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Harry's 22 and a single parent to a little boy. He goes on his 1st date since the birth of his son and bumps into someone he hasn't seen since Hogwarts. SLASH, HPSS, SSHP, Harry/Severus, Severus/Harry, MPREG, OOC, AU.


Disregard events from OOTP onwards.

Story contains SLASH, HPSS, SSHP, Harry/Severus, Severus/Harry, MPREG, OOC, AU. Please no flames regarding any of these warnings as you have been forewarned.


I do not own Harry Potter etc.

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Chapter 1: Dating

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A 22-year-old Harry Potter admired his image in his bathroom mirror. "Calm down," he said to himself. Nerves had already begun to kick in. He was about to embark on his first date in over three years. He closed his eyes and told himself to get a grip. Everything would be ok, after all it was just one date, nothing to be afraid of. He walked out of the bathroom and into his living room, a smile immediately lighting up his entire face at the sight of his 3-year-old son sleeping on the sofa. He knelt down beside Matthew and stroked his hair.

"Matty? Matty it's time to go and see Aunt Molly and Uncle Arthur," Harry whispered. Matthew stirred and opened his sleepy eyes to see his daddy looking down at him.

"Only if Mr Penguin can come with me," Matthew said, clutching his favourite cuddly toy.

"Of course he can," Harry laughed, lifting Matthew up into his arms.

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"Thanks Molly, you're a star," Harry said, handing a sleeping Matthew into her arms on the doorstep of the Weasley's home which luckily was only a twenty minute walk from Harry's apartment.

"It's a pleasure Harry, you know it is. I don't know how long I'll be waiting for Ron and Hermione to make me a grandmother. Percy and Charlie are too engrossed in their careers and Bill and Fleur have had trouble conceiving."

"I'll try and persuade Hermione to get on with it," Harry said laughing and then planted a kiss on Matthew's forehead before adding, "see you later."

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Harry's stomach was doing somersaults as he waited for his date outside the bar. Richard, his date, was a colleague of Hermione's. He'd not met him before but was already unimpressed. Firstly, he was ten minutes late and secondly, his choice of venue was all wrong. The gay bar was notorious as the type a place singles went to pick up blokes and Harry couldn't work out why you would want to go on a proper date here. Another five minutes had ticked by and Harry, who was usually quite relaxed and laid back, was getting annoyed. He was just about to forget the whole thing and go home when a man approaching the bar grabbed his attention. He looked familiar. As he neared, Harry was racking his brains to try and recall who it-.


It was Snape, but he looked… different. He looked hot! Gone was the scowl, the greasy hair and the "Professor" clothing. Instead, his hair was shorter and glossy looking. He was wearing black jeans and a crisp white shirt… and he looked happy. Harry also noticed that He'd lost weight, or that his Professor robes had done nothing for his physic. He looked ten years younger than the last time he saw him. He was sharing a joke with the man walking next to him. "Probably his boyfriend," Harry thought jealously, then he shook his head wondering what on earth was going through his mind. As Snape and his companion passed Harry and were walking into the bar, Harry instinctively placed a hand on Snape's arm.

"Professor?" he asked cautiously. Snape turned around and was momentarily lost for words. For a few moments Harry and Snape just stared at each other. Harry got the peculiar feeling that Snape was eyeing him up and felt his cheeks begin to flush. Eventually Snape managed to find his voice again.

"Mr Potter… it's... it's a long time since I've been your Professor. Severus… please."

"Well then I think it's only appropriate that you call me Harry."

Harry smiled at Severus. He couldn't explain it but he felt mesmerised in his presence. He wanted to stand here looking at him forever. But a voice brought him back to reality.


Harry turned around to see Richard, watching him and Severus with a scowl plastered all over his face. His first thought was that the photo Hermione showed him must have been taken years ago, or had been tampered with on Photoshop at the very least. He looked fatter, greyer and he was losing his hair. He looked a lot older and Harry didn"t find him attractive at all. "Thanks Hermione," he thought angrily. A voice made him realise that He'd been staring at Richard without saying a word. "It was nice to see you," Severus said into his ear. That sexy voice sent shivers down his spine and he turned around to see Severus heading off to the bar to join his friend.

"Know him?" Richard asked rather aggressively.

"Yeah sort of. A friend of a friend," Harry tried to say casually. "Shall we get a drink?"

