Okay so I got a new TP story up about Daine and Numair. It's set in the future and Daine is an orphaned sixteen year old who lives with her foster parents the Conté family which is Thayet and Jon. They're not actually royal in this. Daine is a really rebellious bad-ass teen that drinks and parties and all that jazz. She falls for her foster parent's friend Numair Salmalin who is fourteen years older than her but there is obstacles in the way such as Daine's foster parents who dislike the age gap between them. So review and enjoy!

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Chapter One

"Daine, the school rang and said that you've been skipping classes again." Thayet Conté regarded her foster daughter with an irate stare which bounced off the sixteen year old sitting on the bench eating breakfast.

"Well, I wouldn't have to skip class if I actually learnt something of interest. But since that isn't happening anytime soon I guess you will just have to live with tedious phone conversations between my esteemed headmistress and yourself, won't you?" Daine replied. She swallowed a piece of toast and hopped off the bench to throw the remains of her meal in the bin.

Thayet opened her mouth to tell Daine not to waste food but realised it would not have any effect on the teen. There was no simple way to put it; the girl was a menace.

Daine came to live with the Conté family three years ago after her mother was killed in a mugging. Having no other family willing to take her she was shoved from one home to the next for a year until coming to her current home.

Thayet could still envision the shy girl with large blue-grey eyes who'd arrived on her doorstep bringing with her nothing but the soft grey plushie horse she called 'Cloud'. Veralidaine Beneksri she was named, although she eventually changed her name to Sarrasri as a tribute to her mother Sarra.

A year after her arrival however had her befriending Miri Ryder and Evin Larse and her life became a whirl of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Thayet studied her foster-daughter. Daine Sarrasri was very different to the Veralidaine Beneksri that first came to the Conté family. Her smoky brown curls were now streaked with a range of colours, crimson being this week's choice.

Her blue-grey eyes were covered with hot pink contacts and outlined with vast amounts of black eyeliner. Her soft lips were painted with a violent red colour and her clothes didn't leave much to the imagination.

The clothing and makeup didn't matter much to Thayet; they could be changed; the tattoos, however, could not. The first Daine had done was a goddess in green on her shoulder blade. She said it was her mother watching over her and despite Thayet's displeasure at the artwork she did have to admit that the illustration did have an uncanny resemblance to Sarra.

The goddess was quickly joined by a wolf on her lower back, dragon on her upper thigh, barbed wire bracelet on her wrist and oddly enough a small picture of what seemed to be a grey horse resembling Daine's old stuffed toy Cloud.

Then came the piercings; a bar in her stomach and tongue, a small chalcedony in her nose, a spike in her labret and numerous rings, studs and bars up her ears.

"You're staring again. It's getting to be a nasty habit of yours." Thayet was snapped out of her analysis by Daine's voice right in her ear. Daine smirked as her foster mother jumped before continuing. "I mean I know I'm hot and all. In fact, I notice it every time I look into reflective surfaces, but you shouldn't be that distracted by my being a sexy mama. Speaking of sexy mama's, did anyone ever tell you that you look exactly like Catherine Zeta-Jones? I swear the two of you could be clones. Same black hair, same hazel eyes, same features in general and you're both filthy rich - and married to an older man."

"Jon is only four years older than me, Daine." Thayet interrupted.

Daine rolled her eyes "Yes, but it's not the specifics I'm talking about, more the general picture."

Thayet snorted. "Shouldn't you be getting to school now? And I mean school – not anywhere else."

"Good point your highness. And where be the little prince and princess?"

"You go find them. I'm going to sit here and enjoy my coffee." Thayet answered taking a loud slurp of her drink for emphasis.


Thayet winced. "When I said go find them, I meant physically getting off your arse and finding them, not screaming from the kitchen."

After hearing the tell-tale thump of her foster siblings running down the stairs, Daine grabbed her bag from the door and leant over to give Thayet a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Kalasin and Roald ran into the kitchen, snatching their bags and toast from the counter before both simultaneously kissed their mother on either cheek and followed Daine out the door.

The Conté family lived in the wealthiest part of town, which was fitting as they were wealthy people. Jonathan Conté was a CEO of a company he inherited from his father and Thayet worked with him.

Daine walked along the street listening half-heartedly to Kally chatting beside her and making agreeing noises every so often. Roald was listening to his iPod and ignorant to the world around him. Across the road Daine saw a girl with short messy vivid blue hair. She grinned and shushed Kally

"Die you whore!" she called out across the road.

Miri Ryder turned snarling "Hey why don't you go fu-Daine!" she yelled delightedly running across the road when she saw her friend.

"Supp Miri?" Daine greeted.

"Hey Daine and Kally. HEY ROALD!" she yelled the last bit and waved in front of Roald's face with her hand. He acknowledged her with a nod and went back to listening to his music. Miri joined them walking towards Kally and Roald's school.

