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Jade laid on the logs the fire consuming her. Her death at Blackout was a shock to everyone. Those who knew her mourned heavily. Those who didn't regretted missing their chance. Sindel cried heavily as what she felt was a second daughter had been taken from her. Wolverine stood behind the queen holding her as she wept. Jade first introduced him to Sindel. She had a loyal nature to her which Wolverine admired. Though he knew the woman briefly he would miss her. Kitana was shaking with anger and sorrow. She wanted revenge on the creature that murdered her friend. Danny and Ghost Rider felt hollow. They lost another good person to Blackout. It seemed no matter what they do Blackout would always be their haunting them. Jubilee standing next to Robin looked at the body feeling like she missed out. The camp had been together for a while and yet she never really got to know the warrior. Many stayed in respect until the fire died out signaling the end of the funeral.


Danny entered the arena the next morning tired from the funeral. He and Ghost Rider were not in the mood to fight. This tournament had killed too many and the rider wanted to bestow vegeance on those responsible. Unfortunately from what Raiden and Kenshi has told him Ghost Rider could only wait.

"Danny?" A voice called from behind. The rider's host turned and saw Kitana walking toward him.

"What can I help you with?"

Kitana held a serious look as she asked, "What can you tell me about Blackout?"

"What do you want to know?" Danny asked knowing why Kitana wanted information.

"Everything. Who he is, what his weaknesses are."

"Blackout is a supernatural creature. A desendant of Lilith, a horrid sorceress. He has enhanced abilities as well as the ability to generate darkness leaving his victims blind as he either kills or escapes. When it comes to natural light he is sevrely allergic. It burns his skin. Noble tied Blackout to a tower and left him to burn at sunrise. I had hoped that was the end of it." Danny finished staring off to space remembering how much Blackout had taken from him.

"He took someone important to you." Kitana observed.

"My sister. Blackout murdered her to get revenge on me. Ever since his face was ruined he always had this obsession with making my life miserable."

"He will be stopped this time. I will make it happen." Kitana said.

"If you need support I'm here for you." Danny said.

"Thank you." Kitana said.

"Good morning everyone." The shadow priest said appearing in the center of the arena. "The first fight of round four Scorpion from the Netherrealm vs Ghost Rider Earthrealm two.

The yellow ninja appeared in the ring as Danny transformed letting the rider take over. Ghost Rider lept off the balcony and landed in the arena glaring at his adversary. Scorpion look at his adversary then removed his mask revealing his flaming skull.

"Battle of the skulls." Hwoarang said showing up next to Kitana.

"Hey there. You here to fight also?" Kitana asked.

"Nope just came to look at the compition. Have to wonder if those two are related."

"They're the same person but from parallel dimesions." Rose called from behind.

"Say what?" Hwoarang asked.

"We're all from different dimensions yet we have copies in each dimension who are similar and at the same time different. Ghost Rider and Scorpion, Superman and Captain America, Bison and Shao Kahn are perfect examples."

"Weird." Hwoarang said looking at the fight.

Scorpion teleported attacking Ghost Rider with a right punch to the jaw. Scorpion continued attacking with multiple kicks until the rider was on the ground. Ghost Rider leaped up grabbing his opponent in a bear hug. Scorpion clapped his hands on the sides of skull forcing the rider to drop his quarry. Scorpion unleashed a heavy up kick before immediately dropping his heel onto the rider's abdomen flooring him. Upon hitting the ground a spike shot up through Ghost Rider's sholder. Ghost Rider broke the spear in half throwing it into Scorpion stomach. Ghost Rider picked himself up unleashing multiple right punches forcing his opponent face down causing the spike to shoot through the body. Scopion on the ground shot his spear cutting Ghost Rider across his left skull forcing him to pull back. The spear spun a u turn stabbing the spirit in his back before tossing him on the balcony. The ninja pulled spike out as he breathed through the pain. Suddenly a chain wrapped around spectre's throat pulling him out of the ring and through a wall. Scorpion rolled down the stair case realising the fight was now outside. As Scorpion came on one knee Ghost Rider came down with a hard right knocking his opponent further down. Scorpion down on one knee threw a spear at his oppenent pulling him down. As the rider flew down the ninja leap up kicking his opponent in the face. Ghost Rider threw his chain up grabbing the ninja pulling him over onto a landing. Scorpion stood waiting for the rider to meet him on equal ground. Once on the landing Scorpion leaped forward with a flying kick. Ghost Rider moved left letting the ninja fly by. As soon as Scorpion turned around Ghost Rider's fist came at him knocking the ninja down. Scorpion sweeped his leg flooring his opponent to the ground. Both picked themselves up tackling eachother. Ghost Rider over powered Scorpion dropping him with a suplex. The rider then dropped his elbow multiple times incapacitating him. The rider then threw the ninja against a wall. "You soul is staind with the blood of innocence. Feel their pain. Feel their suffering!"

