Author's Notes: I did a lot of kiribans over at y!gallery. They are love. GO THERE PEOPLES. This was for Leafzelindor, who rocks my socks.

Apples and Oranges

They were different, very much so. Hell, they were more opposed to each other than Squall and Irvine, or Selphie and Quistis, or, gods forbid, Fuijin and Rinoa. Everything about them seemed to make them the antithesis of the other male. One had a family, adopted yes, but a family none the less. The other was just some orphan dumped into a military academy because he had no where else to go. One of them believed in the power of the body and fought to be worthy of the memories of a loved one, the other preferred the finesse of armed combat and fought only for himself. And when they were together you could be sure that there was a fight on the way.

If you'd ever heard the phrase 'comparing apples and oranges' or anything along those lines, you would understand just how different these two boys seemed to be. Forced to choose which was which, one would probably make the energetic Zell the orange and the more subdued Seifer as an apple. Because you knew what they said, one bad apple spoiling the bunch and all.

Except there was one thing they forgot to tell you when they talk about comparing apples and oranges. Both of them grow on trees, and both of them are fruits, and both of them make great juice in the mornings with breakfast. Oh, and one other thing. Neither apples nor oranges went with Zell's constant supply of hotdogs. Then again, they didn't go with Seifer's secret junk food of choice either, those little cheeseballs.

Who knew, maybe if apples and oranges had more in common than you notice at first, maybe Seifer and Zell did too…