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Harry was on his third drink and they'd only been at the bar for half an hour. He was listening to Richard droning on and on about his work, investments and views on the economy. Harry's mind however was somewhere else in the bar. Severus. He couldn't stop thinking about him. Now and then he sneaked a look over to him. He was sitting at a table on his own and occasionally looked at him. He had the feeling Severus was inviting him over. Every time he caught Harry's eye he smiled. Harry couldn't take it anymore, he excused himself to the toilet and returned clutching his stomach. Faking an upset tummy, he told Richard He'd better go home. Richard didn't mince his words and let Harry know how very annoying this was and that He'd wasted his evening. Once they'd gone their separate ways outside the bar Harry rushed back in. As he approached Severus he felt slight butterflies circling. Clocking him, Severus smiled and held up two drinks. He knew Harry was going to come back.

"Is this seat taken?" Harry asked trying to sound casual but just feeling completely silly.

"No... sit, please." He sat down, but felt a little out of his depth. He couldn't believe that he was sitting in a gay bar with Professor Snape, the man who had made his school life hell. Logic was beginning to find its way back into his brain and he was wondering what the hell he was doing.

"I must say, it was a quite a shock seeing you," Severus said. "The last person I expected to run into tonight would be you." Harry laughed. It was so surreal. The last time he had seen Severus was his last day at Hogwarts. He remembered clocking the snarky Potions Master as he made his way down the steps outside the castle, giving him his usual hateful glare. Yet here he was bloody fancying him!

"I could say the same to, you've changed… a lot. But in a good way."

"Thank you. After you so kindly defeated the Dark Lord, it set me free. I'd spent almost two decades of my life acting as a spy and having to endure whatever the Dark Lord deemed appropriate for me to suffer. My life… and my love life were put well and truly on hold. It was a tremendous relief once He'd gone and I decided to make the most of things. I could have wallowed in self pity for the rest of my life but I wouldn't give the Dark Lord the satisfaction."

"Are you still at Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

"I am. Although I also publish books as well, about Potions. Anyway enough about me, what has the mighty Harry Potter been up to? Disappearing from the Wizarding World… everyone expected you to go on to bigger and better things."

"I got a bit sick of being a Wizard to be honest. I wanted to get away and be somewhere where people would say "Harry who?" My parents left me plenty of money to survive so I started doing voluntary work for muggle charities. I'm currently working with a charity that helps sick children. We set up day centres, arrange events, take them to see Santa. Pretty boring compared to Wizard jobs I suppose."

"On the contrary Harry, I think what you are doing is… fantastic." Harry smiled and Severus smiled back at him. Harry had an overwhelming urge to kiss those lips.

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"Shit I've got to go," Harry said after glancing at his watch. He couldn't believe how quick the time had passed. It was only ten minutes until he had to pick Matthew up. He knew Molly would baby-sit forever but he hated being late for anything.

"Oh… of course," Severus said sounding a little disappointed. Harry noticed the reaction and felt compelled to reassure him that He'd love nothing better than to stay.

"I'd love to stay longer, but I promised someone I'd… I don't want to lie to you Severus. I've got to pick my son up from Molly Weasley, she's been babysitting." Harry looked away, not wanting to see his reaction. Things were going so well and now He'd blown it. Severus would never be interested in seeing him again now.

"Is that why things didn't work out?" Severus asked him. Harry looked at him with a bemused expression. "With your son's mother? Did things not work out because you realised you were gay?"

"Oh, erm no. Not exactly," Harry said quietly.

"Oh, you're still together?" Severus asked getting thoroughly confused.

"No. Erm, look can we go outside?" Harry asked. Severus nodded and stood up from his seat. Harry followed Severus outside the bar. Severus walked for a few moments so they could have some privacy, away from the bouncers and rested his back on a brick wall. Harry stood in front of him. "I've never been with a woman. I've known I was gay since my seventh year. I gave birth to my son. I suppose you could say that… technically… I'm his mother."

"Oh," Severus said, realisation dawning on him. Harry was thrilled to see that he was smiling at him. "Did you know wizards could conceive before you got pregnant? It's not commonly known."

"I found out the hard way," Harry laughed. "But I wouldn't change a thing. Matthew is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love him. He's my


"How old is he? Who's the father?" Severus asked intrigued.

"He's three. His father is a muggle. Obviously he has no idea about Matthew. He was the result of a meaningless fling. The father was long gone before I found out I was pregnant anyway." Before Harry knew what was happening Severus had pushed himself off the wall and had gently placed his arms around him and kissed him lightly on the lips. Shivers went down Harry's spine and a slight moan escaped when Severus' lips left his.

"Can I see you again?" Severus whispered.

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