Ghost Rider shot his penance stare into Scorpion's however instead of the ninja screaming in pain and horror it was the rider. Scorpion's past flooded Ghost Rider's mind. The destruction of Scorpion's clan, the murder of his wife and child, how Quan Chi used him as a puppet all while being the man responsible for the ninja's torment. Scorpion was a victim and Ghost Rider's penance stare was having a reverse effect. Ghost Rider fell to the ground locked in a state of comotose tormented by Scorpion's past. The crowd looked down at the flaming warriors as shadow priest made the ten count before declaring Scorpion the winner.

Rose and Kitana rushed forward looking their comrade over. Rose attempted to read his mind but only received flashes of anger and sorrow. "His mind locked. We better take him to Jean hopefully she can crack through whatever wall."

"Red." Kitana called to Hwoarang. "Give us hand here." Hwoarang rushed forward helping the two women carry the rider back to camp.

Kenshi was the first to notice the group carrying something big. "What are you girls carrying and who is with you?"

"Ghost Rider is down and we're taking him to Jean." Rose called

"What happened to him?" Kenshi asked with concern rushing over to help.

"We don't know. He fought Scorpion then just stop." Kitana replied.

The four made it to camp calling Jean over. The red hair telepath entered the rider's mind. Immediately she fell back as Scorpion's past flooded her mind. Scott rushed over wrapping his arms around his wife. "Jean! Jean are you alright?"

After Jean's mind settled she quickly wrapped her arms around Scott. "H-His mind is l-l-locked in his own p-p-penance st-stare. He is reliving Scorpion's pain. I had no idea how tormented his life was." Jean said horrified.

"So what do we do for him?" Kenshi asked.

"Take him back to his tent and keep an eye on him." Jean replied.

Kenshi levitated the rider back to his tent placing him on the bed before sitting down waiting.


Cammy and Airos were sparring on the beach. Airos was amazed at the womans speed and grace. Her beauty was a constant distraction causing his guard to be weak. Cammy knew Airos was unfocused and why. After his third fall the British woman stopped. "Seems your mind is somewhere else luv?"

"Uh...no, I'm good." Airos said his face turning red.

"You sure? You're looking a bit red."

"Uh you know I do feel hot I'll go see Master Sub-Zero." Airos took off as Cammy began to chuckle to herself.

"You shouldn't tease the poor boy you know." A voice called from behind. Cammy turned and saw her friend Chun-li walking over. "Everyone can see he has a major crush on you."

"Just like everyone can see you have a major crush on Ryu." Cammy countered smiling.

"I don't know what your talking about." Chun-li replied quickly.

"It's that kind of attitude that he doesn't know how you feel. You have be direct."

"Oh like your the dating expert." Chun-li replied rolling her eyes.

"Hey you'd be surprised what Lita and I do on our free time." Cammy said with a smile.

"All right dating expert. What should I do walk up and kiss him?"

"Sounds like the perfect plan to me."

"Seriously?" Chun-li asked shocked at the answer.

"Why not? Heck I doubt anything else would comprehend."

Chun-li remained silent thinking about her friend just said. When it came to fighting Ryu was a genius however when it came to love a relationships he was rather dense. "I'll think about it. In the meantime perhaps I can be your sparing partner."

"You're on."

