Wrecking ball-4

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Since this has jumped ahead, Sam is at school along with Sydney but she is working not going to school, pre say. Before Dean came to get Sam. This will jump again to the almost present then the now, with the heartbroken Sam and the darkened Dean. Yes, Sam knows Sydney is in the area, hey stayed friends and dated a little before Jess.

A familiar shape came towards her and right now she did not want to talk to him two more months and it would be 12 years that Amber had been gone. Not dead gone, not in their world. Sydney wondered what she would look like now. She did have that unearthly fiery red hair. Dean use to tease her and say her hair was on fire. She had gotten a call from Missouri saying one of her students a very powerful seer had known Amber was alive but not here. She was still kept with the demon. Dean had stopped talking about her all together. When Sydney asked him one day before she left for Cali.

"Sydney, there isn't any good reason to keep looking chances are she is dead, the demon wouldn't keep her alive and kill Patty".

Sydney had beaten Dean but good screaming at him that Amber was still alive not to say crap like that.

As Sam got closer, he saw the look on his girlfriend's face. He had been dating Sydney for a little bit, but they started to drift closer to the friendship again. He kissed her cheek as he sat on the step next to her. She smiled at he nudged her shoulder.

"What's up?"

"Just sitting here thinking, wishing for there to be a way to bring Amber back, wondering if my mom and dad are keeping her safe. Thinking how unfair this whole thing is, I mean wasn't it going after younger children and then decided not me but my sister was important."

"Syn, come on you can't keep this up, Missouri will let us know if some thing bad happens to her, and so far nothing has. You can't keep wishing it was you and not her it isn't healthy."

"Sam, I can't do this anymore I can't keep up this whole front, in front of you. WE both know how this is going to end; one of us will die because of the other. I am not stupid the demon is not happy with her it wants you or Dean, and the more we stay together, the more danger we are in. I was going to tell you tonight. I love you and I always have since I was 8yearsold but I'm moving to Denver . I got a good job with horses and well snow." She chuckled as she said the word. Dean and Sam hated it when they were kids always pestering John to go south for jobs.

"Syn, you don't have to leave. We will be fine I promise ".

"Sam". Using that tone when she was serious. "Just think you will have somewhere to visit."

The two of them sat there for a few more minutes until Sam helped him up, they went back to the apartment they shared, Sam helped her pack her things and spent the early evening into the late night together on the couch. Kissing, licking, panting and touching. Sydney watched as Sam fell asleep, she stroked his hair with her fingertips; she was going to miss him, miss him a lot. Nevertheless, leaving was the only way she could keep him save.

In the morning Syn called John and told him she was moving to Denver that if he needed anything to let her know, and she would call him when she got to Denver. John tried to talk her out of it as well, saying Sam needed her, but she once more tried to explain why she could not stay with Sam. John said he understood then told her he was leaving on a hunt by himself. To call Dean if she needed anything from now on. Syn thanked John and said goodbye.

Her next task was to say goodbye to Sam with out crying. Three hours later, she was on her way to Denver. Three hours later Sam looking lost and dejected met Jessica Miller.


Amber sat quietly in front of the Demon council. She was not sure how long she had been there. Her only saving grace was Nikoli, he had been the only one to explain what was going to happen to her, he was the one who talked the big guy into letting her go. She was not sure how long she had been gone, she didn't know anything except the Winchesters were still alive and making this Demon even more pissed, but the fact was they might be old me by now.

Two shadows walked over to her and motioned for Nikoli to lift her up, she was not as strong as she once was; most of her was a curvier person, her muscles that she was so proud of, her muscles that she teased Dean about. She was not bad looking as long as she kept her haircut short.

She felt Nikoli helping her out of her chair , as the Demon got closer " Amber since your power is unwilling to come out with force , which first of al I'm very surprised you have with stood the pain our equipment has given you. I am going to bind the power until the day you die, you will not remember being here, you will not remember how your m other died, we will supply they information to you. You will however remember everything else and since it is you who doesn't want to hunt anymore you won't I'm pushing that memory as far as possible, however you will keep the knowledge that you use to hunt."

That was all the demon had said before to more demons grabbed her from Nikoli and led her away. Nikoli turn to face his father "What am I suppose to do?" he asked somewhat sarcastically.

' you will go with her, be the loving boyfriend , I'm going to plant her in Ohio they'll come to her. Nikoli nodded as he walked away.