Wrecking ball-


Sometimes the stars aren't always against you. Some time's soul, no matter whose or how many is destining to come together. Some times souls are thrown together to make a difference in the world good or bad. Sometimes people don't have a choice in where they are thrown together. The ones that met each other we call soul mates, we like to think that those are the lucky ones. Sometimes they are, it's the ones that never meet each other, the ones that drift through life that truly live life to the fullest looking for their soul mates. I'm one of the lucky people I've met mine, alas we have very separate lives, live in different states and don't get to see each other as much as we'd like. Some times I think I'd be better off not knowing who it is, but then when I get that e-mail- or do see him it makes it not so bad to know he is miles away.

I know I tried to do a story like this before but went about it all wrong. So here is our well Eric's boys with a little of Mary's help maybe things will go right……

6 months before Mary was killed in that awful fire.

The smell of homemade apple pie wafted through the air. Mary knew it would only be a matter of time before her boys came into the kitchen looking to carve up her pie. John walked threw the door first, followed by a small little boy about 4 years old. His eyes all wide and hungrily searching for the item that was making his mouth water.

"I was wondering how long it would take you boys to smell my pie. But I'm inviting Patty Winters our new neighbor over and told her to bring her daughter Amber."

John gave a chuckle as he saw Dean's face drop at the mention of having to share his pie with some one else. John picked up the pouting boy and smiled as he kissed his son's cheek.

"Come on now Dean, how do you know you aren't going to like this little girl, she is the same age as you, and she has a puppy."

Dean's eyes grew very wide at the word puppy, then squirmed to get down and into his bedroom, to find something better to wear. John's laughter filled the house as he watched his son scamper from the kitchen.

"John, I wish you wouldn't tease him like that, besides you promised him a dog after we have this baby, remember" she scolded him as she rubbed her stomach.

That made his laughing stop awful fast. John looked at his watch and sighed he had to leave for work, he promised Caleb that he'd help him at the garage a few days a week until Caleb found some one else. John walked into Dean's room, pictures of Impala's all over the room, a football signed by Joe Montana, that John picked up at an auction house.

Dean was standing on a box so he could see the mirror on his dresser, when John walked into the room. Another smile was brought to his face as he watched quietly as Dean fixed his hair and smiled into the mirror.

" Hi I'm Dean."

"Hey, Dean" John boomed " I'm going to go work on the Impala at Caleb's garage, I want you to stay here and behave for your mother understand?"

Dean turned around and looked at him with those huge hazel eyes and nodded " Okay daddy, luv you bye" was what John got from his son. John went back into the kitchen where Mary was putting a pot of coffee on.

" I should be back by ten tonight, I think dean will behave if not call me and I'll come home ". Mary leaned closer to John as he kissed her cheek. He opened the fridge door grabbed a pop and left whistling a happy tune. Why shouldn't he be happy, he had almost the perfect life, he had a beautiful son, one baby on the way, a fabulous wife?

Mary turned around after feeling a small tug on her jeans. She looked down at her son; he was going to be a very handsome man on day.

"What honey?"

"Do I look nice mommy?" he asked her suddenly concerned on how he looked until the doorbell rang. " Too late now honey, come on go get the door" Dean raced around the corner almost taking out his head in the process. He grabbed the stool John had made for him so he could reach things like a big boy and opened the door.

A woman in a green sweater and jeans was standing there holding a little girl's hand. Dean's eyes widen at the sight of the little girl; she had so many freckles he didn't know where to start counting and big red curls in her hair. The little girl's mom bent down to talk to Dean, he noticed she had a big stomach to like his mommy's.

" You must be Dean. I'm Patty, is your mommy home?" the woman asked him.

"Mommy, Mommy." Dean yelled into the house. Mary appeared a moment later " Hi Patty come on in, Hi Amber I see you've met Dean, why don't you kids go play. Dean show Amber your collection." Dean beamed at the idea of showing someone else the pictures of the car he was going to drive one day.

Mary led Patty into the kitchen to talk and do what ever it was that women down in the kitchen, Dean wasn't really sure all they knew was that this new friend was the best. She played whatever games he wanted to play. By the time Amber left Dean's house he was completely smitten by her and visa versa.

A few weeks later Mary gave birth to Samuel Michael Winchester, Patty gave birth to Sydney Lisa Winters. Both Amber and Dean were in awe over each other's new addition to their families. He would go over there and stare at Amber's little sister and then she'd go over to Dean's house to help Mary with Sammy.

Things were perfect for a whole 6 months Dean, Amber played, went to school, and napped together while Patty, and Mary became a fast friend. John and Amber's father Dirk worked at the same garage, Caleb's for a few extra bucks. It seemed like life was going to be great. Sam was going to be six months old soon and so was Sydney.

Unfortunately things never go the way we want, The winters family moved one town over and Dean was heart broken. But Amber still came over to play when she could. Until one morning he woke up to hear his mommy crying in the kitchen, while talking on the phone to Patty Winters. After talking to Patty Mary walked over to John and told him what happened. John did what he could to comfort his wife. Dean sat in the hallway listening to be parents talk about the winter's family.

A week later Mary was going upstairs to check on her sons. John had put Dean to bed a few minutes ago. Mary went to Dean's room and kissed his little forehead thankful that her family was together and safe. Mary wasn't even going to check on Sam but a male shadow caught her attention.

" John?" she called out.