As Cammy and Chun-li battled Gon watched with interest. He wanted to learn to fight and protect his master. The little turtle-dragon took off searching for something useful to fight with. His size handicapped him so he need to find an edge. Gon found a sword but it was too long for him to wield. He found a hammer that seemed right however he couldn't seem to life it. Gon the saw Steve practicing wearing his gloves. The little dragon waited until Steve finished and followed the boxer back to his tent. The boxer grabbed a towl and a change of clothes as he headed to the hot spring. Gon found Steve's gloves on the ground and put them on his tiny hands. After realizing they were too big the little dragon let out a heavy sigh on the gloves. Suddenly the gloves shrink ftting the reptile. Happy the gloves fit Gon ran to Cammy.

Cammy and Chun-li were breathing heavily both bruised lightly. "If that is the best you can do you won't make past this round." Cammy said.

"Hey don't count me out yet. I am the worlds strongest woman." Chun-li countered.

"Gon!" The little dragon shouted getting both women attention.

"Is he wearing boxing gloves?" Chun-li asked.

Gon started shadow boxing before hopping to a tree giving it a hard right. A coconut fell out of the tree knocking Gon on the head. The little dragon started crying causing both women to run over comforting Gon. Cammy started to cradle the little dragon as she began to sing it a lullaby till he calmed down.

"You're quite a mother." Chun-li said.

"I suppose I am. At first I thought Gon was a pet, but now he seems so much more intelligent. He gets to be more child like everyday."

"That would be interesting. Raising a sentient dragon."

"Yes it would. But right now I'm up for the challenge." Cammy said rubbing Gon's stomache.

In the Forest

Rogue sat in a secluded area wondering about her fight with Quan Chi and how he managed to choke her bare handed. Rogue noticed a beetle crawling along the ground. The woman scooped the insect up as she watched it crawl on her bare arm. It had been a long time since a bug crawled on her. It was a nice sensation she never realized she missed. However it still left her curious how she can touch living animals. Rogue heard a rustling sound behind her. She immedietaly turned getting into a defensive position.

"Peace." Quan Chi called. "I have come to inform you of a gift. I heard about your curse and so I have relieved you of it."

"What did you do?" Rogue asked.

"I gave you the ability to touch, to feel, to be with the one you love." Quan Chi replied.

"Why would you do that for me?" Rogue asked.

"Everyone should have the gift of love my dear. You will truely appreciate it." Quan Chi answered before walking away.

Desert Arena

Gambit and Raiden readied their staffs. As soon as the shadow priest called for the fight to begin Both Raiden and Gambit started the fight attacking with their staffs. The fight seemed even until Raiden broke through knocking Gambit in the face before sweeping his legs. Gambit tossed a card blasting his opponent in the chest knocking. Both warriors stood up each launching their projectile attacks. After the attacks canceled out Gambit and Raiden returned to the battling out with staffs. Raiden flipped Gambit on the ground dropping the edge of his staff into his adversary. Gambit clutched his stomach in pain as Raiden waited for his opponent to recover. Gambit stood up as Raiden got into his fighting stance. Gambit leaped into the air smashing his staff into the ground. Sand flew everywhere blinding the thunder deity giving the mutant an opening striking him in the stomache before catching his opponent in the jaw the sweeping him to the floor. While on the ground Raiden shot out a bolt of lighting knocking Gambit back. Gambit slowly stood as Raiden attacked with his staff landing multiple blows before dropping the card player. As the ten count began Gambit took out a pack of cards before unleashing his signiture attack 52 pck up. Raiden felt the full force of the attack. Gambit slowly lifted himself off the ground believing he had won. Raiden immediately flew forward tackling the card player burying him into the ground knocking him out cold.


Jin awoke in his bed. He was surprised to find himself outside the dungeon. The last thing Jin remembered was intense pain flowing through his body then blacking out. The warrior concluded that the devil inside must have taken over. Jin now worried about Hwoarang wondering if he was dead and if so by whose hand? Jin walked out of his tent searching for his rival. The warrior walked through the camp ground keeping an eye out for Hwoarang. Suddenly Jin was grabbed from behind before being punched in the jaw. "You SOB! You left me to die!" Jin looked up to see Hwoarang.

"You're alive!" Jin called. "How did you escape?"

"What you care? You left me. I was nearly skinned alive by a four armed freak until I was saved by a living doll. Now it's payback for leaving me." Hwoarang said getting ready to attack Jin.

"Hey you!" A guard called approaching. "Who are you?"

"What do you care?" The Korean snapped.

"Your disqualified." The guard answered. "There is no fighting outside the tournament."

