Before I begin I just wanted to say that this is, obviously, not another chapter of the story. This was made for my own benefit and I thought that, just maybe, some of you out there might be curious as to what each of the phobias listed in this fic were exactly. So without further ado I present to you "The List" starting with the story's title and then each consecutive chapter.

Metathesiophobia - Fear of changes.
Tocophobia - Fear of pregnancy or childbirth.
Erythrophobia - Fear of blushing or the color red.
Chirophobia - Fear of hands.
Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection.
Cyanophobia - Fear of the color blue.
Phasmophobia - Fear of ghosts.
Decaphobia - Fear of the number ten.
Eosophobia - Fear of dawn.
Philemaphobia - Fear of kissing.
Decidophobia - Fear of making decisions.
Ommatophobia - Fear of eyes.
Agoraphobia - Fear of crowds or uncontrolled social conditions.
Potophobia - Fear of alcohol.
Haphephobia - Fear of being touched.
Phengophobia - Fear of sunshine.
Paralipophobia - Fear of neglecting duty or responsibility.
Epistolophobia - Fear of writing letters.
Ouranophobia - Fear of heaven.

All definitions were taken from "The Alphabetical Phobia List" -- http// www. aboutphobias. com / phobialist DOT html

Again, thank you to all who've read this over the months! I appreciate it more than I can say. :0)

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