The shadow moved to face her "Shh" he whispered. Mary smiled as she walked out of the room. She fixed a light at the end of the hallway; she would have to get John to change the bulb in the morning. Mary descend down the stairs and saw the glow of the TV, she inched down farther and gasped when she saw John sitting in the lounge chair, if that was her husband then who was that in Sammy's room. Fear flooded her senses as she raced back up the stairs calling John's name the whole way up.

"Get away from my son!" she screamed at intruder. The shadow turned to reveal glowing eyes, Mary lunged for Sammy, and she found herself thrown against the wall, then pushed to the ceiling. She cried out as a burning sensation crossed her stomach.

John woke up a few moments later, he thought he had heard Mary calling out for him. John lumbered up the steps like a big bear. He smiled as he looked into Sammy's crib.

"Hey Sammy go to sleep" as John turned to leave, something red dripping onto Sammy's face. John looked up to see his beautiful wife pinned to the ceiling.

"Nooo Mary?"

Dean had heard his father's cries; he ran into the room and saw his mother on the ceiling as flames curled around her body. John grabbed Sam and placed him into Dean's arms" Go son, take Sam outside and don't look back, go Dean" the little boy had a vise gripe on his brother as he ran out of the house only to be hoisted up in his father's arms.

All Dean could remember was staring at the house wondering if that was how Amber felt when her house went up in smoke. Dean looked down at his brother and held his ting fingers. In his hands, then looked up at his father who stared blankly into the fire as the house burned.

Days later John had called Patty to tell her what had happened to Mary, he told her the boys were okay and that they were staying with grandparents right now, but he wanted to talk to Patty about what really happened since her husband died just a week prior to this happening. He thought maybe Mary wasn't telling the whole truth. Patty agree to sit down and talk to him, she did see what happened and thought John did too.

An hour later John was making coffee in his tiny apartment kitchen. After thew fire John received pretty good pay off from the insurance company, plus Mary's life insurance plan. John handed the coffee mug over to a shaken Patty.

" I'm not sure where you want me to start? I thought I was dreaming at first I thought that it wasn't actually happening. I thought … I don't know what I thought."

John placed a comforting hand on Patty's arm. He knew how she felt, first her husband and then Mary, but John had a feeling it wasn't after her husband.

" Just tell me what happened, you saw it didn't you it was after you and Dirk got in the way."

" I went to check on Sydney I just put Amber to bed. I heard a noise coming from Syn's room and walked in there was a man standing over the crib, he reached into the crib and picked her up. I knew it couldn't be Dirk he was at Caleb's working on the truck. I screamed and next thing I knew Dirk was there with a gun, he shot the man, he placed Syn down on the floor and grabbed me, throwing me against the wall. Dirk shot it again, next thing I know Dirk grabbed Syn and me told me to get Amber and get out of the house. The only thing was I didn't have Amber. I ran out of the house with Syn I heard, then Amber screaming for Dirk. I placed Syn in her car seat and ran back into the house, in the living room Dirk was pinned to the ceiling bleeding, and the ceiling burst into flames. I grabbed Amber and ran. John I didn't know what to do."

The tears falling from her eyes tugged at his heart a little. Hew knew it was hard for Patty, she told Mary her kids were fine, but Amber, had fallen very sick a week later. John knew because he wants to the hospital to see why Patty went there every day. Amber had fallen and cut she in the house, now the cut was infected and was making the little girl's bodywork harder to get well.

" I know about Amber, I know that you go see her every day. I told Dean she was ill. Patty how ill is she?"

The woman looked at John and broke down; she placed her mug on the table and covered her face with her hands as she sobbed into them.

" She isn't getting better John, her fever is as high as it can go without killing her, I don't know what happened. She was okay and one day she just collapsed. Sydney knows something is wrong. None of the doctors know what is wrong. She's a little girl John a little 5 year old girl."

John sat next to her and spoke softly to that he'd go see Amber tomorrow and then call a friend of his to see what she could do. Patty finally calmed down enough to thank John and told him she'd call him soon.

AS fate would have it John found some thing to bring down Amber's fever but at the hospital he saw a mark on her arm, a symbol of some sort. After talking to Missouri he told Patty that Amber had been chosen for some thing. Patty did not handle that well at all and told John that all this talk of Demons ghosts and monster was a bunch of crap. John had Missouri talk to the woman and a week later Patty Amber and Sydney moved to upstate New York. John then began the training of his oldest boy, while Sammy watched from his car seat. John tried to keep Dean's mind from going back to the red hair girl that if living a normal life Dean might of married.

Sometimes when Dean played with Sam, he wished that he could just forget what the Demon did and just chalks it up to a fire that killed his wife. Then he'd stop and wonder how many other families that the demon killed because he wanted what ever he wanted from children. Then that would make him train Dean even harder. He loved his sons, they were his sunshine on a cloudy had, but first things first the Demon had to be found and destroyed. He smiled as he saw Dean sleeping on he couch with Sam laying next to him, Dean's arm draped over the baby's body in a protective manor, yes Dean was no problems but getting Sammy to fall into line might be more challenging. John didn't want to think about that right now he just wanted to make sure they were safe before he went to bed.

" Good night Daddy, I love you." Dean mumbled in his sleep. Those small, tiny words meant the world to John.

All right I'm a big girl you can lay it on me. It was just something that entered my mind. I had a few more but they will just have to stay there until I get one finished. I'll go through my stories and weed them out.

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