A Date with Destiny

Sakura likes Eriol. To prevent a heartbreak she goes out with Syaoran aka Destiny. Now, Sakura thinks she's falling in love with Syaoran, instead of Eriol... SS, ET

Ages: Sakura: 16 – Syaoran: 17
Genre: Romance/Humour
Disclaimer: Clamp – not me…
Chapter 1: The Guardians Advice

Life shouldn't be measured in how many breaths you take—but rather, how many moments that take your breath away.


"He's really good looking though," a young girl, Kinomoto Sakura, in her grade 11 year in high school commented as she saw Hiiragizawa Eriol, a senior in the school, walk by to buy his lunch.

Chiharu Mihara, Sakura's best friend since pre-K smiled as she bit into her tuna sandwich. Sakura was sitting under a tree and Chiharu was up in the tree.

"Not really," Chiharu mused, her braids resting on her shoulders, "he's kind of nerdy."

Sakura choked. "Nerdy? Chi! He is godly! His hair so too blue for human potential and his eyes are so mysterious! I could just like- gaze into them forever!"

"You're getting poetic again," Chiharu rolled her eyes, "you need to go back to capturing your cards."

Sakura laughed at her friend. Sakura was a magician, a Card Captor. At the age of ten she unsealed a book and released strong cards into the limits of her town. Over the past six years, she captured her cards and transformed them into her own cards and kept them sealed in her Sakura book. Her two guardians, Ceroberus and Yue Moon, also known as Kero and Yukito were always close by to her, even though no harm could possibly come to Sakura.

Chiharu was the only one that knew Sakura captured cards. Chiharu's maternal cousin, Rika Sasaki didn't know, even though Rika and Sakura were close friends. Naoko Yanagisawa, a friend of theirs, had moved to Tokyo a few days before Sakura unsealed the cards so Sakura didn't tell her, even in the few e-mails they exchanged.

"Capturing cards?" Sakura groaned. "You know how annoying that was? You were there when I faced off Yue. Kero was screaming in my ear."

"SAKURA! HE'S THE GUARDIAN OF THE MOON! MOON YOU SILLY GIRL! MOON!" Chiharu imitated Kero and Sakura burst into laughter.

"Oh god yes! I was 11! What did I know of weaknesses? He's a bad guardian."

Chiharu raised a brow. "Bad? Sister, he's protected you more times than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Sakura screwed up her face. "Chiharu, I can't say supercalifragi—whatever it was!"

Chiharu laughed as she jumped off of the tree. "Eriol is a nerd though."

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"



"Not, not, NOT!"

"Too, too, TOO!"



"He is not!"

"He is too!"

The bell rang signaling lunch was over and Chiharu ran. "SAVED BY THE BELL!" She grinned at her friend as she jogged towards her locker. Sakura laughed as she shook her head. She knew Hiiragizawa since middle school and ever since then she had the biggest crush on him. He had the cutest smile and mysterious eyes- and such a wonderfully yummy body! He and Sakura were good friends but Sakura wanted to be something more…

Something more!

'I want to be his girlfriend,' Sakura said definitely to herself. Sakura smiled as she started to walk towards her locker. Half way towards the desired destination, somebody fell into a steady pace beside her.

"Hey Sakura,"

Sakura's stomach flipped as she turned to see Eriol smiling down at her. "Hi Eriol-kun," She smiled up at him.

"Hey, midterm exams are starting next week and a few of us are getting together at Mika's Café to study. Wanna come? Chiharu and Rika can join you."

Sakura looked at him. "Really?"

Eriol smiled down at her again, his eyes twinkling. "Yeah! Think of it as a group date. Takashi's coming and Chiharu and him are already dating either way."

Sakura smiled at him. "I'll ask Chiharu and get back to you."

Eriol chuckled. "That'd be cool! Or if you can't get back that easily, tell Chiharu to tell Takashi, that'd do too."

"Alright," Sakura smiled, "when is it exactly?"

"Next Friday, 4pm to 9pm at Mika's Café, okay?"

