Chapter 6: Sakura's Sex Education Class:

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On the way back from the pharmacy, Sakura was explaining how a tampon and pad work.

"Okay, first I will explain what a pad does."

"Right." Sasuke and Naruto nodded, eagerly.

"When a girl matures, she has her period and-" Sakura started, but was cut off by Naruto.

"Question! Why does a girl have a period?" Naruto shouted at Sakura.

"First Naruto, DON'T SHOUT! second, it's to...well 'flush' the unfertilized egg out."

"What's the-" Naruto was about to ask again.

"The egg is the baby Naruto, I'll explain that when we get back. Anyway, when a girl has her period, you use a pad to soak up the blood, so it doesn't leak out onto your undies and through your pants."

Sakura's Head: Hahaha, remember Ino?

-Quick Flashback- (and i mean quick)

Ino, Sakura and Hinata where at the mall and Sakura and Ino had just had a big fight. Sakura stormed off in one direction, and Ino in the other, leaving a confused Hinata in the middle. Sakura turned around to see Ino's period had leaked out and all over her jeans. She cracked up laughing.

-End of Quick Flashback-

"Sakura?" Sasuke called, snapping her out of her trance.

"Oh, uh yeah. The tampon is inserted in your...vaginaand soaks the blood up that way!" Sakura said as she flashed a smirk at Sasuke.

"LEAK FREE IS THE WAY TO BEEEE!" screamed Naruto.

"Baka..." Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi sighed.

---Wave Residence---

Sasuke and Naruto had taken a seat on the floor while Sakura was readying her speech on Sex Ed. Kakashi thought it was cool so he sat beside Sasuke, who gave him a dirty look.

When Sakura was ready, she stood infront of everyone.

"I think first it's easier for me to tell an infant is created!" She laughed nervously.

"Okay, so, first off, a girls period cycle is around once every month. So, a new egg is created and the old is disposed, through a period each month."

Sasuke cocked his head to the side and Naruto was trying hard not to laugh. Kakashi had sorta...zoned out and started reading Icha Icha.

"Now, in order to create the child, a female and male need to have...sexual inter-"


"Baka! Shut up and listen retard, she's doing this for you aswell!"





"Oh Naruto! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Sakura spat.

Naruto cowered away behind Sasuke, who was too stunned to do anything...and Kakashi, well he was reading.

"Sexual INTERCOURSE! meaning the guy... well... 'enters' the girl and fertilizes the egg."

"Question! How does the guy fertilize the egg?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto, your not making my job any easier..." Sakura sighed.


"Fine! The man's sperm fertilizes the egg!"

"Sperm?" asked Naruto.

"You know, the little white stuff that floats around the toilet and looks like the top of a beer!" laughed Kakashi.

"Shouldn't you be reading?" scowled Sasuke.

"Sorry mmmmmuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!"

"SHUT UP!" screamed Sakura, again. "Okay, I will now take questions."

Naruto's hand shot up straight in the air.

"Yes, Naruto?"

"So, your saying that a guy has to fertilize the egg inside of a woman to create the child that will make a girl pregnant so she can give birth so she can raise and love the child so the child can grow up, get married, fertilize or be fertilized to recreate the cycle?"

"Naruto, that's the most intelligent thing that has ever came out of your mouth..." said Sasuke, eyes wide.

"Yes." Sakura looked at Sasuke and then at Naruto...who's hand was up...again.

"YES?" she asked, annoyed.

"Can I get a drink?"

"YES!" she yelled.

Sasuke's Head: So, fertilize the egg to restore my clan- Sakura!

Sasuke got up and blushed a deep red.

" ed...restore...NOW!" he yelled fast, grabbing Sakura by the arm and taking her to...well I don't know, a room?

Naruto returned to the room to see only's obvious isn't it? He's reading!

"Where is teme and Sakura?"

"Naruto, I can't solve all your problems!"


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