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Chi-Chi left the club feeling like a million bucks. She had accomplished what she had set out to do, and it felt wonderful. She was feeling very hopeful and confident. She had faith that she and Gohan could even start life over again with a fresh start.

"No more running," she whispered to herself and exhaled a heavy breath.

She was back in her car driving more into town trying to get to Capsule Corp. Gohan was strapped in the back yapping away about something he had been fascinated with at the club. Chi-Chi was not paying attention to him, but she nodded when she felt it was appropriate.

"Mommy, where are we going again?" Gohan asked.

Chi-Chi focused her attention on him. "To Capsule Corporation," she told him.

"But I thought you got the job at the other place, why are we still going there?" Gohan was a very curious 4 year old, and Chi-Chi always thought that he was too smart for his age.

"I have to let them know that I appreciated the interview, but will not need the job anymore. It's the appropriate thing to do," she informed him.

He didn't say anything else and just looked out the window at the big buildings. Chi-chi drove into Capsule corp. minutes later. She parked and headed into the building to the receptionist desk. The receptionist was a kind lady, who agreed to watch Gohan for her, and directed her in the direction of Bulma Brief's office. Chi-Chi thanked and reminded Gohan of the rules once more, then ran off to meet up with the CEO of Capsule Corp.

"That was amazing Goku," Bulma said excitedly as they walked down the hall heading back to her office.

They had gotten double what they had set out to receive, bringing in 700 million dollars. Mr. Moshi was so impressed he wanted Capsule Corp. to modify his next generation of computers as well. There was going to be huge bonuses for everyone in the company now.

"I guess," Goku said not getting as excited as Bulma.

They were passing by the receptionist when she stopped them.

"Ms. Brief, your 3'O clock interview is in your office," she told Bulma.

"Wow, she's early, I like that," Bulma said as she turned to Goku, "You stay right here, I will be back in 30 minutes or less." With that she walked away to her office.

Goku spotted a free chair next to a little boy and went to sit beside him. The little boy looked to be about 4 or 5, and looked bored out of his mind. He turned to look at the little boy.

"So what are you in for buddy," he asked him. The little boy looked at him confused.

"Huh?" The little boy responded.

"Why are you here?" Goku rephrased the question.

"Oh, I'm waiting for my mommy. She's in an interview," he told Goku.

Goku immediately felt sorry for the little boy. Bulma's interviews usually lasted more than 40 minutes. "That's going to take forever! I know a cool place we can go. There's free ice cream just down that hallway, you want to go get some," He asked the little boy.

The little boy's eyes lit up at the word ice cream. "I do! But mommy said not to go anywhere with strangers."

Goku thought, how smart of the little boy to listen to his mom, however, he didn't want to hurt him, or take him away; he just wanted to end his misery of endless waiting. Goku knew how horrible waiting was, and how annoying it could be.

"Well, so we won't be strangers anymore, Hi! I'm Goku." He extended his hand so the little boy could shake it.

The little boy smiled and shook his hand. "Hello Goku, I'm Gohan," he told him.

"Now that we know each other, are you ready for that ice cream?"

The little boy nodded and followed Goku to the ice cream bar.

Chi-Chi could tell that Bulma Brief was not happy with her turning down the interview, but she understood. She wished Chi-Chi the best of luck and told her that if she ever needed a job, there was still an interview waiting for her at Capsule Corp. They shook hands, and Bulma escorted her back to the receptionist desk. Chi-Chi looked at the empty chair where Gohan was supposed to be seated and panic surged through her body. She immediately went up to the receptionist.

"Where is my son?" She demanded. She tried to sound calm, but was failing.

Bulma looked from Chi-Chi to the receptionist. Her answer came when Chi-Chi heard tiny footsteps running towards her.

"Mommy," she heard Gohan say from a distance.

She turned to see Gohan running towards her with ice cream in his hands. She dropped her bag on the floor and kneeled down so he may run into her arms. She hugged him tightly when he was in her grasp, and lifted him up. A taller gentleman came up to her not too long after.

"We went to go get some ice cream," the gentleman said as he held up his own ice cream to show her.

"Thank you for taking my son to get ice cream sir, but please do not worry next time. I can get him ice cream," Chi-Chi said as she tried to calm herself, "If you will excuse us, we must be going now," she told him as she walked away.

She held Gohan tightly, thinking of how to punish him for not listening as she walked out of the building and into her car. The whole way home Chi-Chi reprimanded Gohan for his dangerous actions.

Goku stood staring at the empty entrance way for a full minute after Gohan's mother had walked away with him.

"Goku, are you even listening?" Bulma asked annoyed.

"No," He answered honestly.

She looked at him irritated. The receptionist looked at the two of them and smiled. Goku turned towards the two ladies and noticed a bag on the floor. He picked it up and recognized it as the one Gohan's mom had placed on the floor when she had scooped him up.

"The lady left her bag," He told Bulma. Bulma looked disinterested as she glanced at the bag.

"I'll have someone call her to come and pick it up," she told him as she tried to grab for the bag. Goku pulled it away from her before she could touch it.

"I can just take it to her. I am going to go meet Krillian anyway, so I will be out and can deliver it," Goku told her.

His request peeked Bulma's interest at once. "Why do you want to deliver it so badly?"

"Bulma, it's the nice thing to do. Can you pull up her name and her address please?" He told her.

Bulma did not believe his response for a second, but she could think of no other reason why he would want to see Miss Myo again, so she just let her curiosity roam free until she found an answer.

She turned to the receptionist. "Pull up Chi-Chi Myo's file please, and print it out. Goku is going to need it."

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