Sakura grinned. "Okay!"

Sakura and Chiharu met up again after school and Sakura told her the amazing news. Chiharu totally flipped.

"My own boyfriend didn't tell me?" Chiharu screamed. "Oh I'm going to pummel Tak!"

Sakura grinned. "He probably did but you must've thought he was lying and killed him?"

Chiharu sweat dropped. "Highly possible."

The two girls lived four houses away form each other on the same street. They walked to and back from school each and every day. Sakura always on her skates and Chiharu always on her two legs. Sakura stretched loudly as Chiharu rolled her eyes.

"What're you gonna do now- since we have a group date with your undesirable Hiiragizawa-kun?"

Sakura shrugged. "I don't know. Remember when Rika liked Treada-sensei?"

Chiharu nodded.

"He totally blew her off saying that it would never work because they're teacher-student. Like really, Yoshi Treada is only a few years older than us. We all know he's the youngest teacher in the faculty."

Chiharu nodded again. "True- but what does this have to do with anything?"

"It means," Sakura strained out, "destiny can be very cruel and I don't want to fall into his clutches!"

"You make it sound dramatic, hun." Chiharu coughed. Sakura giggled as she continued to skate.

"But seriously, destiny is rough and I want to know if Eriol and I are meant to be."

"And how do you propose you do that Ms. Desinty-is-so-cruel-my-life-will-end-tragically"

"Ha, ha," Sakura rolled her eyes. Chiharu giggled.

"Seriously, what will you do?"

"I can call Destiny."

"…huh?" Chiharu was royally confused.

"I mean summon the mythological being, Destiny. You know how Zeus and Mercury and Artemis and all those Greek Gods exist- well were believed to have existed?"


"Just like that, Clow magic also has our own annotations of Gods and beings. Cupid used to rule love correct?"

"More or less," Chiharu agreed. "Continue?"

"Well we have a god, per say, named Destiny. I never called upon him before but they say- well Kero says- that if Destiny allows you to go out on a date with him then we get any portion of our destined future shown to us."

"So you're gonna go out with Destiny?" Chiharu gasped playfully, "You're cheating on Eriol before you two ever get together?"

Sakura burst into laughter. "Shut up and go home!" She laughed as she pushed Chiharu towards her house. Chiharu's house came before Sakura's.

"Later babe!" Chiharu waved bye as Sakura skated toward her house.

"I'm home! Onii-chan? Otou-san? Kero-chan?"

"THEY AIN'T HOME!" Kero roared from Sakura's room. Sakura rolled her eyes as she walked quietly upstairs. Her father and brother knew about Sakura having magic and they were quite intrigued. Occasionally Fujitaka asked Sakura to create food instead of cook it.

"Gee I figured that when didn't hear them say hi Sakura!" Sakura rolled her eyes. She sat down on her bed and eyed her guardian.

"Lemme ask you something?"

"Shoot." Kero nodded as he continued to play Tekken Four. Sakura sat down on the floor beside her Guardian and sighed.

"How would I call Destiny?" she asked.

"Destiny? As in the dude Destiny?"

Sakura nodded.

"Just call him," Kero shrugged.

"Like HOW?" Sakura raised a brow.

"Just call him! How else do you call people if you want their attention?" Kero snorted.

"Their name…"

"So? Go to an empty place and call Destiny. I don't know- wait five minutes? If he doesn't come then you ain't worth his time."

Sakura rolled her eyes and she decided to listen to her Guardian's advice.

She walked down to the living room and sat down on the sofa. She closed her eyes and gulped.

"Destiny?" She said in an indoor voice. "Destiny, I need to talk to you…" She shook her head. "Pointless! Ceroberus is such a liar," She opened her eyes and screamed.

She found a man in long green robes with the Ying Yang symbol on the front. His hair was askew and he had a sword in his hand.

"Wha-what?" She gasped.

"You called me?" He smirked, his amber eye glowing. Sakura couldn't believe it.

"You're Destiny?"

"Call me Syaoran,"

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