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Twirling the rose in her hand, she waited for the Jump City bus to come to a stop. Not that that was ever much safer with these buses.

What do I do now? Jinx thought, but she had long given up hope that somehow the answer would come to her.

Ever since the battle with the Brotherhood of Evil, her life had changed drastically. It was like God had kicked her off the bandwagon of reality for a while. Her team, or rather ex-team, considered her a traitorous wretch. And the Teen Titans were still suspicious of her motives. And who could blame them? No one trusted her.

Well, scratch that. One idiot trusted her. She thought as she climbed aboard the vehicle. In fact, it was because of that idiot that she was in such a wreck. Kid Flash, the fastest boy on Earth and the biggest goofball Jinx had ever met. And that included, she thought dryly, her old team.

The bus swerved, and Jinx's pink hair appeared from under her hood, despite her best efforts to hide it. "Inconspicuous" had been her theme that morning, and she had managed to find some clothes that looked normal out of the small bundle she now carried: sunglasses, hoodie, sweatpants, running shoes. If only it was blind joggers


Jinx got off at the nearest bus stop, and snuck into a café. On the way in, she picked up a newspaper, amused by the article on the recent exploits of the "Mysterious Bad-Luck Hero". As soon as she sat down at a table, a waitress came by,

"May I take your order?" She asked, her blonde ponytail bouncing.

"Yeah. Small black coffee." Jinx replied, and as the waitress left she gazed out the window. But as she did, Jinx caught a glimpse of red and yellow speed by her window. Her cat-like eyes widening, she quickly turned her face to her paper before he walked in.

"Kid Flash!" The waitress exclaimed, instantly jumping up (And spilling some guy's coffee in the process). "Wha-what can I get you?"

"How 'bout a hot chocolate?" he grinned at the waitress. Jinx wondered how he could just walk around in that red and yellow outfit. And in winter! But then again, it did make him look kind of-

Ugh! Jinx interrupted her own thoughts with disgust. I've got to stop drinking so much coffee.

"Look at that lady with pink hair, Mommy!"

Jinx nearly spilt her coffee all over herself. She swiveled her head around to see a little girl staring intently up at her. Jinx was about to make something explode as a distraction for her totally not cowardly escape when she noticed Kid Flash had turned around to look at her.


"Jinx!" he smiled, laughter glinting in his eyes. "I didn't see you!"

"You were always slow in the head." Jinx grumbled, glaring at the giggling girl following her parents out the door. Now there was only Jinx, Kid Flash and the waitress in the café.

"Here you go, miss." The waitress interrupted Jinx's fury by putting the coffee on the table. "That'll be $2.50."

Jinx was about to reach into her bag when Kid Flash pulled out five dollars and gave it to the waitress.

"This should cover both of ours, won't it?" he flashed a mischievous grin at Jinx as the waitress left, clutching the money. Luckily for her, she left just before Jinx began to explode.

"You didn't need to do that." Jinx snarled at his cheerful face.

"Oh, I know that." Kid Flash replied. "I wanted to, though, just to bug you."

Jinx scowled at his stupid smile. She wanted to wipe it off his face, along with that confident attitude.

"So, what you been up to these days?" his voice broke her from her violent fantasy.

"Nothing much. The occasional hero stunt, you know." She said, pulling up her newspaper to ignore him. Maybe if she did, he would go away.

But he pulled down the newspaper, revealing her face contorted with frustration.

"You know, that's incredibly rude." She said, glaring at him.

"Well, so is ignoring someone trying to have a conversation with you." He grinned, then took the newspaper and skimmed through the page.

"Funny. I didn't take you for a hockey fan."

"Give me that!" Jinx snarled, snatching it from his hands. He just smiled wider.

"Do you ever stop smiling!"

"Do you ever smile at all?"

"Not around idiots." She huffed, standing up and turning to walk out the door.

"Hey!" he cried in mock defense. But when he saw Jinx wasn't stopping, he grabbed his hot chocolate and her coffee and raced after her. This meant about one second of running.

Jinx barely noticed he was there before she found her coffee in her hands and Kid Flash beside her.

"Oh. Thanks."

"No problem." He said, and took a gulp of his hot chocolate. Too late did he realize it was still hot.

Smooth. Really smooth. He scolded himself. But then he noticed Jinx just looking at him, struggling to keep her face stiff.

"Ith othay to laf." he said, his tongue burned. At this, Jinx burst out into hysterical laughter. Somehow, that made the pain worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the moment didn't last, because they both noticed five familiar figures approaching: The Teen Titans! (Not that you weren't expecting this, but hey, it gets better!)

And a certain Tameranian redhead was unleashing some good old-fashioned Earthling greeting.

"Hello, friend Jinx!" Starfire exclaimed, embracing Jinx in a bear hug. "How I have missed you!"

"If by missing, you mean 'longing to suffocate?'" Jinx choked out, and Starfire let go, still wearing an unbelievably cheerful face that put Kid Flash's award-winning smile to shame.

"Don't expect any hugs from me." Said Raven, expressionless but for her "touch-my-clothes-and-die-Jinx". Seriously, she should think about patenting that.

Um, thanks?

Cyborg and Beast Boy were whispering and giggling like a gossipy gaggle of girls. Jinx gave them an angry look.

"And what are you doing?" She hissed.

"Nothing!" Cyborg whimpered beneath her gaze.

"But just what have you guys been doing? Are you on a date?" Beast Boy teased, conjuring images of hearts and flowers onto the scene.


"Well, not yet…"



"But Beast Boy does raise an interesting question." Robin added. "What are you doing in Jump City, Kid Flash?"

"Just chillin'." Kid Flash responded. "I'm taking a vacation, and now I'm just trying to find a place to crash for a week."

"Dude, you can stay with us!" Beast Boy chimed in.

"Yeah! We could use some fresh competition for my new game, Alien Monkeys 3!" Cyborg said.

"And what of you, friend Jinx?" Starfire asked. "Will you not stay with us for a week?"

"As much fun as that sounds, no thanks." Jinx replied, and turned to leave when Kid Flash popped in front of her.

"Now, Jinx." He smirked evilly, "We really must insist."

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