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I will never forget the morning they took me.

I remember walking down the street as always, and then suddenly I felt a heartbeat pulse behind me. I turned slightly, expecting it to merely be a person walking down the street. Until I heard a small, terrifying noise that most people would miss, would fly past their ears because they were too used to the security of their eyes, the colors and shapes that are, I don't mean to brag, not nearly as perfect as my own version of sight.

A click. A simple click coming from behind, right next to the heartbeat. I heard a soft rustle of cloths as the hand holding the gun lifted, and I bulted.

I heard the man's voice swear behind me and the squacking of a walky talky. The man was saying the names of numbers, of street names I realized I was now sprinting down. "49... which means this is 48 to the left... or is it the right?" My heart was hammering. I hated remembering numbers, and had always had trouble with them. Words were easier. I found myself wishing I had brought Shark Bate with me. It was so much easier to run for my life with him to guide me, but people always went out of the way for me when I had him on the special collar, and it made me feel too dependant.

I could feel more foot steps behind me, and I suddenly heard the flap of a coat as someone jumped off the lower part of a building, a balcony proubably. I avoided where they were going to land and leapt to the side. I heard and screech of a car veering off to the left as I ran out into the street. With a certain flush of pride I had no time to bath in, I heard one of the whatever-the-hells that were after me wonder aloud in frustration how a blind little girl could cause so much f'n comotion.

Then I felt the whoosh as a man threw something at me from behind, next to the one who had just talked. I was almost to the other side of the street when I felt the cold thud of a rock hit me in the back of my head. I fell forward. I didn't know whether the black surrounding me was the one I usually saw or the black of being knocked out. Whatever it was, it enveloped me.

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