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Top Ten Things in This World That I HATE

1.) How perverted Miroku is. C'mon people! He has SANGO for Christ's sake! You'd think that she would have beaten it out of him by now.

2.) History Class. I mean, who cares about the Feudal Era anyways? This is 2006. Shouldn't we be more worried about what's going on in the world today?

Air pollution?



But no, History. (I might as well tell you since you can't see it; I'm rolling my eyes right now)

3.) If the goddamn Americans want to fight a war in Iraq, let them. It's not like it really is about Oil. How many of you really believe that?

4.) Commercials. Three words. I. Don't. Care. Especially about Erectile Dysfunction.

5.) How the radio plays five minutes of music for every fifteen minutes of infomercials.

6.) How we have archery practice every damn day after school for three straight hours!

7.) Rap. I'm not even going there.

8.) How people say they hate to read. If we all did that one little thing, maybe the world really would be a better (and definitely smarter) place.

9.) How people throw trash into rivers. If you don't care about the fish, think of what that pollutant is going to do to you.

10.) And what makes top ten of the things that I hate?

I still love Inuyasha. And he'll never be mine again.

A fist came down heavily on the last three lines, followed by a few teardrops, staining the lined paper, and a sigh. A note flutters, neglected, to the floor; smudged, and tattered.

To Mrs. Higurashi,

We regret to inform you that because of the current late fees in which your family owes, we have been forced to bring to your knowledge that we will be foreclosing your current place of residence, Higurashi Shrine, on the thirteenth of the ninth month of the year of 2006. Please be packed and able to leave by early noon of that day. Thank you.

Our Best wishes,

Jen Floyd

(Jen Floyd)

It had been Kagome who had gotten the note first, not her mother. Her who had run upstairs and cried her eyes out, and her once again who had felt that all consuming fear of having nothing and nowhere to go as she listened to her mother crying as silently as possible from her own room. But those horrible, evil and intricate little details all seemed so much less important today. It was almost of as little importance as everything else at that very moment, least of on this very day.

With blurry and puffy red eyes, Kagome looked up to examine the room that used to be hers. Everything: the walls, the floor, and the doors, were completely blank and colorless, having been made so the day before. The only thing that made the room bearable enough to even spend the night in was the large cardboard boxes holding her most valued possessions, standing uniformly against the walls. A note tacked to the wall by a pink thumbtack that had never been taken down also stood out against the eerie strangeness of the all-too-clean room. With a shaky hand she reached out to un-tack it from the wall and held it carefully in front of her, so that even in the moonlight it could be read.



Damn, I'm always so bad at this. So, I'm going to be as blunt as usual. I love you, and... what the hell, if you love me, just... write back or something.



Kagome could barely contain her sad smile, and a few more tears spilled over as she finished the note and carefully tucked it safely, as if it were her own heart, into the smallest box labeled "Fragile", before beginning to shuffle through the rest of the box's contents.

The four months she had spent with Inuyasha had been better than Kagome could have ever dreamed them to be. In fact, she had even been happier than she, a naturally happy-go-lucky, and at times annoying, girl had ever been before. And as things went along, only getting better and better, she had no idea it would, or could, ever end. No idea that the happiness she felt, accompanied by the love that she even now knew she still had, could ever start to break her. She had just been a little too innocent; more than she had ever felt she deserved to be. Quickly she changed her piece of mind as she pulled out a com powder from the box, focusing instead on the tiny mirror. She looked different from back then... a year ago. Her hair had begun to flatten out and become straighter than its usual old bushiness, and her skin had gotten paler, unhealthy. Her eyes, once filled with a wonder for all things, had become steely in grief, and she was definitely thinner. However, everyone always told her she was as beautiful as ever. So much so, that Kagome figured all these vital warning signs of something being wrong mustn't have seemed too incredibly serious, or meant much to her best friends Miroku and Sango, and her family that consisted of her mother, her brother Souta, and her Grandfather. Kagome shook her head, suddenly weary as she placed her com powder back inside the box and began searching amongst the beloved familiar objects once more, fresh tears rolling leaving the same old tracks down her cheeks that she had become so familiar with. Reflecting back on the warning signs leading up to her current state, Kagome realized they didn't mean much to her either. After all, she was finally losing the one thing she had never, ever, wanted to lose. .

Her hands stopped groping around inside the box, and she carefully pulled a large calendar out. Obsessively, she flipped through it until she came to the page she wanted. Distantly from her mother's room a Grandfather clock tolled.












Twelve, twelve tolls. It was midnight.

Slowly her fingers traced around the date in a square, before tracing something else. Even more slowly she opened her mouth to speak, with trembling lips, what she thought she would never, ever, have to say.

"September thirteenth, two thousand and six; The Higurashi's Moving Day."