"We weren't fighting." Jin called. "We were practicing."

The guard looked at Jin then Hwoarang. "Very well." The guard said before going back on patrol.

As soon as the guard was out of ear shot Hwoarang looked at Jin, "This changes nothing." He said before leaving.

Tower arena

"Ugh! Again with the tower arena. It's like they want me to lose." Lili complained.

"Want me to carry you again?" Sakura asked.

"No. I'll manage. Still why can't this place have elevators?"

The two girls reached the top where a shadow priest was waiting.

Lili was given a five minute rest as Lashina kept her eyes on the blond. "So the little princess is your opponent eh?" Stompa asked. "I'm amazed such skinny little brat made it into the fourth round."

"Amazed or angry?" Lashina asked.

"What do you mean?" Stompa asked not liking her teammates tone.

"You were defeated in the third round by a mere human. "

"And your about face a mere human. This is a tournament where we can't underestimate any opponent."

"Trust me I won't."

"Lashina of Outworld vs Lili of Earthrealm two." The Shadow Priest called.

Both warriors entered the ring getting ready to battle. "Fight."

Lili attempted the first strike as Lashina dodged before countering with a whip strike. Lili screamed as she fell to her knees. Lashina walked over kicking her opponent across the face. Lili nearly rolled off the edge. Lashina charged forward wanting to end the fight quickly. Lili quickly unleashed a hard right kick to the stomache knocking her opponent back before relentlessly attacking her. Lashina kicked Lili in the stomach before wrapping her whip around the throat. Lashina pulled her whip wanting to crush her opponent's throat. Lili grabbed the whip pulling her opponent down with surprising force attacking with an elbow strike. After the young woman freed herself she leaped at her opponent getting into a catfight. After rolling across the floor Lashina kicked her opponent off wrapping the whiparound her legs electrocuting Lili. The young woman fell as the ten count began. At seven Lili swung her legs dropping Lashina before striking with a heel kick breaking her nose. Lashina swore loudly as Lili leaped up with a hard fist strike putting her opponent down.

After the ten count Lili was declared the winner.

On the beach

Steve was walking toward his tent when he saw Anna getting ready to go to the springs. He was curious about what had transpired the other night. "Hey Anna."

"Uh oh uh Steve." Anna said turning red as she remembered what Nina had told her. "What can I help you with?"

"Nothing really I was just curious what happened between you and your sister."

"Oh that. Nothing that hasn't happened before." Anna said. "Now if you excuse me. I'm going to get cleaned up."

"Want some company?" Steve asked thinking they could finish what they started last night.

Anna paused starting to feel quesy. She knew she had to get rid of him or risk losing her sanity. "Look Steve you're a nice guy, but you're not my type. The only reason I came on to you was because I thought my sister had an interest in you."

"And she doesn't?" Steve asked curiously.

"Not romantic. And since she doesn't. Neither do I."

"That's cold." Steve replied.

"What can I say? When it comes to my sister I'm a %*%#^"

"How come?" Steve asked. "Why do you hate your sister so?"

"It's a long complicated story that's all you really need to know." Anna said before walking away.


Guile, Captain America, Wagner, Supergirl and Sonya were at the courtyard. "So with all the extras removed we're gonna be fighting against eachother more often." Sonya said. "What's the plan?"

"I say you should forfiet and let me take us to the winner's circle." Wagner said confidently.

"Too risky." The Captain said. "With five dimensions tied together we really have no way of knowing who is the strongest. Our only option to play their game."

"We could get hurt doing that." Sonya called.

"I know. But too much is at risk to not have our best at the tournament."

"Captain America Earthrealm two vs William Guile Earthrealm three!" Shang Tsung called.

"Well let's get this over with." Guile said standing up.

Both soldiers entered the ring before stare at one another. "You know people have called me a super soldier. I often wondered if I was deserving of such a title."

"I am not a super soldier because of my abilities but because of my actions. I have no doubt you are the same."

"Maybe for my country but personal life I'm working on." Guile replied remembering how he walked out on his family.

"From what I've seen of your adopted son Wagner I think you have a better handle on your personal life than me." The Captain said receiving a smile from his opponent.

"Fight!" Shang Tsung called.

