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For those of you new readers, you may be very confused. I am the blame for this because I had an Original Character and i recently changed her to Karin--Sasuke's new teammate? Team Hebi?

So yah, I'm sorry if I make you guys get frustrated. My Original Character's name was Nataki, by the way. (Bitchaki, a nickname Sakura has come to cal her)

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Ever had one of those days when god decides to give you a good kick in the ass just to prove he's God and your not?

Yeah, today is one of those days I decided as I trudged to my two room apartment.

Well, really, nowadays talking and laughing and breathing and living in general is not so much fun anymore, but that's quite beside the points.

See, things dont normaly go my way, as of late.

Take today for example.

My name is Haruno Sakura and God hates me.

It's weird, because I woke up early and I thought that meant I was going to have a good day.

I knew it was bad almost immediately when I stepped into the shower and instead of feeling the soothing sensation of warm water, I was stung by ice cold pellets stabbing my back.

After about ten minutes of trying to shower, I quickly washed my hair and stepped out. My shivering body slid into the uniform I am forced to wear and I headed to the tiny excuse of a kitchen.

You probably realize by now I'm not exactly rich.

Dad has a business trip today and I know he gets nervous. He calms himself by showering for too long.

As I eat breakfast alone in the silent kitchen I decide I don't care if dad uses up all the hot water for the rest of my life…I'd rather have him here.

Eating breakfast alone is anything but fun so I grab my pack and head to school.

The walk to school was as lonely as breakfast. I usually walk with Hinata, but being our senior year, her overprotectivedad drove her.

When I finally got to school, I saw Tenten and Hinata at the entrance.

Smiling I walked toward my two best friends.

A/N: tenten and Neji are the same age as Sakura, ok?

I have all my classes with Hinata and Tenten with the exception of English. I don't know how, but I managed to have them in almost every one of my classes since I was a freshman.

I opened the class room door and of course there was no teacher, instead a bunch of noisy seniors chatting aimlessly and throwing paper planes.

You know, the usual.

Raising my eyebrows, I sat at a table with Hinata. I would have sat with Tenten, but she rushed off to the empty seat beside Neji. Neji is pretty cool and a good sparring partner…too bad I'll never be able to beat him. Anyway, I know they like each other, but they're so damn bad with their feelings.


I've been a senior for two weeks now and the power feels great! The only bad thing about all this?

Uchiha Sasuke is in all my classes.

After a whole junior year avoiding him, he ends up in all my classes. But hey, his last name in Uchiha and mine is Haruno. When ever we have assigned seats, at least I can sit far away from him.

Looking to my left, I see Naruto sitting next to Shikamaru who is ignoring him.

Across from them is that pig Ino and one of her followers.

That smelly kid Kiba was sitting next to Gaara, a gothic 'I hate the world and it hates me back' kinda guy. He never talks, but I gotta admit he's kinda cute. Really cute.

Then, in his little corner by the window was Sasuke his eyes were closed as if blocking out everyone. Next to him was that red-haired slut Karin. Gosh I hate her. She was smirking at all the fan-girls looking at her enviously.

After 30 more minutes of waiting for our sensei, I was getting really annoyed. But I wasn't the only one.

"Where the hell is our sensei?!" Yes, that would Naruto

"Shut up!" and that was Kiba do those two ever stop?

"You shut up you hygienic less freak!"

"Hygienic less? Well at least I don't have whisker tattooed to my face!"

"Well at least I'm not bald!"

"The hell? I'm not bald moron."

A Snort "Are you sure?"

"Just stop talking dobe."

I didn't need to turn around. I knew it was him.

"What did-"

Naruto was cut off (thank goodness) because our very late math teacher just walked rubbing the back of his head sheepishly and tucking a book away.

"Hey there?"

"You're late sensei! Would it kill you to come on time? My gosh! It's been two whole weeks of school and-"

Kakashi only rolled his eyes and pulled out Icha Icha Paradise. He leaned back on his desk that was our cue to do what ever we wanted.

So homeroom wasn't that bad. Neither was English. Science was, but it's always bad when Gai sensei is teaching you about "the wonders of the youthful earth" P.E was ok too, except for the fact that I hate Physical Education as much, if not more than Karin but she gets off sitting in a corner smirking while I repeatedly fall and bust my ass.

But whatever.

My last class, History with Asuma sensei was when I decided that history is really not nessasry, and maybe I should drop out now.

I sat next to Tenten (only because Neji wasn't in this class) and Hinata sat with Naruto (only because he insisted and she blushed ten fold the whole time0 did I mention she has the biggest crush on him? He's just to dense to realize it.

Asuma was discussing Japan's history along with ninjas. This topic interested a lot of people including me.

"Our ancestors fought wars and went on missions using special ninja skills and a power within called charka."

"How cool!" Naruto said jumping out of his seat and nearly knocking Hinata over in the process

"Yes very cool Naruto, now sit down."

Naruto, I don't get what Hinata sees in you.

"Anyway I expect a project from each of you on this subject. It will be due in two weeks time and I'll be pairing you up."

Loud protests from the students were heard.

"Hinata and Tenten."

They smiled at each other from across the room.

"Ino and Chouji."

Chouji munches noisily and Ino complains about being paired up with fatso.

Stupid pig.

Shikamaru and Kiba

Shikamaru snores Akamaru barks.

"Naruto, Gaara"

Naruto jumps up again and asks questions about Gaara said person rolls his amazing green eyes.

"Sakura, Sasuke"

My eyes widen and I stare at the teacher in shock. He did not just pair me up with Sasuke did he? Yes he did.

Karin stands up letting out a shriek of disproval

"No! How much will it cost you to pair me up with Sasuke-kun?" she whips out a couple hundred bills from her thousand dollar purse.

"None your paired up with Shino."

"What! No! I will not be paired up with that kid who lives with the icky bugs!"

"Then fail."

She stares at him before she 'humphs' and sits back down arms crossed and pouting.

Asuma finishes reading the list of names with many more comments and complaints, the bell rings. He dismisses us.

I'm still in shock. I got paired up with Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke.

I am about to leave the classroom when he grabs my forearm. And for the first time in 14 months (not that I was keeping track or anything) he speaks to me.

"Do you remember where my house is?"

I nod dumbly.

"Come to my house after school." It was a demand.

"I have to work."

"Tomorrow then." He says it halfheartedly as if we have been through nothing together.

And he leaves with Karin flouncing after him.

I'm going to Uchiha Sasuke's house tomorrow.


Cold hearted jerk.


School heartthrob.


The dumbass I fell for.


Fiancé of Karin.



I hate my life.