When they got to the school they dropped off Kally and Roald at the gate and continued in the opposite direction to the high school. They walked into the park and dropped onto a table.

"Where the hell is Evin?" asked Miri. Daine shrugged, lighting up a cigarette and offering one to Miri

"Well do you want to call him or something?" Miri demanded taking a drag. Daine pulled out her cell phone and dialled. The phone rang a couple of times before it was picked up but before the person on the other side could answer Daine cut in. "Evin Larse, get your faggot arse down to the park where the trees have bark." there was silence on the other end.

"What the hell is up with the rhyming?" Evin asked finally.

Daine shrugged. "I had a poetic moment so freaking sue me. Now are you going come or am I going to have to tell Miri that thing you said about her butt?"

"I'm coming." Evin said hurriedly and ended the call.

"What did Evin say about my butt?" Miri leant forward in interest.

Daine shook her head. "I'm not telling you. This is prime blackmail and I'm not wasting it for a menial thing like friendship."

"Whatever" Miri said, stubbing out the butt of her cigarette and tossing it on the grass behind her.

Daine stretched out on the bench and pointed. "Look, there's the bastard himself!" Evin walked up a second later, platinum blonde quiff glinting in the sun with his trademark eyeliner – the basis as to why people at school called him 'faggot'. Daine and Miri both knew that Evin wasn't gay. He just was a guy who liked wearing makeup on occasion.

"Look what I found!" He waved a black leather wallet tantalisingly in front of the two girls. Miri sat bolt upright and snatched it from his hands.

"Where in the name of pancakes did you find this Larse?" Daine asked shifting over slightly so Evin could sit on the bench beside them.

"On the path. Some prick dropped it."

"Hey that prick just happens to be Numair Salmalin." Miri interrupted.

"Do you know the guy?" Evin asked her.

"God no, but there's ID in here." She replied pointing to a picture in a pocket.

"Who cares about the guy's name, how much money is there?" Daine snatched the wallet out of Miri's hands. But just as she opened it, a shadow fell on the three teens.

"I believe that's my wallet." A cold voice said. Daine looked upwards squinting in the sun which was silhouetting the person in front of them. A very tall silhouette it was; the guy had to be at least six foot four.

Daine glared at him. "And who would you be?"

"Numair Salmalin. The owner of that wallet you're about to steal from."

Daine stood up but her five foot six frame didn't almost nothing to lessen the height difference between them.

"Why do you immediately assume that I was going to steal from it? I was simply checking for ID so I could return it after you so haphazardly dropped it in a park full of hobos. One could even say that I was doing you a favour."

The man snorted derisively. "Oh yes. That was why you were trying to find out how much money was in it."

"It was a joke. Can you not understand a simple jest or are you too lacking in humour?" She handed the wallet to Numair who took it with a sigh.

"Look, I'm sorry I accused you but I've been having a really bad day and finding a stranger riffling through my wallet pushed me over the edge. Will you accept my apology?"

"How can you have a bad day when it's morning?" asked Evin.

Numair laughed. "Fine then, it's been a bad start to the day."

He stood back slightly and Daine could finally see his features. Longish black hair was tied back in a neat ponytail. A few wayward strands framed a tanned face with dark sensual eyes. The man was dressed in a black suit with crisp white shirt and for some reason a tie in the shape of a fish. Daine was so caught up in her examination that she didn't notice him talking to her again until Miri kicked her.

"Ow! What the hell Miri?" she snapped.

Numair looked at her with his dark eyes filled with concern. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, just spacing out for a second. What did you say?"

He grinned at her, white teeth flashing. "I asked if you accepted my apologies for snapping at you?"

Daine looked up at him through her eye lashes. "On one condition." she smiled "Take me out tonight."

Numair looked slightly taken aback. "Erm…how old are you exactly?" he asked.

"Sixteen." Miri answered for her.

Daine glared at her. She turned her attentions back to Numair. "Oh come on. I could make you bad day a distant memory. Turn your frown upside down." She added with a pout.

That was it for Numair and he burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, but that cliché was used adorably."

Daine scowled. "I was going for sultry."

That brought him into fresh pearls of laughter this time joined by Evin and Miri. When he finally calmed down he cupped Daine's cheek with his hand. "Look, I'm sure that you're a great girl but I'm fourteen years older than you. It would never work. But thank you for brightening up my day." He winked at her before turning and walking back down the path.

"You know you want me!" She yelled after him but he just started laughing.

Daine sat down in a huff Evin opened his mouth but Daine cut across him. "Don't even say it." she warned him.

"Shot down!" Miri crowed on her other side sending the two of them into hysterics again.

Daine watched Numair disappear round the corner. "Numair Salmalin..." She mused to herself.

And thus ends the first chapter of Liberated Aficionado which, in reference to this story, basically means a lover of open-mindedness. I hope you liked it and you can review and tell me what you think.

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