"Sonic Boom!" Guile shouted starting the match. Cap blocked before charging forward swinging his shield. Guile leaped back before charging forward with a flash kick. The kick connected with Cap's jaw. The soldier flew high into the air before crashing hard on the ground. Cap looked up to see Guile in the coming down with his leg out. Cap blocked with his shield throwing the soldier off. As Guile landed Cap backhanded his opponent with his shield following with a right kick then dropped his opponent with an elbow strike to the head dropping the soldier. Guile sweeped his leg bringing his opponent to the ground. Both soldiers picked themselves up continuing the fight. Guile kept up on the offense but was unable to get through the shield. Cap found an opening and threw a hard left followed by a right swing. Guile dodged the second swing and unleashed his sonic boom knocking his opponent back. Guile attacked with a flying kick that Cap dodged before striking with a shield charge. The full force of the attack hit the soldier knocking him to the ground as the super soldier rolled off. The ten count started as Wagner and Supergirl called for the soldier to get up while Sonya and Thor were hoping the fight was over. As Shang Tsung reached five Guile immediately stood up getting into a defensive position. Cap charged forward swinging his right arm. Guile saw the attack coming and ducked before countering with an uppercut followed by a right kick square in the chest. Cap recovered blocking Guiles Sonic Boom before throwing his shield. The blond unleashed his flash kick knocking the shield out of the way. As soon as Guile landed Captain America came in with a right cross knocking him back. The super soldier gave a left punch that Guile blocked before grabbing his opponent using a suplex. Cap rolled around tackling Guile who dropped his elbow trying to shake off his opponent. Cap in response lifted Guile in a reversuplex. As the soldier stood up Cap struck with a two legged frontal kick to the jaw knocking his opponent out winning the match.

Bell Tower Arena

Sagat met with Bison face to face. "So do you wish to go through with this fight?" Bison asked his soldier.

"Yes. I want to see how far I've come. I want to fight Ryu and reclaim my title as emerpor." Sagat replied.

"Very well. It's your funeral." Bison said with a smile. Both warriors got into a fight position as the shadow priest called for the match to begin.

Bison threw a psyco ball as Sagat countered with a tiger shot. After the attacks cancelled out Sagat leaped forward as Bison telported behind the Muy Thai fighter punching him in the back. Sagat turned with kick knocking his leader in the jaw. Sagat rushed forward with a downward punch the Bison blocked easily. The two warriors began exchanging blows each attempting to over come the other. Suddenly Bison found an opening throwing an uppercut then a forward kick to his opponent's stomach. As the tyrant attempted to move forward to attack Sagat struck with an elbow to the teeth causing his boss to back away in pain. Sagat took the opportunity launching his tiger knee. Bison quickly teleported back before striking with psyco crusher. Sagat submitted to the attack rolling with it. As soon as Bison landed his adversary quickly placed him in a head lock lifting him off the ground. Bison quickly started elbowing his opponent in the ribs forcing Sagat to drop his captive. With Bison free he turned unleashing a hard right punch. Sagat returned with a kick of his own knocking Bison in the side of his head. Bison rolled with the kick before firing a psyco ball into his oppoent's stomach. Bison leaped into the air before unleashing his psyco dive as Sagat countered with his tiger uppercut. The two warriors clashed attempting to over power the other. Bison broke through the attack sending Sagat through two floors knocking him unconcious.

"Bison wins." The Shadow priest called.

Bison looked at Sagat knowing he nearly lost. He needed an edge to get stronger and quickly if he was to remain leader of Shadowloo and take over the world.

Forest area

Gambit entered forest area looking for Rogue. She asked to meet him here and was quite insistant. She said she had a plan make him forget about his. He liked the sound of that but was curious what she could mean. "Rogue?" The card player called out. In reply Rogue turned Gambit around giving him a deep kiss.

As soon as she let go Gambit backed away surprised he was still standing. "You can touch me?"

"Yes I can." Rogue said before kissing him again. Just as Gambit kissed her back Rogue started to undress her lover.

Gambit broke the kiss, "What are you doing?"

"I want you. I've wanted you for a long time and I know you want me." Rogue replied.

"Are you sure you're ready to do this?" Gambit asked not wanting to take advantage of her.

"I've been ready for a long time." Rogue answered before kissing her lover again. From there the two shared the night together.

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