This came to me today. I was in the nurse's office, eating Animal Crackers for feeling dizzy, with some water. I had this basic conversation, not exact, but this is actually close to our exact conversation, with another girl there about them. This is the result of that.

"I hate Animal Crackers. I used to like them, but now I hate them."


"Too dry. And bland. No taste, y'know? You can take some if you want."


A hand reached into the bag, and took a few of the animal shaped crackers. There was a moment of silence, filled only with the crunching and chewing of crackers, before he spoke again.

"When we were little, my sister and I used to eat Animal Crackers after lunch. I used to have mini battles with mine. I'd have them fight until one cracked in half, then I'd eat the loser, the winner would fight on until it lost."


"Yeah, I guess it was... My sister used to make little farm scenes with them. And all sorts of things. We'd always play games with ours."

"But now you hate them."

"Yes... Now I hate them."

There was another moment of silence, more crunching, more chewing. He reached into the other boys bag again, and extracted a camel shaped cracker and one that looked like an elephant. "How do you go about this battle now?" he asked.

The other boy looked up, then smiled at his other. "Like this."

Soon, the bag was empty, and the two were sitting on the couch, covered in Animal Cracker crumbs. Snuggled against his other, the boy smiled.

"I changed my mind."


"I like Animal Crackers."

It's short. I know. But it's supposed to be.