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"Lord Sesshoumaru, if I died one day, would you always remember me?"

For some reason or another that question had always plagued him ever since she asked it. He always found himself wondering, 'Would he always remember her?' She was a human after all, and her life was short like any other person who wasn't a demon. He himself had seen almost 100 winters and still didn't look a year over eighteen. Rin though, Rin wouldn't make it to even that. She would probably see only half that much, maybe even ten more over sixty. Yet, even with this knowledge, every time she was in danger, every time he could have let her die, every time there was some one else who could have taken better care of her, and every time Rin called for him, Sesshoumaru was still always there by her side. Little Rin, would he always remember her? Out of all the questions in the world, he had no real answer to that.

Now Rin was a year in her majority. Her sixteenth birthday. Most girls would have been married off by now, or committed to a covenant to be some priestess or what not. If not, young women became the mistresses of their lords, or worst-case-scenario, demon-fodder. That was not a very nice thought.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, if I died-?" What a silly question! She was human. She would die. End of story!

Sesshoumaru felt an uncomfortable pressure to his chest and silently cursed himself for his weakness. He leaned his head back against the tree he was sitting under and closed his eyes. He needed peace, but the question Rin had asked when she was a child echoed in his mind. He wanted to rake his fingers through his hair and yell out in frustration. Being the quiet person by nature, he refrained from doing so.

"Are you alright, My Lord?"

Sesshoumaru slowly opened his eyes. He turned his gaze on a concerned-face Rin who sat on her ankles with her hands planted on the ground. It was near winter and she only had the one kimono she wore since she was a kid. It went up to her thighs and the sleeves went to her upper arms. The kimono itself could not hide the development of her bosom either. Ever since she first started her moon cycles, she had hit her growth spurt, and since she accompanied two demons, there wasn't much time to get some new clothes from a human village. She could catch a cold out in this weather, or worse. She could die.

She could die.

Sesshoumaru once again thought of the frailty of humans. He felt the cold, yes, but Rin was visibly trembling. Her breath was seen in the winter chill, her face was pink from the pinched efforts of frost. She looked like a woman racked with sin rather than the young, innocent girl he knew her as. "Are you cold, Rin?"

Rin bowed her head, "N-no, My Lord."

Sesshoumaru heard her teeth chatter. He looked into the distance, away from Rin's quivering form. "You're shivering. Where is Jaken? He should be-"

"Master Jaken has been trying to catch a fish. I taught him how to with a hook and line, but he says he could do it a better way. Now he's trying to prove me wrong by using his bare hands." She grinned when she said this, her chipped tooth an unnoticed flaw to Sesshoumaru.

Sesshoumaru did not smile but closed his eyes again. He was more tired as of late than he was before. He did not know why; he was just tired. He leaned farther onto the tree, thoughts adrift.

"Lord Sesshoumaru?" Rin asked, alert.

Sesshoumaru felt her hands on his shoulders. She shook him until he opened his eyes once again. "Lord Sesshoumaru, Lord Sesshoumaru!"

"Rin," he whispered. Why was he so tired? He tried to hang on to Rin's voice, but to no avail. He felt himself slip away to dreamland.


It was then did something bring him back around. He felt something against his lips, warm pressure that brought an unusual sensation to his heart, and to his amazement, the organ that lay between his legs. He opened his eyes with a start. Opened his eyes to Rin kissing him. He was shocked, appalled, angered, but even so.

He wanted her to keep kissing him.

Logic came back to him on a swift wind. He firmly grasped the girl by her shoulders and held her away. He regarded her with a frown; his lips were burning. "Why did you do that?" He asked quietly, but the note of anger was there, plain and simple.

"My Lord, y-you w-were sinking into the t-t-tree! I... I didn't know what else to do!" She stammered. Did she know what she just did to him? What his reaction was?

Sesshoumaru breathed hard, almost uncontrolled. He stood and turned to watch the tree. He did not notice until then the unusual aura about it. So, the mystery of his lethargy was solved. He still felt uncontrolled.

With one flick of his wrist, the tree came crashing down. His knuckles popped as he curled his fingers into a fist. His eyes darkened to vermilion. His lips twitched in a silent snarl. They burned. Oh, how his lips burned! Something inside him made him feel, out of control. It was as if he was suddenly spinning into some kind of vortex and he had no way out. What was wrong with him?

She kissed him. Kissed him. Him.

"Lord Sesshoumaru… You're scaring me," Rin said with a shiver.

Sesshoumaru stopped all at once. He did not know his hand was over his blade. He did not realize at all. What was wrong with him?!

"Lord Sesshoumaru? What's wrong?" Rin had some strength in her voice. She stepped toward her lord and reached for him. "My Lord?"

"Don't touch me," he snarled. "Never touch me."

"My Lord?" Rin was caught off guard. She let her hand fall to her side.

"Do you understand, Rin? Never touch me again." He began to walk away, his hand twitching. "Or I will kill you myself."

Rin, utterly shocked and hurt, felt her heart break into two. Crushed under the might of her lord. So, it had come to this. She had made the wrong choice. She had kissed the one man who saved her, who she fell in love with, who she would run through Hell and back to be with, and would gladly touch him so that when he did kill her, if he did, she would be in his arms at the last moment. She loved him. Oh, how painful it was to love someone of greater power. All she did was save him.

Rin could not get over his response to her.

All she could do was run away somewhere nice and quiet, so she could ruin the peace by screaming and crying her anguish.

What she did not realize though, was the black sap that had formed at the base of the fallen tree, ran through Sesshoumaru's clothes, and seeped into his body like a poison.

There was indeed something truly wrong with her lord.

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