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"So, where are we headed to now?" asked Kim, carefully examining the Zeo crystal in her hand. Trini and Andros were on either side of Kim, looking closely at the crystal.

"What do you feel?" asked Trey, cryptically. His three bodies looked over Kim's shoulder.

Kim looked up at all of them from the Crystal. "I don't know. It's not as strong as it was before." She furrowed her brow and thought hard, clenching her eyes close. She opened them a few seconds later and looked at the closest Trey near her. "Edenoi? Where's that? It sounds familiar."

The Treys nodded in unison. "Edenoi is where Alpha 5 is from."

"Oh!" exclaimed Trini.

Kim squealed in agreement.

Trey and Andros exchanged confused looks. "I will never understand the mind of a teenage girl," Trey softly said to Andros. Andros nodded in response.

"We're just excited to see where Alpha is from!" exclaimed Kim. "Any way we can possibly see...where's Zordon from again?"

"Eltar," answered Trini, Trey, and Andros.

"Oh, okay," said Kim. "Well, it'd be nice to see that, too."

Trini nudged her with her elbow and gave her a stern look. "We've got work to do, Kim." She discreetly nodded to Trey.

"Oh yeah," replied Kim. She shrugged and laughed a bit.

Trey made a face at them and gave them a small smile. "You two seem to be enjoying this a little too much."

Kim smiled sheepishly. "It makes me feel like I'm still a ranger. And Zordon and Alpha know so much about us, it'd be nice to see where they're from."

"Sometimes rangers leave too soon," said Andros. "Other times, they don't know when to give it up."

"Tommy is definitely the type to not give it up." Kim giggled behind her hand.

"Yeah, I could definitely see him as a 30-year-old or whatever, fighting rangers alongside some new teenage rangers," added Trini, laughing.

"Probably in a new color, too! He's already been through green-"


"And now red!"

The two of them laughed again as Andros and Trey exchanged an amused look. Andros shook his head and grasped Trey's arm. "Be careful, Trey. KO-35 will be ready to help return you to your proper form when you have found the remaining Zeo crystals."

"Thank you, Andros. I will be sure to remain in contact with you."

Trini stepped forward and hugged Andros. "It was great to meet you," she said. "I hope to see you again."

"What's this?" asked Andros, awkwardly freezing in Trini's arms. "But I hope to see you again, too."

Kim laughed. "It's called a hug. People do it when they-"

"Leave?" He slowly and carefully put his arms around Kim. "You're very small, you know."

Kim nodded. "Yes, I know." She laughed again. "Thank you again, Andros."

He hugged her tightly and grinned. "You take care of that crystal. It is meant to be yours and only yours." He looked at her and Trini. "You know...rangers always have a way of hanging on to each other. Especially in dark times, like now. All of you, be careful."

"Thank you," replied Trini. "You be careful, too. And call us if you're in trouble."

"And maybe we can come back here for vacation or something!" said Kim, with a grin. "Show us around KO-35."

Andros nodded and smiled. "Are you all ready?" Trey, Kim, and Trini nodded and grouped closer together. Andros held up his hand in goodbye. "Be careful."

In a flash, the five bodies disappeared.

Billy groaned, leaning over the control switchboard. He pressed a number of buttons frantically. Billy watched the viewing globe in the alien rangers' base of operations and saw that they were slowly losing power.

"Did I press the wrong button earlier?" Billy asked, scolding himself. "Why did I press it when I knew it wasn't ready, yet?"

Another alarm blared and red lights started blinking.

"Oh no!" Billy cried out. He looked around and pressed a few more buttons. The alarms blared louder and louder. "Oh, what did I do?"

He took another glance at the viewing globe and saw that the screen had changed from the rangers' fight to a different scene of a black oily-type substance flowing into the pure waters of Aquitar.

"Delphine!" Billy cried into a speaker. "I think Zedd and Rita released more of the toxin into the waters."

"Oh no!" yelled Delphine. "We're losing power here, Billy. There's nothing we can do about it at the moment."

"Nothing at all? But it's destroying the planet!"

He heard Delphine sigh sadly. "We have to choose between the toxin and this monster. Billy, please continue to find a way to stop the toxin. We will continue to fight this monster."

Billy's hands started to sweat and shake as he tried to logically think through a solution in his mind. For the first time that he could remember, his smarts failed him. He was growing more and more nervous as he watched more of the toxin spew into the water.


Kim and Trini weren't prepared for the sudden drop off after they teleported to Edenoi. They had fallen on the hard and dirt-filled ground and Trey helped them both up.

"Are there rangers here, too?" asked Kim, making sure her Crystal was still safely tucked away. Trini looked around as if she was expecting someone.

"No, no Power Rangers here," answered Trey. "But Edenoi is home to a very powerful royal family. They have powers, similar to the ranger powers that are passed down from generation to generation. Like my home country of Triforia."

"Will we meet them?" asked Trini. "The royal family. Can they help us?"

"I'm not sure if they will. Edenoi has long been under attack by the United Alliance of Evil. We, ourselves, must be extra careful so that our enemies may not find us or destroy us." Trey looked around. "Come. We must hurry."

Kim and Trini silently hurried, following Trey.

"Do you know where to go?" Kim asked.

"I have...what do you Earthlings say? A hunch?"

Trini nodded in response.

"Then, yes, I have one of those."

Kim and Trini exchanged an amused smile. They looked around, in awe of what was around them.

Edenoi was nothing like KO-35, they noticed. While KO-35 was rich in greenness and lush forestry, Edenoi was brown and all the plants looked as if they were dead or dying. There were no signs of life around and it seemed as if the planet itself was dying.

"Trey...does the royal family still live here?" asked Trini in a quiet voice.

Trey looked around and didn't answer. He was deep in thought and Kim and Trini felt as if they were imposing a bit. They exchanged a glance with each other and stood closer together.

"Be careful," Trey said. "Something is amiss."

"Do you think the Zeo Crystal is still here?" Kim asked in a whisper. She gripped Trini's arm in fear. Of what she was afraid of, she did not know. She was just getting the strangest feeling from Trey.

The three bodies of Trey were standing protectively with their backs to Trini and Kim. They formed a triangle around them and the five moved in a synchronized fashion as if they were doing some sort of slow motion dance.

"Yes," Trey answered belatedly. "I do think the Crystal is still here. Do you still have the other Crystal?"

Kim glanced down at the Zeo Crystal in her arms. "Yes," she replied. "I'll protect it with my life."

Trey looked at her and grimly smiled. "Let's hope it doesn't come down to that."