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Author's Note: Okay, let me just say right off the bat that I am not, nor have I ever been, a poet. In fact, I've never particularly cared for poetry as a medium in general—but I happen to be taking a lit course this semester in which we've just finished a rather long (too long, for my taste…) unit on poetry, so lately I've been dabbling in it a bit, just for fun. I like the idea of a complete work requiring only a small number of words… (--grin--)

That being said, here is one of the results of my dabbling…


I would follow him

to the ends of the earth.


No meager promise binds me

to this odyssey.

At first, perhaps, yes—

but oaths are paper,

easily razed from memory

by a single spark;

and fickle friction

is my faithful friend.

I could have turned

A second face long ago.

But he has changed me—

have I changed him?


He places she

who was once a corpse

above me in his heart.

He cuts me to the quick

without a blink,

not seeing, not knowing.

But I well know

that my devoted reach

exceeds my modest grasp.


Do I give up?

Do I let go?

I am too far above, now,

to survive the fall.

I leave myself no choice.


His gilded eyes see past

and future, far beyond

my lowly bound.

Argent, ivory, ermine

swathe his noble form;

and I, insipid green.



I shall always be by his side.

A/N: Alright, now here's where things get interesting. I would love any feedback you're willing to offer, and I'm especially curious as to whether I pulled off the effect I was going for—in other words, who do you think is the speaker in the poem, who is the subject, and did I make all of this either too vague or blatantly obvious? I can never tell…

Did I mention that this was intended to be humorous…?