How My Parents Got Together

By Ticklesivory


"Mom? Would you tell me a story?"

"Didn't your father already do that?"

"No." Was the innocent reply as large blue-green eyes of the nine-year-old girl looked imploringly at her mother, but Padmé wasn't falling for it.

"I know better than that. You just don't want to go to sleep!" She ruffled the girl's dark brown curls, but settled onto the side of her bed despite her words.

"Really mom! Dad said he had to go back in the other room to talk with Uncle Ani."

"Well. All right." Padmé acquiesced with a grin. "What kind of story do you want to hear? And don't ask for anything with draigons or clones or sith lords. That's your father's specialty."

"That don't leave much." Padmé's daughter quipped with her father's trademark smirk, but then suddenly asked as if she had been pondering the question for some time: "Mom? How did you and dad get together?"

Dark brown eyebrows arched in surprise. Naobi was old enough to hear it, Padmé figured, but she would definitely leave out the more sordid details.

"Let's see." Padmé began, shifting her body in the bed to find a comfortable position. "It all began when your Aunt Sola showed up at my door, most unexpectedly……