Another letter story; I'm not a big fan of this "so-called" letter. In my world, Kim never wrote one, haha. Well, in this one, Kim goes back to Angel Grove and tries to understand the reason behind the letter cuz she thinks that Tommy has sent her one.

Chapter One

Kim stared out of the window of the plane she was on. It was gloomy and cloudy outside--not the usual sunny Florida weather. But Kim didn't care; the weather fit her mood.

She took out a mirror from her purse and stared at her reflection in it. 'Gosh, I look horrible,' she thought. Her eyes were raw from crying, her nose was all red and stuffed up, her cheeks were flushed, and her hair was a mess. In a word, Kim looked like hell. Kim put her mirror away without fixing herself. She just didn't care anymore.

Kim reached into her purse and pulled out a folded sheet of paper. She looked at it and read over some select sentences.

"...It's better if we just break up...I don't want to be with you anymore...I'd rather be with Kat..."

Kim's eyes welled up with tears as she folded up the paper again. She closed her eyes and felt the plane leave the dock and start on the runway. She leaned her head back and counted to a hundred as they ascended into the sky.

When they reached a certain altitude, the captain turned off the seat belt sign and Kim reached for her cd player and closed her eyes again as she settled into her seat. She listened to the music playing in her ears and teared up as she listened to the words.

Staring out, depressed about
What words I have to plead
So torn apart

Shattered by impressions of
Confessions in defeat
My broken heart

Crying, desperate, fighting,
Questions, scared to let go

Kim drifted off to sleep, listening to the music and crying silently in her head.

Kim woke up about five hours later, with her headphones around her neck. The captain was talking over the loudspeaker, telling everyone to put on their seatbelts in preparation for their arrival at Angel Grove Airport. Kim felt horrible and grimaced at the thought of Angel Grove.

When they landed, she quickly grabbed her duffel from the overhead compartment and quickly made her way off the plane. She was thankful that she didn't check anything in because she just wanted to go straight to sleep. As she made her way through the airport, she found herself wishing that Jason, Trini, Zack, or Aisha were there. She knew Adam and Rocky were in town, but didn't want to bother them since they were so close to Tommy. She definitely did not want to see Kat or Tanya, the newest ranger that she hadn't met yet. She thought of Tommy, but didn't want to see him just yet. She contemplated calling Billy, but knew he was still involved with the rangers, therefore still close to Tommy. She sighed and headed for a payphone.

"Hello, Jenn?" said Kim, referring to her roommate in Florida. Kim sighed again, getting the answering machine. "Jenn, it's Kim. Just wanted to let you know that I just arrived in Angel Grove. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Really, I am. Oh, could you do me a big favor and pack my things up for me? I'll give you my mom's address in Paris later. Call you soon. Thanks again. Bye." Kim hung up the phone and picked up her purse and duffel bag and headed out of the airport.

She looked at the long line of cabs and briefly considered the thought. 'No, you don't have much money, Kim!' she thought. She looked around again and sadly headed for a bench. She didn't know where to go or what to do, so she just sat there, holding her never-ending supply of tears in.

A few hours later, Kim heard a familiar voice call her name. She looked up, but her vision was blurred.

"Kim. Kim, what are you doing here?" She heard the voice laced with worry. "Kimberly."

Kim felt a pair of hands on her shoulders, pulling her to stand up. She felt someone hug her and she finally released her tears. She was sobbing into this guy's chest, with tears, snot, and saliva dripping onto his shirt.

When she calmed down a bit, Kim pulled away and sat down. She looked up and nodded down to the seat next to her.

"Kimberly, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Florida."

"Billy...I had to come back. I need some explanations. Some answers."

Billy looked confused. As far as he knew, she was the only who owed answers and explanations. But his heart broke at finally hearing Kim's voice. She sounded so depressed, so broken. 'Surely this can't be the same person who sent that letter last week,' he thought. "For what?" asked Billy out loud. "Wait, how long have you been here? Did you just get in? Did you even eat yet?"

Kim shook her head. "I haven't eaten yet and I've been sitting here for a while. A few hours, probably."

"Why didn't you call me? I was already on my way over because I had to drop my dad off. He's on his way to Baltimore for a conference."

Kim shrugged. She looked down at her lap, not saying anything.

"Kim, come on." Billy stood up, picking up Kim's duffel bag with one hand and grabbed her hand. He pulled her up. "Come on, you need to eat something."

Kim shook her head. "I just need somewhere that I could crash for a couple days."

"Well, you're always welcome at my house. I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind." Kim shook her head again. "Where else are you gonna go, Kim? Come to my house."

"Fine...but...I just want to get some sleep. Don't tell anyone I'm here, yet, okay? Please. I'll let them know when I'm ready."

Billy was silent for a moment. "Yeah, of course. I won't tell them." He pulled Kim again. "Come on."

Song is JC Chasez's "Dear Goodbye."

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