Disclaimer: I don't own "Stargate: Atlantis." I am in no way trying to make a profit off this story, I am merely writing it and posting for my and other people's enjoyment.

Synopsis: Sheppard/Weir. A peek into John and Elizabeth's minds when their days go wrong and what the other does to help make it right again.

Rating: K+ (just to be safe)

Warnings: None

Pairings: John/Elizabeth

Spoilers: None

Title: Alive

Author: fyd818

Dedication: To Dia. Thank you for having patience with me, especially when I'm off in twenty different directions at once. You are a woman of infinite patience. Thank you.

Author's notes: This fic rotates back and forth between John and Elizabeth's views. I hope you enjoy this fic, and please review me. Thank you.




When a mission goes wrong, she is always there in the infirmary to offer silent support.

When her long day is at last over, he is always there to talk to.

When the call is too close, she is always there to hold on to.

When the stress becomes too much to bear alone, he is always there to shoulder some of it.

When the nightmares scream to life, she is always there to chase them away.

When she makes a hard decision, he is always there to love her anyway.

When he is sure there is nothing left, she is always there to fill the hole.

When her resolve crumbles, he is always there to glue it back together.

When everything goes wrong around them, they lock eyes and know that they are still alive.