Breaking The Curse of The Phoenix 2

"whats going on?!,. Who's there!" he yelled out as he managed to look around.

Suddenly Five Females appeared wearing a two piece suit as they wore a black cloak as the other female appeared as she held a net.

"So handsome, so beautiful for a Young Prince" said the leader.

"Who' who are you?" asked Bowen.

The Female just smiled as she walked over to Bowen.

He looked at the female as he looked around. Instead the female caught Bowen's attention as she removed her cloak.

Bowen looked away as he didn't want to see her. But her form was beautiful and slender.

"She won't know Bowen, it be our secret I promise" she whispered.

"No , I won't hurt Madison this way, I love her she's my life, my eternity,. I will not allow to hurt her," said Bowen as he turned ,

once he turned he was suddenly was caught by a net, sunlight was now rising as he screamed out in pain. His formation into the Phoenix was now taking place.

Meanwhile Rootcore :

Udonna moved out on the early morn to walk and gather fruits and herbs for Rootcore as she stumbled upon Bowen's Cloak and his necklace. She gasped as she now stood and made her way back to Rootcore.

"Alianbow!, Alianbow!" she called out .

"Wha...What's wrong Udonna" he asked.

"Its Bowen, he's he's gone" she whispered.

"How can he be gone, he's suppose to be in his room" said Alianbow as he walked to his son's room

as he noticed the bed was still made up.

Meanwhile In The Lands of Rasputin

Lord Armand Rasputin stood at his terrace as he looked out as he now watched the harpies arrived at the castle with Bowen. There he smiled as he quickly turned and made his way down the stairs as he met the women .

"We got the boy" smiled the female.

"Excellent" he smiled .

"Put the Bird in the Cage and at Night we will put the boy inside the bedroom", he added.

"As you wish M'lord" said the Female,

The Female made her way over the cage as she now removed the net, The Phoenix now flew hysterically as he tried to escape. instead he was now struck with a few lightening bolts. the cage was huge for the phoenix as she looked at Lord Rasputin.

"This cage is for the boy" he said