hinata blushed, remember the little kiss on her nose. Shaking her head, Hinata rose and walked towards the bathroom when she heard a voice. She leaned in and strained her ears to listen to the voice.

"…but, why?" the voice said, "I-I…but I…-long pause-…hai. I will."

The door suddenly opened, catching Hinata by surprise, and falling on her butt. Gaara came out of the bathroom and looked at Hinata.

"Were you eavesdropping?"

Hinata immediately turned red and choked out, "I…a-ano. I d-ddidn't hear anything."

She scrambled up and ran back towards the room. 'What was that all about?' she wondered. Someone groaned, and Hinata turned to see Tenten waking up and Ino, still snoring.

"What's all the hustlin and bustlin about?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"n-nothing." Hinata replied.

"hmmm…" Tenten said, suspiciously, "but whatever. I'm too tired to investigate anywhoo."

"o-oh and happy birthday tenten"



Meanwhile…Gaara was pacing about in the boys' rooms.

'Did she hear?' he worried, 'It would be a problem if she did.'

"Oi. Gaara, stop walking around like some maniac." Naruto complained, "And go make me some ramen."

"Why should I." And with that, Gaara grabbed his coat, and went out the cabin.

"What's wrong with him?" Kiba asked.

"I dunno." Naruto answered, "But I want some ramen."



Gaara left the cabin and sat on the bench in the parking lot. Even though it was freezing cold out, he sat there thinking.

'Do I really have to do this?'

'Of course you loser. If it's what your dad wants, you better do it, cuz you know he doesn't joke.'

'I know…"

'it aint that bad. At least you'll be with her.'



'Hey…it's the chick. You better go to her. I'll be waiting right here for ya.'

Gaara snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Hinata who approached him at the bench.

"Gaara-kun, I…gomen for listening a while ago. I d-didn't…I, gomen."

"It's ok. No biggie." He replied.

"Really?" Hinata asked with a smile on her face.

"Hai, hai."

Hinata gave Gaara a hug. "arigato." And then with pink tinted cheeks, she ran back to the cabin.

Gaara felt his cheeks heat up. His heart started thumping a bit faster. What was happening to him?

'Am I… in love?'

"Oh, Gaara-kun!" Gaara looked up and saw a little Hinata waving at him. "We're going to open the presents and eat the cake soon. So you should come in!!"

His stomach felt like it was in knots.

'Is this happening because of her?'

"Haiyaku Gaara-kun!!"

He slowly rose from the bench and walked towards Hinata.

"Come one Gaara-kun!" Hinata, grabbed his arm and ran to the fireplace where everyone was waiting with the cake and presents.

"FINALLY!!" Naruto yelled, "let's cut the cake already!!"

Ino bonked him on the head, "We're supposed to sing you BAAAAKA!!!"

"Owww…gomen ino-chan."

"Now, on a count of three…" Ino said, "One…two…threee…"

"Happy birthday to you…." Everyone sang.

Outside the cabin people passing by heard a horrible shrieking sound in a tune that sounded like the birthday song.

"Sounds like zombies singing." One guy said to another.

"HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Ino shouted, hugging Tenten.

Tenten and Ino were busy ripping the presents open, Naruto and Kiba were fighting about which were better- dogs or foxes, Neji was looking at his shorter hair, still depressed, shikamaru was sleepin, and Hinata was cooking some ramen for Naruto.

Gaara looked at this scene and actually smiled. He never felt like he would have friends like them.

'looks like my little Gaara is all grown up –tears of joy-'



Hinata walked into her first period class and sighed. It was that time of year when everyone seemed to be so happy and excited. Well…except for the solos that is. Like her. Yes, the winter formal was here, yet again. But, Hinata never went. NO date. No dance.

"Ohiyo Hinata-chan"

Hinata looked up and saw Gaara. "Ohiyo!" she replied with a weak smile. Lately…she's been feeling weird. Every time he was around her cheeks flushed pink and her stomach started getting butterflies. She just blamed it on the kiss from the party.

At that moment, Kurenai sensei walked in the classroom, and clapped her hands.

"It's about time you guys should be finished with your little projects. It's due this Friday so work your little butts off!" She said.

"SASUKE-KUN!!!" Inoue shouted, "I brought my camera so we could start filming our ROMANTIC Romeo and Juliet video! Ooh, it's like a dream come true!!"


Hinata stared at him. Ah, yes. The so called "prince" who has a "cool" mask on 24/7. But, without the mask…he's just a normal guy. Of course, no one but Hinata would know that.

"I'll film for you guys." Gaara suggested.

"That would be perfect!! Let's start with the balcony scene dear ROMEO!!!" Inoue said.



Hinata and Gaara left their fourth period and walked towards their lunch bench when a crowd of girls shoved Hinata out of the way and held flowers for Gaara.

"GAARA-KUN!!!" one girl yelled, "PLEASE GO WITH ME TO THE FORMAL!!"



And a little…er more like a big cat fight started and Gaara was stuck in the middle. Hinata left, feeling a bit jealous that so many girls were after him. Not like it mattered to her…but still.

Gaara finally left the crowd of the girls and looked for Hinata.

"Looks like someone's popular!" Naruto said.

"Shut up."

"Gah…but this is a problem." Naruto said, "I have no girl to ask out and yet you don't know WHO you should go with."

"Actually…I do."

"Really? Who?" naruto asked curious.

"I… I didn't ask her yet.."

"ahh…who are you planning to ask out anyway?"

"None of your business."

"AW..come on gaara" Naruto whined, "I'm your BESTEST friend!!"


"COME ON!!" he begged.

"Come on what?" Ino asked, popping out of absolutely nowhere.

"Nothing." Gaara said.

"Gaara won't tell me who he's going to the formal with." Naruto complained.

"AH…I know who he's going with" Ino said with a evil grinned, "It's Hinata, isn't it Gaara?"

Gaara turned a few shades red and then retorted, "I-I, h-how?"

"WHAT!? HINATA-CHAN!?" Naruto yelled.

"D-did you call me Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked, popping out of nowhere too.

"Oh, yes" Ino said, "dear little Gaara wanted to ask you something."

She gave Gaara a big push towards Hinata. "Now, now, don't be shy."

"What is it, Gaara-kun?" Hinata asked.



"n-nani?" Hinata said, blushing.

Ino smacked Naruto. "You were supposed to let GAARA ask!"

"I couldn't take it. He was taking too long."

Ino and Naruto started fighting in the background as Hinata asked in practically a whisper, "D-do you really want me t-to go with y-yyou…to the d-dance?"

Gaara, turning pink, nodded his head.

"o-okay." Hinata said with a smile, "I'll go with you Gaara-kun!"

Relieved, Gaara smiled.

In the background, Ino and the other little people were cheering, happy for the two. But someone else...was clearly mad.

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